Hi Guys. I’m Arafat and today we will be taking a
look at how to get Android 8.1 updated Oreo Notification Bar on an android device. And of course you don’t need root permission
for this. Since it is a simple rootless app, it will
work on pretty much every android device from 5.0 lollipop. Besides showing you how to get the exact same
Notification Bar with slight transparency like the 8.1 Oreo update, I will also be showing
you with some other cool customization options. So watch till the end and let’s get started. I am using android 6.0 marshmallow on my device
with the default notification panel. Now to change the notification panel to Oreo
style, go to the play store. Search for Material Notification Shade. Now you will need to install it on your device. Since I already have it installed I will simply
open from here. Now look it is turned off. To turn it on, touch here, and provide all
the permissions it require. After providing permission to all of them,
touch on Done. Now pull your notification panel and see a
completely new Oreo look. By default, you will see this notification
here and to remove that, change Notification Theme to System Default. And that has gone. Then we need to make the notification bar
semi-transparent like the 8.1 version of Oreo. For doing that, scroll down and select Enable
Transparency. Now if we pull the notification bar we will
get a slightly transparent look. It is hard to see right now because everything
in the background is white like the notification panel. But if we go to some other background, you
will see the background through the notification panel like the time below it. It will even give you the exact same Oreo
notification style. For example if I play a song, its notification
color will change according to the album art color of that song. Which looks really great. You will even get the option to snooze any
notification for a certain amount of time. Now we already have got a complete Oreo looking
notification bar. But there are some other cool features in
this app worth checking. So let’s check them out. You can change your notification style from
Panel Theme section to Nougat, EX, or keep Oreo. Then you can change the background color of
the notification bar. Select Shade Background Color and choose any
color you want and select. Now see its color have been changed. If you want to have a dark mode of notification
panel, you can do that too. Just change the Background Color to black,
and Foreground Color to white. And now you have a dark notification panel. As an extra functionality you can keep the
brightness slider at the bottom of notification panel. Select this brightness slider at the bottom
and see the difference. I really like the brightness slider at the
bottom since it is more convenient to slide here rather than sliding on the top. You can do some other staff with it like,
changing the tiles locations. Touch on this edit option, then hold and drag
any tiles to change its location. Then go back to see the change. You can even change the number of column or
row in the notification panel if you are willing to use its pro version. Though it does well in almost everything. It has some minor issues like it doesn’t
actually turn on Mobile Data and location services from the notification panel instead
it takes to the settings for that option. But apart from that, all the other things
work as expected. That’s it for the video. I will upload another video on how to get
the 8.1 Oreo looking Launcher for your android device. You can check the description to get the link
for that one. I hope you liked it and if you did give a
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updated. Thanks for watching and talk to you another time.