Hey guys! Tessa here another budget
travel video. Today I’m gonna be talking about how to save money when booking
hotels. So first off, location is everything. The closer the hotel is to a city center, the more expensive it’s gonna be. Just like you can set alerts for flights, you can set alerts for hotels. On kayak.com you can set an alert for an entire city and hotels.com you can set alerts
for specific hotels. Don’t forget to check out the hotels own website, or better yet, call them up directly. They pay aggregators like Expedia and Orbitz to sell rooms for them. So if you call them up directly, you might get a better price than what you see online. Once you decide to book, make sure you aren’t missing any coupon deals. Sites like Expedia, Orbitz, hotels.com, they’re
always running promotions. A quick Google search for coupons can save you some money. Using gift cards to book hotels might sound strange, but you can buy discounted gift cards on sites like Gift Card Granny to help you save money. And
definitely always sign up for hotel and site loyalty programs. I personally think
hotels.com is the best loyalty program. For every 10 nights you book with them
you get one night free. If you’re a huge procrastinator, you can use an app to help you score a last minute deal. Hotel Tonight is probably the most
popular. It sells last minute high-end hotel rooms for up to 70% off. And my last tip is always try and book a hotel with a free breakfast. Save money with free food. That’s all I’ve got for now! Take a look at the article below for
more info on all these tips and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!