– [Candace] I don’t even think Kortni knew who she was fighting but Kortni decide, who we hitting, and just swing. (people yelling) – I’ll (bleep) you up, bitch! I will (bleep) you up! (bleep), bitch! Yeah, run this way, hoe,
I will knock you out! (man yelling) – [Aimee] Hey, we might
get in our little fights but at the end of the
day, ain’t nobody else gonna touch anybody in this house. (people cheering) (electronic music) – Where are the what? Where are the hoes? Hoes?
– Yeah. – That’s not how you address a woman. Next thing I know, this
guy at the table next to me is saying “the hoes are right
here” pointing at us girls. – Turn around and mind your own business. – [Nilsa] I don’t give a (bleep)! Don’t say, where’s the hoes?
– (bleep) I don’t give a (bleep) either! – Turn your (bleep) ass
around and sit down. – [Gus] Don’t talk to her like that, man. Don’t talk to her like that.
– Hey, step off, dude. – I don’t have a problem
with you, just don’t– – Don’t say where’s the hoes (bleep). – Can we just have one night
where everything is fine? I mean, seriously? – Step the (bleep) off. – [Man] Hey! – I’d be careful, if I were you. – I will beat your fat ass
the (bleep) up (bleep). Don’t try me. Don’t try me, dog. Get your fat ass the (bleep) up. (club music) – (bleep) and where’s the
(bleep) and pointed at us! (bleep) I’m not okay with that! – I’d be careful if I were you. – I’m bout to throw this whole drink. This guy was talking (bleep),
calling my roommates a hoe. Like, he’s being disrespectful and I’m not putting up
with that (bleep) at all. Hey! It’s a whole different story with me, dog! – [Woman] Aw, who did that, who did that? – I will beat you the (bleep)
up, my (bleep), don’t try me! – [Gus] Kirk decides to
start throwing crackers at this guy from across the bar. And all hell breaks loose. – (bleep) off, you (bleep)! – [Woman] Hey! – [Nilsa] There’s crackers
flying all over the place. Everyone is at each other’s throats, there’s bouncers everywhere,
like, it is just crazy. – Man, (bleep) this guy. Woo-hoo! Why? But, he was trying, okay. – I don’t care.
– Throwing crackers? – I don’t care, go.
– Really? – Yeah, that’s a charge.
– That’s a charge? – Yes, it’s called battery.
– What, crackers? – Ya’ll wanna go to Uglies? Ya’ll wanna go to Uglies? – Crackers, like, little (bleep). A pack of two saltines. – They’re throwing him out! I don’t understand why
Kirk is the only one that’s being kicked out of the club because obviously there was other people causing commotion at the club, as well. Sir, that’s bull(bleep), they
were throwing at us, as well. – If they had seen that, we
would have kicked them out, too. – Are you sure about that? – Yes. – No, he’s not sure about
that ’cause he’s black. – No, no, no, stop Codi. – Should Kirk have thrown those crackers? No, he shouldn’t have. But, let’s be honest, why are
we really getting kicked out? – He did throw something, I saw it. – I know he did but they
threw stuff at us, too so be fair and throw everybody
out, that’s all I’m saying. – I know, but he was seen
throwing it, so we have to go. – And for you to agree
with that is bull(bleep). – It’s not, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, man. – What are you doing? We are roommates. You supposed to have your roommate back but Gus is (bleep) the
cop’s (bleep) when they’re kicking us out the club
and they’re being unfair. – Candace, Kirk will tell you he did it. – (bleep) you! Because for you to agree with
that (bleep) is bull(bleep)! – To agree with what happened? I saw it all happen. I don’t know why Candace is
getting so upset right now. I mean, he deserved to get kicked out. He was throwing crackers even though he’s not the one that started it. I’ll get ’em all out, I’ll get ’em out. Hey, no, hey everybody! It’s my birthday, guys, please. We have to go! I’m not trying to get
you arrested, please. – [Candace] I’m not gonna get arrested, I’m not doing anything aggressive. – I know but we just have to go. – I’m talking to them!
– We just have to go. – [Candace] That’s bull(bleep). – [Bartender] What can I getcha? – Bitch, I don’t care, anything! – I said, tell me sir what happened? – Can I tell you my side, now? – Yeah.
– Let them talk for a second. – I’m taking you and
you guys have to leave because I don’t want this
to get worse than it is. – You know him?
– No. – You know the whole
Candace/Gus thing still going on and some dude’s over here like, “Jeremiah, you’re a (bleep)!” “Jeremiah, you’re a little bitch.” Hey, come out here and say it! Hey, come out here and say it! No, forreal, it’d be funny ’cause you can get knocked the (bleep) out. Come out here and say
it, come on, come on. – Don’t do that, don’t do that. – Ay, yeah, you act like you gon’ hop you little bitch ass
(bleep), you (bleep) bitch. – Stop, shh! – Alright, but you act like
you gon’ hop or some (bleep). (bleep) yeah, yeah, watch bitch. I’m not (bleep). – Honestly, this petty stuff
doesn’t really bother me; however, I’ve got Kirk, which
is a freakin’ chihuahua, and he’s already so amped. – [Jeremiah] Hey, why don’t you get the (bleep) over here, bro? – [Kirk] I already told you, (bleep)! I already told you, bitch, c’mon! – Kirk!
– C’mon! Aye, aye, aye, this ain’t
no Panama City (bleep). This ain’t no Panama city (bleep)! – [Candace] Kirk, stop it! – [Kirk] This ain’t no
Panama city (bleep)! – [Candace] No, Kirk, stop! – Kirk just slapped a guy and everyone is losing their mother(bleep) mind. – [Kirk] Keep talking (bleep). Keep talking (bleep).
– Stop! – [Bouncer] It ain’t worth it. – [Gus] We’re here to
celebrate my birthday! I just wanted to go out
and have a good time and have a drama-less night but
apparently we can’t do that. – [Bouncer] Time for ya’ll to leave. Go over there! – Aimee, let’s just go in the bar. – Kirk, get in the car. Kirk, get in the car. – My God, dude. Talk about a birthday, huh? I just think the best thing
to do right now is to go back. Alright, 100%. I mean, at this point, this is just a birthday that I wanna forget. – Yep, this is coming back up. I’m ready to throw up. (lighthearted music) (Kirk laughs) – [Kirk] Puking ass bitch! Get it in the trash can! – Yeah, I’m good. – Unfortunately, our policy
is once someone’s power puked in our bar, then time to call it a night. – Excuse me, let me
introduce myself to you. I am the puking rally champion and king, you don’t know who I am. – OK?
– It’s fine. Can you find me a napkin? Evidently, you’re not supposed
to ask the security guard for a napkin, after you throw up outside their restaurant
in their trash can. OK, sue me. – Aye, you should have asked if you could clean it up yourself. That’s what I did at Saltego
and they let me back in. – Fine, I’ll go home where they appreciate my puking rally skills, and you know what? I’ll just drink by myself at home so ha! – (bleep) damn it, did
Kirk get in trouble again? Codi did, what’d he do? Oh my God! (upbeat music) – Take one! – What is this bro?
– Take one, take one, take one – I was already pretty
drunk but, obviously, I’m not gonna turn down a shot. – Cheers!
– Thank you. (bar patrons cheer) – After taking shots, after being so full, my stomach’s starting to hurt. – [Gus] You good? That shot hit you the wrong way? – I wanted to puke. I had to to hold that in ’cause I couldn’t just puke on a
(bleep) dinner table, y’know? Excuse me. (upbeat music) – Aw, (bleep)! (Kirk retches) – All of a sudden, bleh, couldn’t help it! – Hey, Codi, I need you
to go check on Kirk. He drank too much. – Kirk?
– Watch your feet. – Kirk, Kirk?
– I didn’t do that. – Kirk, Kirk! I stepped in Kirk’s puke! Ugh! – Kirk, you good, dog?
– Yeah, man. – Oh gosh, he didn’t make it. – [Kirk] I didn’t do that. – Kirk has joined me in
the puking rally club but I make it to the
bathroom every single time. – [Man] What is (bleep) is, bro? – And now I have to go
burn my Chuck Taylors! – If Kirk gets us kicked out of here, I swear to God I will lose it. – I did?
– Here we go again. What the (bleep), I am pissed off. – Let’s go.
– I promise you I’ma (bleep). – No, Kirk. – No, I promise you I’m not gonna– – Kirk, no, Kirk. – I’m not gonna (mumbles).
– We gotta go, we gotta go. – I’m literally not doing (bleep). – I’m just hoping that
Kirk can contain hisself because when Kirk drink, his
fuse is real real real short. Kirk, we can’t go inside.
– We’re going into the cab. – I’m not doing (bleep).
– We’re going in a cab. – I know, I just, I have to wash my hands. – We can’t go nowhere nice.
– Kirk, let’s get in the car. – I’m fine.
– We have to leave. – I’m not gonna go inside there? I can control my own body.
– No, no, no. – I need you to, no.
– No, listen, listen. – We don’t have time for no more conflict! Everybody get in the car! I understand, no I understand, Kirk. – Jeremiah, listen, I just
need you to let me (bleep). – No, I’m not going to.
– No, Jeremiah! You don’t get what I’m saying,
Jeremiah let go of me, dog! You don’t understand how (bleep) feels. Just let me go, holy (bleep). – [Gus] Back to the Jenga table. Go ahead and finger it. There it is! Oh, OK, you think you’re slick with it. – Who said (bleep)? You gon’ talk (bleep) about
(bleep) get in my face. Don’t be saying it from a distance. Someone tells me that he’s yelling, “cut your hair you (bleep)”. – Here! – You wanna say it to my
face, say it to my face. No, you’re the one who
called me a (bleep). Say it to my face, don’t
say it from a distance. – Wait, what? – You’re gonna talk
(bleep), say it to my face. I don’t care if he’s a
grown man or not, no! – He’s just jealous bro,
he’s (bleep) jealous. – Let us deal with it.
– Let him talk (bleep). Let him talk (bleep), it’s okay. You be a bigger man, dog,
you know what I’m saying? – I’m waiting, I’m not going nowhere. You’re about to get your ass knocked out! Bitch, you think I’m scared of you? Look at you! – I don’t like people
using words like that. That’s something that sparks me. And you ain’t gon’ do (bleep)
about it, so sit down. I knocked that hat off.
– No you did not. – I knocked the hat off. You ain’t gon’ do (bleep) about it. What’chu bout to do about it? What’s up, what’s up? – Oh, hell no. (rock music) – What’s up, what’s up? What’s up? Where ya at? No, where he at?! No, where he at?! I’m finna (bleep)! (rock music) – What is going on, here? Another fight, again? God damn it! – Nah, bro. We’re getting kicked out for defending us and this situation sucks
because I don’t want to be like this crazy woman in front of Matthew. It’s literally not who I am as a person. Thank you. – What the (bleep) even happened? – [Gus] We’re in No Name
Lounge, Logan walks through the door and, obviously,
things are gonna get dramatic because every time he shows
up, something pops off. – (bleep), get your (bleep) hands off me! – Get the (bleep) out of here. – You ain’t (bleep) that’s
why you use steroids, bitch. – Oh, that’s cute, bro, that’s real cute. – Oh, that was cute, bro. – Why don’t you get the (bleep), bro? – Why don’t you get the (bleep)? This is my town, this my (bleep) bar. I’m a business owner, bitch. You get the (bleep) out of my bar! – Stop spitting in my (bleep) face. – What’cha gonna do about it, bro? – Get the (bleep) out of here, bitch. – Ay, put your hands on him,
you put your hands on me. Put your hands on me,
you put your hands on me. Hit me and see what I’ll do! – Cheers to my roommates! – [Codi] Put your hands on him, again. – I’ll beat your (bleep) ass! – Put your hands on him (bleep) again! Put your (bleep) hands
on him again, bitch! Put your (bleep) hands
on him again, bitch! – [Korni] What the (bleep), Logan’s here! You’re not gonna yell at my roommates. Try me, bitch. (rock music) – [Candace] No! – Stop!
– Stop! – No! – Oh, hell no. (rock music) (Crowd screaming) – [Kirk] He ran away (laughs). – Listen, if I got my
ass whooped like that, I’d run away, too. – [Kortni] Are you (bleep) kidding me? Everywhere I go, he stalks
the (bleep) out of me! – Calm down, calm down, bro, calm. – (bleep) (bleep) he’s
ruining my (bleep) time! I’m angry. I hate seeing all these
people I care about fighting, especially whenever it’s my fault. If I wouldn’t have dated Logan, my roommates wouldn’t be
dealing with this right now. – [Man] Look out, he’s coming back! – Hey, watch right here, watch right here. All of a sudden, I just
look to my left and boom! Logan comes back again.
– You shut your (bleep) mouth! – [Man] Go, go, go, go! – [Codi] Come, on, come on (bleep) bitch! Come the (bleep) you piece of (bleep)! – [Candace] I need a (bleep) drink. These mother(bleep) have
lost they (bleep) damn mind. And I’m in the middle of it,
I’m in a (bleep) damn dress. Logan showing up at No Name
and then trying to fight Gus and my roommates and the whole brawl is the definition of a buzzkill. – [Nilsa] What happened? – Wait, ya’ll really had no idea? – No. – Logan just got beat the
(bleep) up by Gus and Jeremiah. – We had all this drama
between Aimee and Gus in New Orleans and now that Aimee and Gus are cool, here we go again. You literally can’t take us anywhere. – Our policy is, cans are
thrown from two parties. – I understand that, I understand that. You know you’re back in Panama City Beach when you’re getting into bar
fights and then kicked out. Welcome back to home sweet home. – [Gus] Let us right out. – We ain’t even been here five minutes. – [Candace] I wanted to
party and have a good time. – The fights that happen
outside make us better inside. – Listen, this mother(bleep)
thought he was gon’ get away with us, and he wouldn’t
try (bleep) today. – [Gus] He got exactly what he asked for and he jumped over the rafter. – He didn’t touch any of ya’ll, did he? – No, he got rocked the (bleep) up. – He ain’t hit me, hit me. – And ya’ll know, I don’t like to fight. It takes a lot for me to have to fight. – [Gus] Welcome back to Panama City! – I need a lighter! I didn’t see him. What kind of dog is it? Aw, a half-lab and a half-pit? I have a half-lab half hunting dog. The runts are my favorites. – I’m the runt of my litter because I’m the smallest one in my family even though I’m the middle child. – The runts of my hunting
dogs are my favorite. – You’re just like strive
for attention whenever. You actually could get it if
you’d just shut your mouth. – I haven’t even talked to you once except I’m the runt of the litter. – This guy was just so nice to me and now he’s being so mean to Nilsa. People really need to stop bullying her because she’s a really good person. – I don’t even know what you said ’cause it’s so irrelevant to my life. No, go away! – He needs to get his tail
right on down that sidewalk or this guy is gonna find out
just how country I can get. – [Nilsa] He has no
reason to make fun of me. – No, he’s just intimidated by
you ’cause you’re so pretty. – It took me a long time
to actually like myself. – I know, you are beautiful,
don’t let him hate on you. – No, it’s not just him,
it’s the guys in the house. It’s like, everyone else. I just wanna go home,
I didn’t come through this summer to get picked on by everyone. – No, don’t let that guy ruin your night. You don’t act like your pretty,
you just have a good time. – I’m just over it. This is the first time
I’m ever seeing this guy in my entire life and yet he
wants to dog on my appearance? At this point, I’m tired
of being picked on. It sucks. I just don’t want to do this all summer– – I don’t either, and I don’t either! – I’m gonna end up hitting
someone, that’s the problem. – I’ll hit ’em before you, I got you. No more, listen, no more. – Let’s go home.
– Let’s go home. No more of that, no one’s
gonna treat you like that. These men are begging
to get slapped by me. – There’s been a lot of drama in the house with the guys and the girls
but there’s eight of us. Like, you mess with one you’re
messing with seven others. – No, this that gay guy. – [Nilsa] I just wanna go home and then this crazy lady at
the bar comes out of nowhere. She’s drunk and freaking out, it’s scary. – You’re old as (bleep)! You! Hey, get your boyfriend, I’ll
beat him, how ’bout that? I’ll beat your boyfriend the (bleep). – Stop it! – Yeah, sounds good, sounds good. – [Codi] I’m like, uh-oh,
Kirk needs to be careful. This is the type of place
where those people come and you know what I mean by those people. The dollar draft beer people. (lady screams) – [Kirk] You’re like
45 years old, go home! – (bleep), (bleep)! – Kirk is a little hot-headed. Once that light switch goes
off, you better step back ’cause it’s about to
be a volcano erupting. – [Kirk] Go home! – Well get her and take her, then! Take her, then. Take your wife or I’ll
knock you the (bleep) out! – Oh (bleep), oh boy. – You don’t know me,
bruh, I’m from Atlanta. – (bleep)!
– Oh hell nah! – Who the (bleep) is starting (bleep)? Who the (bleep) is starting (bleep)? Hell nah, who the (bleep)
is starting (bleep)? Alright, bitch, let’s (bleep) get it! – Kortni just started
swinging like a wild woman. I don’t even think Kortni
knew who she was fighting, but Kortni decide who we
hitting and just swing. – I’ll (bleep) you up, bitch! I will (bleep) you up, bitch! Yeah, run this way hoe,
I will knock you out! – Bro, (mumbles). – Hey, we might get in our little fights, but at the end of the
day ain’t nobody else gonna touch anybody in this house. (dramatic music) – [Kirk] See, look, c’mon, c’mon! – No (bleep)! – [Nilsa] It is crazy,
everyone’s fighting, everyone’s pulling each
other off of each other. Aimee’s over here swinging,
Kirk’s back there yelling, Gus is pulling everybody off, Jeremiah… Where’s Jeremiah? – Jeremiah, he’s home-schooled. Y’know, he don’t see
hood (bleep) like this. (dramatic music) – Aimee, Aimee, Aimee! – Don’t (bleep) with my (bleep) security! – [Gus] Things just kinda
escalated out of control. We gotta get out of here
before someone gets hurt. (police siren rings) – I have never once been
in a fight like this. Everyone is, like, swinging
and just acting crazy. It’s a total chaos, it’s like a mosh pit. – (bleep) him and them.
– Hey, hey, Gus. – God almighty. I’ve always been the protective type, I am the oldest of four kids. I just wanna make sure
everybody gets home safe and not goes to jail.