What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon, coming to you from the North Shore of Staten Island And many of you equate this place with the Staten Island Shuffle You know what I’m talking about Taking the Staten Island Ferry To get the statue of liberty view And heading right back to Manhattan Well today I’m going to give you some reasons to stick around We’re going to be sharing, 7 Things To Do in Staten Island New York’s Unexpected Borough And here’s the best part All of these activities are either walking or biking distance from the Ferry Terminal Let’s go explore One of the top questions I get on this channel Is where can you shop cheaply in New York Come to Empire Outlets New York City’s only outlet destination Forget taking a bus upstate or to Jersey Take a few steps off the ferry instead Yes, you heard it correctly This outlet mall is just seconds away from the Ferry Terminal It just launched in May Only 50% open so far It’s going to have 5 levels of shopping, food, and entertainment Not only is this mall convenient for shopping as a tourist But it also has plenty of instagrammable Locations, if you need a break from shuffling through stores It’s got all the classics.. like Old Navy Banana Republic and my choice of the day Brooks Brothers I managed to snag this sweater at 50% off And while my modeling moves need work I thought I didn’t look half bad Team Adriana settled on Nordstrom Rack And was far more graceful shopping as she picked a few bright sweaters After buying some clothes You can easily run around, admiring some of the epic Manhattan Skyline views And did I mention how many quirky and fun things they have installed here By this upcoming season there will be some eateries open This is going to be one of New York City’s top shopping destinations And it’s still a bit under the radar So if you want to start off that perfect day in Staten Island right Take a few steps off the Ferry And take advantage of some of the top brands around What’s more New York then pizza? And Pier 76 located right by the Ferry Terminal Is a tasty way to get a slice Of what Staten Island’s all about Less than a 10 minute walk from the Ferry Terminal You can almost smell that pizza when you get off the boat And you better work yourself up an appetite Owned by the same family as the legendary Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria in Staten Island You can keep it casual by ordering a slice Or pie to go There chefs are on top of their game believe me or enjoy your meal in the dining room like we did There known for their thin crust And we decided to go with a vodka pie Which was absolutely incredible These guys are one of the best pizza joints in Staten Island for a reason And you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not at least stopping in for a slice If you’re in the mood for a little more food Go with the Fiocchi Pear Pasta This absolutely melted in our mouthes And we left Pier 76 with plenty of energy To explore Staten Island even more This has got to be one of New York City’s Best Kept Secrets At 83 acres you could spend an entire day here And we could spend an entire episode here But alas.. We’ve got even more places on Staten Island to showcase And they call it the Borough of Parks for good reason As they have over 10 thousand acres of them On the Island And Snug Harbor is probably the most famous Originally purposed as a retirement destination for ex-sailors It has 26 older buildings From the 19th century And is considered by many to be.. The crown jewel of Staten Island Just 2 miles from the Ferry Terminal There’s an endless array of activities You could start at one of the 3 museums To learn more about its sailor history You’ve got to enter the Noble Maritime Collection Which is a pay what you wish admission And seriously.. one of the best museums I’d never heard of Step back into the past And see how the Snugs lived After their days at sea Explore John Noble’s House boat Which is now the centerpiece of the collection This was Team Adriana’s dream come true As a fellow artist From models of ships To portraits The Maritime Theme is everywhere I felt like a kid exploring Head outside of course And you could see any of the 14 botanical gardens If you’re into photography This is like a playground The Allee here may be one of the most instagrammable places in New York City That few know about My friend Jacob Carlson shot a vlog at the Chinese Scholars Garden a few years back And you’ll feel like you’re transformed out of New York City After only a few steps inside Snug Harbor is so massive It even has its own farm You’re best bet may be just to wander around And get lost in some of these amazing gardens There’s few places in New York City quite like it And if you want some nature Sailors Snug Harbor is one of your best bets On your Staten Island Adventure Located just a 5 minute walk from the Ferry Terminal The National Lighthouse Museum Needs to be on your radar Admission is 7 dollars And this little gem will probably take you thirty minutes to an hour To explore This is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Lighthouses See models all over the world Including the St. Augustine Florida Lighthouse Which is where I proposed to Adriana earlier this year She said yes I found this place really cool As there was so much history and neat facts to learn about Watch a short movie.. or better yet buy some unique souvenirs for your friends back home This is another one of those hidden pearls On Staten Island Just a hop skip from the Ferry Terminal Sure, Manhattan has Broadway But Staten Island has this little gem And youd’ be surprised at the quality of the acts They draw in From Huey Lewis To Jerry Seinfeld And a whole lot more If you can catch a show here At the intimate 2800 capacity theater That’s your best bet But the next best thing is to take a tour with Eric This guy knows his stuff The interior design was done by a man anmed Nestor Castro Who was a Spaniard And that is why you’ll see these kind of Spanish influences Peppered throughout the theater See the e-mail in the description To arrange your own tour But celebrating it’s 90th anniversary It’s interesting to note that it was originally used As a movie theater Talk about seeing films in style Throughout the years It had other uses Like as a Disco Roller Rink And it even sat vacant for a few decades Until some local Staten Islanders saved it And turned it into it’s current use today As a performing arts space I don’t think there’s a single bad seat in the house And as Eric mentioned.. You can see the Spanish influence all around I felt like I was transported to an opera house in Europe It would truly be a privilege to take in any type of performance here See there website for more details About upcoming shows This.. is another gem On the Island This is a very important place to visit To pay your respects to the victims of that horrible day From Staten Island Just a short stroll from the Ferry Terminal Lies a beautiful memorial that you should do your best To come to The first major memorial of that day in New York City It’s dedicated to the 275 Staten Islanders who lost their lives In that tragic event Framed around 2 fiberglass structures That look like postcards This is so respectfully done The name, birthdate, and place of work at the time of attack Are present, as well as the outline of the victims faces There’s also a touching tribute to the first responders Who’ve died as a result of health complications After the attacks This is the most somber stop on our day on the island And with a perfect view of the Manhattan Skyline Definitley a place for reflection About lives lost After all of this exploring Why not cap off your visit to Staten Island With a cold beer And Flagship Brewery is not going to dissapoint Can you ever go wrong visiting a Brewery? After a long day of siteseeing They always have at least 12 beers on tap All brewed in house of course I love what they do here Like the Pizza Rat Pilsner Which you can buy at Staten Island Yankee Minor league games My roggenfest Octoberfest style beer Went down smooth Adriana enjoyed her Blood Orange IPA As well And we all enjoyed the fun and plenty of games That will keep you busy here I’d recommend this highly for a group of friends Inquire for specific times But on weekends, they offer tours of the Brewery Have some of their super knowledgeable staff Take you through the beer making process Inside here right now Is an act of fermentation And we have an ale going So.. what’s going to happen Inside here is.. After your tour Get cozy and enjoy some cold ones You’ve got a 15 minute walk back to the Ferry Terminal Which you most certainly earned Everything we covered today is written down below in the description If you want to turn this into an entire day trip Feel free And make sure to check out our other New York City Playlists All linked down below In the description as well Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time