Hi, this is Chef Dan Dangoor with TigerChef. Today we’re going to be looking at the 7-inch Mundial Sushi Knife Let’s take a closer look at this sushi knife. It’s a lot shorter than what you normally will see. And its also very thick. Normally, sushi knives look something like this. So there’s a different purpose for this kind of knife. When you get your fish whole, you need to section it off. You’re never gonna see if you ever go to sushi places, you never see a big piece of salmon like this,
so they normally section it off. If you see over here this all this white, that’s all fat. That actually the good part of the fish and that’s the
prized possession when you’re doing sashimi. So you see this line break down the middle over here, we’re trying to section of this piece of fish so we can slice it later. That’s normally the way you’ll section off the sushi. This portion over here has a lot of fat in it –
almost too much for sashimi. So we’re gonna break that off as well. Over here you have two good sashimi logs. With this you can do something like an appetizer. A chopped salmon or something like that. So if you guys are doing a lot of sushi, you need to
complete the set by getting a seven inch knife. It’s definitely a must-have in your kit. For more knives like this come visit us at tigerchef.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos: Thanks