– I’m at the Denver International Airport, where there’s tons of conspiracy theories surrounding this place. Let’s just get down to the bottom of this. (suspenseful music) Supposedly, it went
over two billion dollars while building this airport, is that true? – I don’t know that. – Okay. – So it went way over budget? – [Voiceover] The following are facts. Construction of the airport
fell 16 months behind schedule, and went two billion dollars over budget, with a final cost of $4.8 billion. Here are some of the theories. In the Denver Airport, there is supposedly an
underground facility meant to act as an emergency
bunker for the global elite, made up of billionaires, world leaders, politicians, and celebrities. Another theory suggests
that there is a vast underground network of New
World Order command bunkers. And another theory suggests that there is a FEMA Concentration
Camp for future use. – [Voiceover] An airport
construction worker claimed that the scheduled delay had been because five
multi-storied buildings had been built beneath the airport. The same construction
worker, along with others, reportedly said that there was a complex network of tunnels
beneath the airport. It was later determined that
these underground tunnels may actually now be home to
the airport’s rail system. (suspenseful music) When you enter the Denver Airport, there’s a horse statue
officially titled “Mustang,” but nicknamed Blucifer, and
is thought to be cursed. One conspiracy about the horse statue is that it represents the Fourth
Horseman of the Apocalypse, which represents death. Spoken about in the Biblical
Book of Revelations. – Its eyes glow red. Weird, fiery red in the
middle of the night. – [Voiceover] The horse statue actually fell on its sculptor, killing him by severing
one of his arteries. (suspenseful music) – We made it to the Denver International
Airport dedication stone. If you look closely, you can see that they
have the Freemason logo. Clear and proud. – [Voiceover] The Freemasons
are a secret fraternal society that’s allegedly the largest in the world. This secret society has existed at least since the 18th century, but possibly as far
back as the Middle Ages. The Freemasons have had many powerful members throughout history, which has made people suspicious about the organization’s intentions. – The date that the airport was dedicated was March 19, 1994, and
that number equals 33, which is the highest level that you can get to in Freemasonry. (suspenseful music) – [Voiceover] This mural is titled, “In Peace and Harmony with Nature,” and is supposed to address the destruction of the environment. This mural is titled, “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” and is supposed to represent the wish to get rid of
violence in society. – Just seeing the couple
murals that are here in Denver. There’s four in this airport, the two that are on that side and the two that are behind me. They’re pretty much showing, kinda like, you know, different ways
of how the Illuminati, like, effects life in every way. – [Voiceover] The Denver
Office of Cultural Affairs has publicly outlined the process of choosing artwork for the airport. A project selection panel made up of community members and artists is appointed to choose the artwork. But it must be approved by
several government committees and the mayor before being commissioned. – Three dead women, that look like they’re all from three different nationalities. We have a letter from some
child who died in Auschwitz, in the Denver Airport. So, I don’t understand the connection between me trying to catch my flight and having to run into this. (suspenseful music) – [Voiceover] If you look closely at this image of the dedication
stone in the Denver Airport, you will see it says, “New
World Airport Commission.” The New World Order is thought to be a small group of powerful people, secretly working together
throughout history towards an all-powerful global government. Even if the murals aren’t
referencing the New World Order, many people in government
had to approve of them before they went up. (suspenseful music)