okay hi everybody this is Kyle from expat rights hashtag expectorate safe every stud work and you can follow us we chat by searching expat racing WeChat official accounts and what we’re doing today is May 2000 tells me time which is apparently the biggest online hotel booking website and platform in China and I actually just got back from Shanghai right I had a bad experience with the hem where they write books on Dateline and they they cancelled my hotel because I’m a foreigner and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to examine we’re gonna call every one of 52 hotels in Hangzhou has been in Hangzhou in Jong a business district and we’re gonna see what percentage of them accepted foreigners so what I’ve already done here is I’ve already opened up h1 Hotel Mekong comm Hangzhou and Perugia which is our area I chose being John and then I showed us all up in John so every Hotel every three-star Hotel in Big John you can see 3 stars and I chose three stars because that’s the price range that I can accept and before I had a lot of foreigners show me they said they said for foreign people they don’t want to stay in bad hotels China’s just looking out for you bye but I’m only allowing you to book four and five-star hotels but a three stars are more in my price range and I didn’t change anything else so three stars so if you look down here there’s the first page there’s three pages of hotels you can see that here we are if you look at the map here here we are across there’s the west leg and we’re just across the river here which is the business district over here is a heap a bunch of foreign businesses including a little bunch of foreign businesses and a lot of foreign people actually do live over here although obviously the touristy area around the West site might have a few more hotels that are accepting of foreign people and you there’s 52 total hotels in Incheon there are 3 stars we’re gonna call every single one of them on skype right now it may take a while I think I’ll probably speed it up but we’re gonna see how many of them take foreign people so here’s the first one [Music] okay so for our final score and I might have might be off by one or two in that either direction but our final score was no at 29 and yes at 18 so we did just get the calculator here and see how many we called 29 close so that we got to 47 and we might have repeated one or two but let’s see so 29 over 47 is about 62% said no and 1802 47 38 percent said yes this is calling every single three-star Hotel in binge on so so I had the results speak for themselves mmm kind of depressing yeah thank you for watching the video and be sure to check us out on expect right org or WeChat official account expat writes which is right here we just search on WeChat official accounts expat rights or and look for us on YouTube and I hope to hear all your comments and questions and feedback and everything so thank you for watching my video and