breakfast just came at it’s gonna be awesome this morning we are heading to the hotel we just finished skateboarding about an hour away so we’re headed to super nice hotel called isaribi in izu. Maiko and I have birthdays around the same time of year instead of giving each other presents this year we decided to treat ourselves to a nice hotel the sun’s going down hopefully we make it before it gets dark excited about this so i think it has i get hold of private private alright we just got to the hotel itself there like pretty awesome so tell you just gave us to my chest that’s critical of such as much of its green 31st much of this is the same flavor as they make the kit kats and this is like she’s ok I was any kind of memory that he got voted hundred and to the injury and drink everything I none of that is done this place is so awesome dude let me show you you got a big bed pretty cool look at that it is big cable going to dinner here later tonight is actually going to bring food into this room and going to be pretty awesome now this is the coolest part go right and applause look like I was not looking to go downstairs downstairs this is awesome it’s not your own private onset yes we rent this place out so that you just off and maybe your partner just have this all to yourself and you get ocean view as well it’s so cool i’m here just waiting like was actually taking a bath I’m going to board an idea let’s go check out how Michael is going to do a mite go how are you doing I feel like side-impact super nice man so awesome i love being right next to the ocean that like it was basically like a loan letter chill and relax a little bit I didn’t realize this place context of knowledge tonight hopefully the food is really good happy birthday to me this is so cool is actually setting it up first right now so if you never tried this before it’s very similar to i guess the group service they are overseas but this is the route service to level if the levels are for blood to test it would be just about sex information wow that’s because she came in and they set up the whole table and we got freaking lobster sashimi and all sorts of good stuff I’m so we’re halfway through a meal it’s been pretty awesome so far as you guys into we’re by the ocean so we had really really good machine me and the seafood capital equipment oh sure that was not the meal it’s been a long day I think we’re just gonna call it a night that’s so cool because it’s like a little boxes breakfast and served one of the cool things about this place is that the Wi-Fi it’s pretty good over the stream so not a big problem that was nice to balance this time wow look at all this food have a good understanding that is no good there’s a lot of food alright let’s get this what I was pretty awesome the food is what do you know the three things that it had going for is the bathtub to dinner and three breakfast so when you add all this up is it you know 40 people it’s 300 dollars per person maybe was it maybe not depends on you know what you guys want for yourself but just wanted to kind of show you guys what it’d be like to stay in a place like this what’s really nice is that you know the bath is private usually these like onsen bath so you have to go into the public area which is actually fine that’s part of its kind of part of the Japanese experience by here is to have your own private onsen is kind of a luxury in Japan and I think that’s why you pay for that extra bit as well as you know having dinner brought directly to room directly dude i got like a private experience as opposed to not being with anyone else so to be honest with you guys I don’t really like spending 60 knowledge on a hotel for one night I think it’s kind of expensive actually rather spend that money on buying a new camera or something but Michael I decided not to get each other but they guess this year and just you know use that money to stand at a nice hotel which is you know obviously obviously as you can see has been quite a fun and cool experience something that we don’t get to do very office let me know what you guys think in the comments below would you play six hundred dollars for this hotel when you have any other recommendations for something a similar price and it’s leave a comment in the comment section below I’d like to see what you guys think if you liked the video hit that like button and if you want to subscribe sometimes see you guys soon alright let’s get you into some drone flights