We’re just going to do
straightforward training. Always start with your napkin. Set your glassware.
This is a stemless wine glass. We’re going to build
in our mixing glass, always build in the glass, so customers see
what’s going in. Now we’re making
our Texas Margarita. So we’re going to start
with three quarters of an ounce of fresh lime juice
and agave nectar. Then two ounces of aloe juice, and an ounce
and a half of silver Tequila. Icing our glassware. You don’t want the ice in the
glass before you start pouring? No, you never pour over ice
because it will already start to dilute,
and it’ll water down your drain. You always ice everything
all together at the same time. Okay. This one is very light.
It’s very refreshing and we’ll garnish
with two pineapple fronds. And this is our Texas Margarita.
Very easy to execute, fresh ingredients that are gonna
pair really well with the food. I think drink training
went really well. The Texas Margarita,
I think it was super light and refreshing will be really
great on a nice summer day. So we really do have a lot to do
before stress test tonight. So I need you back here.
Let’s get started. Awesome. All right. Welcome to our training today.
We saw a lot of things yesterday that we really wanted
to work on. We need to figure out a way
to make the menu smaller, making the kitchen
more manageable, and that’s really what
this is going to be about. Today we’re going to make fried
pork ribs with a barbecue sauce, green onions,
and a nice vinegar. I’m excited for this one. Take a couple of these reds. For one order,
we’re looking at four. These have been cooked
in the oven for about an hour and a half. So because we’ve already
cooked it and, because the ribs are not thick, they’ll cook in about a minute
and a half on here. So we should be able to have all
tickets out within six minutes. Then we’re going to add to the
sauce, handful of green onions. Look at that big daddy. You can’t tell me somebody’s
not going to be happy with that. There’s no way. You can’t be pretty
with this dish. No, you can’t.
You just got to bite it. That’s amazing Chef Tiffany.
Perfect texture. It’s sweet and- Wow. Chef Tiffany is amazing. We’re really excited about
putting this product out there. So tonight’s our stress test. What I want to see you guys
working together, making sure food
is being ran, making sure we stick
to our six minute ticket times. And you hold him accountable
for those six minutes times. So let’s get ready.
You go back to the bar Enrique, you and I will
finish prepping for tonight. This bar is a complete
chaotic mess. Plyometrics. It’s gotten so far away
from Nick. Tonight, I want to see
if we can run it properly. He’s going to have a stress
test for about an hour. It’s gonna feel like 11. Can he manage this kitchen?
Can he manage his barker? She’s going to be slammed
with tickets. Who need help?
Ask for Nick. Yeah. I want to see if Nick can even
do this at all. Let’s just go with it. I’m very interested to see
how this all goes down. So am I. Nick. Yes sir. This bar has been running you. Tonight’s the night
you start running it [inaudible 00:03:08]. Thank you. Welcome guys. Come on in. Welcome. How are you guys doing? I’ll have the Margarita
and the pork ribs Cajun style. The Texas Margarita? I want a Margarita. Yes ma’am. Awesome. What can I get for you?
You like- Margarita. Margarita. Margarita.
Margarita. Okay. And which kind of ribs
would you like? We have Texas Cajun and Asian. Asian. Carrot ginger vodkas. Okay. And the grits. Do you know
what the Margarita at? Yes. Cocktail. That’s a no brainer. And then I need a… oh- So did you order a drink? I’m waiting on my margarita. Can I reorder that if I
just hit it like that? You have to send it
and then hit reorder. Who Back there has ordered? Everybody. We don’t have enough people
knowing how to put in orders. So it’s just stacking up. Somebody should be getting
these scan in, somebody else should be
taking more orders. Figure this out in a way
to make this work. There’s too many. Nick, stay in control,
please. Yes sir. Awful quiet in here. We get in some orders? You see this Enrique? One, two, three, okay,
so I got this- Oh! This is fun! We got some tickets.
We got to go. Oh dear. All of these orders are hitting
the kitchen and the bar would once.
It’s called dumping. I’m going to guess there’s
60 orders that have gone in, and they put them all
in the POS system at once. I have about about 24 ribs
to be dropped. 24 ribs on that. All right girlfriend,
you’re going to have to hustle. The entire room
needs cocktails. Management should know better. Table 22, point me there. In this bar and management
doesn’t seem to know anything. This is the carrot? Yes, that’s the carrot. One, two. Try to keep it
in the glass. It’s a six count,
not an eight count. You’re over pouring.
Update. No one here is prepared.
No one knows how to execute. (Beep), I messed this one up. We’re digging ourselves
into a real deep hole here. We’ve got quite the situation
happening here, Jon. Well, let’s get Nick over here and let’s see how
we can deal with it. Nick, you got to look
at your service bar. Yes sir. Look at what’s going on here. What are you going to do other
than look at it? Can you make them?
Yes sir. We’re adding them up quicker
than we can get them out. Stay on the service bar Nick,
and dig us out. Powerfully. Good. Food runners please! Runners!
Yes ma’am. Now we’ve cooking. Guys, there we go. The food’s coming out
of the kitchen in six minutes. So people have food
that don’t have drinks. Somebody has to manage this. [inaudible 00:05:51] us sucks. We’re just not getting things
to where they need to be. I took a the Turkey wings
of the wrong table. Nick.
Yeah, we’re overwhelmed- Come with me. Yes sir. I want to ask you a question. Yes sir. And here’s the time
to answer it. Are you fake or real? Because you don’t know
how to fix it on a POS system. You don’t know
how to make the drinks. Do you know how to do this
or not? I was waiting to run the drinks. That’s the only thing you know
how to do is run the food. Told me to come over here
to run the damn drinks. I told you to come over here
and set up the service bar Nick! This guy can’t do
a freaking thing!