Top 6 sushi making gadgets
Sushi Gloves: These here are sushi gloves. Now what makes them sushi gloves you might
think? Well they have a perforated surface that makes
sure the sushi rice doesn’t stick to them as well, so this really helps you when making
sushi because sometimes rice sticks to your hands but this will stop that. I’m sure you’ve all experienced it when
making sushi you try to pick up the rice just like this and then it all sticks to your hands
and you can’t get it off and it just ruins it all. Now although you could use a little bit of
water to mitigate that, these gloves make it way, way, way easier. You just pick up some sushi rice and when
you ball it together it prefers to stick to itself rather than to your hands. Now although one or two pieces are still sticking
to the gloves they’re sticking very, very lightly and as you can see it’s quite easy
to make a ball of rice. These could really help you with your sushi
making. Sushi Cube:
This here is called the rice cube; it’s a specialized gadget that makes cubed rice. Let’s test it out I guess. So you just put it like this and you take
a little bit of sushi rice, this is sushi rice with sesame seeds, close it and then
compress. Then you open it up again and use the lid
to just remove the piece like that. I’m going to put this to one side and I’m
going to use it again but this time with some red sushi rice. Now this has been colored with some food coloring,
just close it compress, and then do the same motion again separate it and use the lid to
just push it out. I’m going to put it right next to the other
one I just made a second ago. Alright, and one more little slab of sushi
rice I guess. I’m going to take some with black sesame
seeds this time, just pop it in and close it and compress. Now I’ve got three equal sushi rice bits
with different colors. Now I’m going to put these together and
put them back into the machine and then compress them back together. There is no reason why one of these slabs
of sushi rice couldn’t be say a piece of fish or some fish roe or vegetables, just
go crazy with different things. I’m going to compress it so they’re joined
together and there you go, I’ve got one piece of sushi rice with three different layers
of sushi rice. This is very interesting because I can put
like a piece of fish on top or some fish roe or wrap it in Nori, or just one of these sections
could be fish or many, many ways this could be different. It just opens the door to so much creative
potential that’s why I kind of like this gadget. Chop Sticks:
These here are your standard disposable chopsticks you get in every sushi restaurant. They’re cheap, easy to use and you can throw
them away after you use them. Now these are a little bit more classy, made
of nice wood and these are even more classy made of nicer wood. But if you want to be a real rock star you’re
going to need these, they’re made of stainless steel, metal chop sticks and if you take these
to your local sushi restaurant they’re going to consider you a sushi pro. I’ll leave a link in the description below
to where you can get some of these. Rolling Mats:
I have bought nearly every sushi rolling mat on the market and they’re all okay to bat. Now this is the one you want, it’s made
out of special plastic that has non-bacteria so it doesn’t allow bacteria to spread and
it’s super flexible just like the bamboo rolling mat because of the way it’s joined
together. It has these little dots on the surface which
makes it non-stick so rice doesn’t stick as much which means you don’t need to wrap
it in plastic or put it in a plastic bag. This is by far the superior best one there
is on the market and you need this one if you’re serious about making your sushi. Rice Paddle:
If you’ve ever made sushi rice you’ve needed a rice paddle like this maybe, this
is a wooden rice paddle. Now here is a plastic one, it’s a little
bit more smooth like this and it’s quite good but you really want a plastic one with
little dots on it. Now these comes with your standard rice cooker
and these little dots make it a little bit non-stick so the rice doesn’t stick to the
rice paddle as much. Now this here, this is a superior rice paddle,
what it’s got is little bumps and bumps on the bumps which make it super non-stick
so nearly no rice sticks to this rice paddle. And if you’re serious about making sushi
rice this is a rice paddle you want. Sushi Bazooka:
Alright this gadget here is called the Sushezi or Sushi Bazooka and it promises to make sushi
very, very easy to make so let’s give it a try. Start off by unscrewing the cap and then un-clipping
these locks and then take the shaft out. Now you want to fill it up with sushi rice,
evenly on both sides, so just spread it out nice and gently just like that and if you
need to add a little bit more sushi rice just like so. Now once you’ve got both sides filled up
then you want to start adding your filling. Up to this stage it’s been quite easy to
do, just add a little bit of salmon here, and another piece of salmon and I’m going
to add a little bit of cucumber on the other side. Now there’s no reason why you can’t fill
it up with whatever ingredients you want or like in sushi, so go crazy add some sauces,
add whatever fish or whatever vegetables you want in your sushi and make it yours. Now to close it, you just want to put the
shaft in the screw part and then seal both sides shut like this and clip it closed. Then you want to add the cap, just screw and
lock it on just like that, and then you want to just screw the shaft until you get past
the screw section. This compresses the sushi roll inside. Okay, that was quite easy, now you take a
piece of Nori and you just want to unscrew the cap and then you want to press your sushi
roll out. Now it’s quite hard to get it out but once
it gets going it’s quite easy and slides out quite fast. Now I guess you should move onto the rolling,
just roll it round, you don’t even need a rolling mat for this. You just roll it free hand just like that,
although it might be easier and better if you just compress it a bit with a rolling
mat at the end. Now to cut it just cut it like you usually
would a maki sushi roll, just cut it into little bits just like this and it looks like
sushi, maki sushi. There are limitations to this, you can’t
make any special rolls, like uramaki, inside out sushi rolls, but if you want to make some
easy maki sushi rolls this seems like quite a good solution and I guess great for beginners. END