top 6 great kitchen gadgets
Mighty Mug: Sometimes in life accidents happen, they are
unpredictable, unforeseeable and unavoidable. Take for example this Coca-Cola glass; there
is no way to know that by me placing it here on the corner of the table anything horrible
could possibly happen to it like that. But now there’s something called the Mighty
Mug. Basically it’s a glass that resists impact
to make sure that your beverages don’t spill all over the floor. You can just pick it up and put it down or
you try to knock it over, it resists impact. Here’s another model, basically it works
with a special suction system on the bottom that allows you to place the mug down and
pick it up like a normal glass, but when you try to knock it over it resists the urge to
fall over remarkably well. They come in several different models and
I think they make a much safer glass or mug, it’s a great glass. Egg Cube Mold:
Here I’ve got a hardboiled egg and I’m just going to crack it open and de-shell it. Now it’s very important to have a still
slightly warm egg for this gadget so make sure it’s just been boiled. Here it is completely de-shelled and I’m
just going to pop it into my gadget mold. I’m going to pop it in like this and just
slide it down nice and softly until it’s at the bottom. Then you had the compression shaft and on
top of that the lid. You just want to screw this in until it’s
screwed all the way down. As you screw it you’ll see the egg compresses
into a cube down here. I’m going to screw it really tight and leave
it for 30 minutes in the fridge to set. This is it after 30 minutes, I’m going to
just unscrew it and then pull out the compression shaft and then you just press down at the
bottom until the egg pops out. As you can see it’s become a cubed egg which
I think is pretty cool, look at that, that’s awesome. Just for comparison, this is a normal boiled
egg. Yes it indeed looks very different. And here I’m just going to check out how
the inside is. Just cut it open, and yes it is indeed also
cubed on the inside. Okay, I’m going to cut open the normal for
good comparison even though I think everyone knows how a normal egg looks like. Yes it is indeed very different. This is pretty cool. Nut Cracker:
Cracking walnuts can be tough because they’ve got really hard shells. I found this gadget that does a pretty good
job at it. Just place your walnut with the center line
facing up, then place this funny slinky looking thing on top, hold it down and then just smack
it. Now you see it easily broke it apart, and
the great thing about this is when you hit it, it compresses the spring which means all
the little bits of walnut can’s really fly away so it makes cleanup a little bit easier
because it’s all confined to one area. The only downside I can think of is when you
hit it; you have to hit it quite hard so it kind of hurts your palm a little bit. A funny thing about it is even if you touch
it just slightly it just bounces up and down forever. Check out more information about this and
where to get it in the link in the description below. Egg Mold:
Alright, so here I’ve got another hardboiled egg just like before and here I’ve got another
kind of special mold. This one is shaped like a fish. Now this is very simple to use, just put your
hardboiled egg while it’s still a little bit warm into the bottom half of the mold,
just like that and make sure it fits nice and snuggly. Then you just close the lid on it and seal
it shut, after that just place it in the fridge for half an hour so it can cool down and take
its new shape. Alright so this is it after half an hour,
you just unclip it and there you go. You’ve got a beautiful egg that looks like
a fish, how cool is that. I think it adds a little extra touch when
your hardboiled eggs look like something else; it makes it a bit more interesting. Okay so now let’s check this hardboiled
egg, I’m going to cut it in half. Success, it’s still hardboiled egg. Now you can get this gadget in loads of different
shapes and forms, here are just some of them. I’ve left some links in the description
below to where you can get these online. Diablo:
Alright now for no reason at all I’m going to make a ham and cheese toasty, so I’m
going to start with some cheese, a little bit of ham, some more ham – why not, and
one more piece of cheese because I can, and I’m going to add a piece of bread. Now you normally put this in a pan but here
I’ve got a special kind of pan. It’s called a Diablo, basically open it
up and then you butter both sides, add some butter here and a piece of butter there and
then I’m going to rub that in with a piece of tissue paper so I get a nice even layer
of butter on the cooking surfaces. Just rub in both sides, now that both sides
are nice and buttered up then you want to add your toasty sandwich back in. Just close it up and compress it shut, just
like that. Now once it’s sealed you want to close the
safety pin so it stays closed and then you want to remove any excess from the sides. Take care to remove any extra bits that might
burn when you cook it. Once that’s done you want to place it onto
your cooker. Here I’ve got a gas stove but you could
use easily use an electric stove. The way to cook this is very simple just cook
it for a while then flip it over and then have a little peek to see how it’s going. Open it up and have a little peek. This is still looking a bit white so I’m
going to keep cooking it. Then once you’ve cooked it for a while just
flip it over again and have another little peek see how it’s going. That’s perfect, nice golden color. I’m going to cook the other side a bit more
and then we should be done. Okay that’s what I’m looking for; nice
and golden brown both sides. Now you want to pop it out and then you’ve
got this beautiful little disk of toasty goodness. Now I know you’re dying to see how the inside
is, is it melted – and yes that cheese is nice and melted and hot. Now this is just ham and cheese little toasty
but you could easily make it with other ingredients like Nutella or ham, cheese, tomato and spices,
just go crazy with the ingredients you love and this will be a delicious little treat
that you can have. Garlic Grinder:
Here I have some garlic and now peeled garlic. This is a special garlic grinder. Now it looks a lot like a different kind of
grinder that is used for illicit substances but this one you place garlic into and then
you just close it and start turning it. What happens when you turn it is the blades
on the inside crush and cut the garlic into very, very fine minced bits. It’s a lot better than normal garlic crushers
because it ends up with a much more finer cut of garlic. It’s a lot more like when you finely mince
it with a knife, so this may very well be one of the best garlic crushers out there. END