Even as her business
fell apart around her, Karen maintained her seat
at the bar, ringing her bell. A lot of times, Karen,
She’ll want a drink. She’ll sit there and ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding until somebody comes. Dave. Can I get a shot please?
Where’s my bell at, dude? There’s Karen.
She’s one of the owners. Here you go, honey.
So they don’t ignore you. Don’t touch my bell.
Hey. Hey Dave, what kind of bar vodka
do we have? Shots.
We could just watch. Karen is sitting at
the end of the bar, ringing her bell for drinks.
It’s unbelievable. Hello, Donna. Hi, John. It’s nice to meet you. Can you see me?
Can you even see me? Yeah, I can see you. Am I in focus?
You’re in focus. You’re in focus? Okay.
Sit down if you can. I wasn’t quite expecting you
tonight, so… thank you. I’m sorry.
What happened? Okay. Can I tell the story? Please tell me the story, Aleah. Thank you. So-
The bank came in … And said we- … and said,
“Because you’re in” … Let him do it.
… “default of your property taxes,
we have the right to foreclose.” You blew it. Right? We did blew it.
In the mortgage … We understand that. … it says, “If you don’t
pay your taxes” … Donna, shut up.
… “I will foreclose.” You know, you guys
are really gonna do this? I will … Yes. Listen to me.
Only I can tell you to shut up. That’s the deal.
Okay. And you can tell me to shut up
and I will listen. Thank you. How in debt are you? [crosstalk 00:01:22] Or I might not. How … Look at me.
Try to concentrate, okay? Okay. How dare he … Try to at least act … Quiet. $180,000. $180,000. $180,000.
$180,000. That’s my … Donna. … number tonight. $180,000 in debt? Yeah. Right? Do something
to dig yourself out! I did not see through the lines.
I’m sorry. We know …
I’m doing the best I can do. You’re not doing
the best you can do. I’ve got no money. You’re sitting before me drunk. How many nights a week
do they drink here? I mean, I’d say … Every night they’re here. Every night we’re here.
Yeah. We drink a lot. [crosstalk 00:01:52] These owners always have a drink
in their hands, don’t they? But it’s nobody else’s.
It’s their own, unfortunately. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Lovers can’t be haters.
Hi there. How you doing? Hi. What can I get you today? Do you have a menu? I don’t really have
a great drink menu. All right. Zach. Come on, guys.
Shot. With a beer in her hand, too. Mm-hmm (affirmative). [crosstalk 00:02:12] Back here. Okay. Wanna talk dirty to me? Yeah. No, I could think of
something else we can go do, in the back somewhere. Yeah. Turn me sideways.
Bend me like a pretzel. I feel like my vagina
is a pretzel. I can’t stand her. She’s rude.
She’s obnoxious. What the hell?
Are you in a bad mood, Aleah? Oh, I will be now. And there’s the owner,
another shot. Another shot. Quite a bit of alcohol
to push back in one swallow. It’s not even nine o’clock,
Russell. Yeah. Can we have shot, shot, shot? You can. There’s some people
that are mad about their food. I’m gonna buy them
some shots of like Dewars. She’s mad about her food.
Are you buying her another shot? What’s she’s … you mad
about your food too? She didn’t like it. Can we get her a shot too? Oh, I don’t need one. This is really not a good way
to fix our food, but let’s have fun with it. She’s just [beep 00:03:11]. I really just wanted
to sit down, maybe have a glass of water.
Not really a hard liquor drink, just a little too much
for me to handle especially since I told them
I was driving. How loud that owner is.
Just loud and obnoxious. Shot, shot, shot. Paco give me a big cup please!
Alright lets see if I can do it! Hold on hold on wait wait wait. Woo! We got a little show
going on over here. She’s partying in the bar
that they’re losing money in. Sad, sad, sad. What about the husband? Just sitting
at the bar drinking. He does not care, at all. So every time she twerks,
here’s another shot. Twerking their money
right down the drain. Wow. Can you stop. Stop what? I don’t understand what
you’re [bleep] thinking. Amanda is just as guilty
as Keith for not running
this business properly, she is not the victim here. [inaudible 00:04:28] with you over there
popping your ass with all the [bleep]
people over there. That’s not offending me? Shut up. Oh that’s alright though.
That’s right. That’s alright. Keep him in the pit diva! Oh [bleep]
there goes the spaghetti. [bleep]
This is a [bleep] joke! I think that girl is bleeding. Yeah.
Or she broke– She has a bloody nose. Accident waiting to happen,
there it is. She has a bloody nose. Just look at it,
just make sure it’s okay? Yeah, it looks totally okay. I don’t know I can’t [bleep]
feel my face. That’s not a bad thing. This is ridiculous. Reset. This is absolutely unbelievable. I’m going in
and stopping it guys, before somebody else gets hurt. Oh my god,
this is just horrible. [bleep] Okay, everybody out. Hello. You’re losing
$4000 a month. Is this actually
what’s gonna make you money? What the hell are we doing? Well we’re doing what we can. You have somebody who
hurt her nose, it’s bleeding. And now you have to clean up
all the pasta from the floor! What was the point of this? To get some people
in the building. But this is lowering yourself. What’s going on here? I have no idea. What if I told you
I think your attitude sucks? That’s okay. You never smile. You emulate a bad attitude,
am I crazy? Have you seen it? Yes. So, she’s one of the reasons
that you’re failing. That’s an ugly thing to say,
but– But it’s a real thing to say. My daughters
are good bartenders, but as employees
they’re terrible. How am I terrible? Because you’re just coming
in here and not having the attitude
you used to have, which isn’t leading by example. It’s time for you to be a boss,
not a mother. They’re not gonna like that. Things just got freaking’ real. Here’s your freaking’ pasta,
all over my [bleep] shoe! I’m going to run the shots. Arshrshrshrsh. I’m gonna have a $5 shots
special right now. You want to drink a shot
in my chest, it’s $5. No one wants to take that
for $5, I’ll sell that for $2. Clearly Dalia is proud
of her chest and likes them to be a point
of attention in conversation, because she’s putting them out
there every chance she gets. Certainly is. I want everyone to line up
for a $5 shot special. Any takers? Any takers? Nobody wants to take a shot
out of your orangutan tits. I want a shot! I want a $5 shot! There’s no takers. I’m gonna go in, and I’m
gonna have a $5 boob shot! Go enjoy that, John. It’s all about the bling. You psycho. It’s all about the bling! The bling!
It’s all about the bling! Excuse me! Excuse me!
What are you doing right now? Having a great [bleep] time. Now, if you offer a boob shot, and not one man
in the bar takes it? Maybe you shouldn’t
do that anymore! Would you like to have one,
try it? No I wouldn’t actually. I have no interest
in your freak show. And you’re the worst of all! How many times did you say
[bleep] behind that bar tonight? Did you say it? A few. A few! So, she chased out a few,
you chased out a few. Who’s left? Your business is like
your boobs, it’s sagging! You’re wrong because you know
what my boobs stand up like the American flag. My ass might have a little
hail damage but not my boobs. Hello. Hi.
What’s your name? Crystal. And Crystal, what is
your relation to her? That’s my mom. That’s your mom. Are you proud of your mom
or ashamed of your mom? Tonight I was ashamed. How far in debt are you? Maybe 144,000. $144,000. And how much money
are you losing a month? Sometimes four thousand,
sometimes six thousand. So how much money
do you have left? Nothing. Nothing.
How’s your house mortgage doing? I’m in the hole. Are you gonna lose your house? If things don’t get better, yes. So how’s the whole boob thing
working out for you, then? Well, if you want to see it
I’ll let you know. I don’t want to see it! Okay, want to have a drink
and talk about it one more time? She just wants to have a drink,
doesn’t she. If you don’t want to do this
I’ll leave right now. Mom. Mom, mom, mom! John Taffer! John Taffer!
J-O-N T-A-F-F-E-R I need your [bleep] help!
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