Hey guys! I’m Amanda and I’m Deaf. Now, recently I was hanging out with some Deaf friends and some hearing friends at the same time when my Deaf friend came up to me to talk with me. I stopped what I was doing, paid attention to them, and signed with them. And my hearing friend was like “oh wow! It’s so weird that you just stop everything to just start communicating.” I was like “Weird?! You think we’re weird?!” “Do you have any idea how many weird things you guys do every single day?” So, I made a list for her… Are you ready here are five weird things hearing people do? It’s going to be interesting! Alright! So, number 1: You guys never look at each other when you’re talking. It’s so weird because you depend on hearing to communicate but you forget the half, more than half, of communication is body language, how you’re expressing yourself. And you’re always talking and the person (you are talking to) is here and you’re talking over here back here in you’re talking here. Why?! Why do you do that? I don’t know… Ok. So, number two just may be the most weird of all. You listen to each other pee through the bathroom stalls. EWWW That one right there just makes me really proud to be Deaf. Number three: You guys are always eavesdropping! You’re always listening to other people’s conversations. Like people that you don’t know. People sitting at a different table than you at a restaurant or in a movie theater; different conversations that have nothing to do with you. Whatever happened to privacy? Number 4: you guys have music playing everywhere you go. If you go shopping, there’s music in the background. If you go to a restaurant, there’s music in the background. If you go to Disneyland there’s music everywhere! And yet you guys never seem to dance or really enjoy it or appreciate it. Why? If I feel music I’m dancing. And lastly number five: you’re always talking at the same time, talking over each other, but you depend on hearing to understand what people are saying. So, how can you hear people when you’re making noise too? I never understood that one. I’m from a big Italian family and they always talking over one another. It gets crazy at our house. Especially around Christmastime! Alright guys, that’s my list of five weird things hearing people do. What do you think? Do you have something to add? Comment below and tell me! Bye guys! Muah