SUBSCRIBE TO AJCHIRAG Or see just laying on top of them well. Let’s just say which is excited though You guys have a bunch of boxes here all different shapes all different sizes all those Sorts of things that we’re going to be trying to make a buck short for g JV team in you phase it Max was here it is true, I like cheese Yeah, alright, so first. We’re gonna be swinging the different kinds of boxes, and then we’re gonna start turning into their thing Alright so range there those. Those are ramps Brandi ran prints No, no that’s a bottle that’s a room it’s a book although. I think GB wants to read the instructions Stevie look down for me Alright so we got all the boxes sorted out now. It’s time to bounce up We’re gonna build the basic room so friends are gonna take all the parts up Or in the middle of this so I think we have to fold it this way hey guys I think it’s time to fold the first room All right Yeah These Will be the tricky bits Okay, I don’t know what I’m doing here. Thank you wait wait. I said we have the first room ready Let’s move on to the next one and I’m gonna do the living room That’s the biggest room, so how are we gonna? Do this? It’s basically just like the box first rather than take up everything All right so first we need a long bit We’re still building Good punch it see guys. We have finished a living room It’s twice as big as the normal room, so let’s move on to the balcony down First we gotta punch everything All right Let’s look at the instructions gonna have no idea how to fold this up so once we gotta pull these two And connect them of course there we go and Then I guess we fold up the sides so guys we have finished a balcony to it already all right so now We’ve got the living room room The bow key now the rep I think she’s gonna really like it so wrap it like really simple first We’ve got to punch everything out All right, so we’ve got everything folded I don’t think we got to look at the instructions cause this is pretty easy to fold up so you guys this is the round It’s not much like a brown because you can’t really go up bet you just go right through it. I guess but this is gonna be a run or we stand it like we could stand it like this TV goes up like this or It could be letting down like this Then she just goes right through so this could be like a whole lot of things so that’s cool This is so hard to complete that we got that balcony. You got the living room We got the box room and we got the ramp we have two other sets to go So we’re gonna do those pieces, but before we do that. We’re gonna treat me how to get to somewhere some TV honey like it Alright so she doesn’t think much about it yet, but once we built I put everything together. She’s been like wait TV I didn’t know inside it She means inside the round Her hands were too old for domestic Continue Beldon Gee Gee Gee Gee Bee is happy Yeah, you got a balcony I’m waiting yay. Let’s get this in He likes it She’s like what’s going on loves the boxes? She’s like yeah Okay there you go she beats waiting for her slaves to finish her house She is the construction supervisor She walks around checks the work How’s the quality TV is a good quality oh She likes it she’s like finish fast This is so much work. We’re gonna be one day all night. Maybe come and help us Whoa whoa that was like frisbee and finally finish it living room it took So so far I have the living room here I have a ramp going up to the second floor here, and then you can go through to this bed and I don’t know what I’m gonna put next but it’s definitely gonna be something awesome. I can put that there She can’t go through these holes Roberts. No look so she’s in here she goes off, and then she goes in there Yes, we could have our out here She’d be stroking out in expecting it it better be good, and then we can have a balcony choice up there All right, that’s the end of that and then we’re gonna continue on through this way so you guys you’re starting We’re getting that design wasn’t that good, so we’re gonna start over all right? Oh, we couldn’t make it You know, but I don’t wanna waste the living room. You only have three of these this can be entrance I never one of those there. There’s a entrance over here so there can be here Around here, so now we have like a little bridge no, I Didn’t run this side But and then she can go up here, and then we have a bridge on this side Okay She goes up here. Yeah, she do to do to do and then there’s a bridge here that she goes inside So don’t mean it could be a ramp here. She goes up and never flare Sure Then we know we just could be about me That’s not me Okay, that could be that and then we can put this on top. I think we got the perfect design now all right And then that could be like She’s exploring her new mansion so guys let me give you a quick tour of cheapies mansion so right here We have a ramp we can go up into the first room. It’s actually already inside there So there’s a hole at the bottom going through and never hole into a living room, Jimmy Has just came out of and at the back you can see There is another exit Here coming up for in that same area She has a balcony right up here, but we’re gonna get to that in a second first were seven ounces first floor alright He has another round going up and to hear the second floor actually so guys the second floor right here There’s nothing much to it That’s not really insurance to the second floor except here, but then go straight down and have the back There is an entrance for here. She can go and a balcony and it’s a third floor It’s interesting that she’s climbing right from the balcony. That’s um interesting The third floor is where he gets interested so she has to jump into the window to get to this observer She’s able to do it We’ve seen her do it before I’ve taught have to do it, so she’s able to go up here. Then she could go into here Off the ramp into here, but there’s a little bit of a problem here there is a hole right through there all the way to the Bottom of the third floor here, so there’s a hole there, she can’t really set a pair, but she likes it That’s a very very top You just got the mouse I went down, so it looked like she can sort maybe a snatching area yeah Buts an air Baby For TV where the top of that says she absolutely loved it where are you she was still? Sitting in a challenging area you allow the area So guys think up business video see you all next time good. Bye