what’s up guys
welcome back to another unexpected video Stacia went a little out of her way it is
my birthday tomorrow and we are in this fabulous hotel room 5-star at the
Sofitel here in Bangkok they brought me up my own the happy birthday stuff I got
this beautiful cake it says happy birthday so we got these
really cool fruits I think that’s passionfruit and some other couple
things here and then these look really good up here I don’t know what that is
fresh Thai fruit I’m not sure what that is but look at this view this is
what’s insane we get to wake up to this tomorrow morning. This right down here I
don’t know if you guys can see, here pass over this camera I’ll show you. Right
down here is called Lumpini Park and we actually went here our first Bangkok
video. Let me fix this exposure for you this is such an amazing
view and it just goes on forever. We’re gonna be here for one night just as like
a little birthday gift from this pretty little lady back here oh yeah there’s an
Infiniti pool that overlooks this whole view which is gonna be so awesome just
to relax and chill up there and wake up to a beautiful breakfast it’s gonna be a
lot of fun. Happy birthday to you yay make a good wish! Now to break into this
bad boy the whole thing is edible. Nice. Now for a bite for this piggie that’s a big bite
well alright we are just about to get ready for a night out on the town. Well, a night out in the hotel hotel, yeah. So we just made it back upstairs we went on the
rooftop which was insane it was so good right? what did you think about it? yeah it
was so cool and I didn’t bring the camera because I didn’t want to you know
interrupt our night together but we have our own hand drawn bath by the staff
we’re about to hop into these bad boys and take a nice bubble bath together and
it’s awesome because we got SoundCloud playing on the TV and there’s surround
sound through this whole room so we got like speakers up above us in the
bathroom to listen to while we’re taking our nice bubble bath.
this place is freaking awesome we got a charcoal bath this is very different It’s a Charcoal, Aloe, and Collagen bath. Do you guys like my new hat? Wake up, Hi Mr. birthday boy! We just got
back from like probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had so much stuff it
was like the breakfast buffet from heaven. Smoothies, gelato, oven baked
bacon which was like so crispy and I haven’t had good bacon since we left the
United States. I think we each had like seven or eight courses we just kept
going back and forth and now we are getting prepared to go upstairs to the
rooftop pool an infinity pool that overlooks this amazing view that we
showed you. Can’t get over the view yeah I don’t know what we’re doing later she
won’t tell me. Surprises. so let’s go up to the pool. Yo. What do you think? guys look at this view we’re right
underneath this like awesome tree it’s got like vines hanging down it’s so nice
now this pool is pretty good I can’t tell you guys how much this
probably is the best pool we’ve ever been in the Sofitel in Bangkok.
But we’re in Bangkok which part of Bangkok are we in? Because there are a couple of Sofitels in Bangkok. It’s the So Sofitel on Lumphini Park in Bang Rak. We are nearing the end of our pool day Ryan’s got some food
Oh baby, got a nice fat burger and a side salad. Stacia got a really cool salad yeah Nicoise salad but we still have one
more surprise. One more, yeah I don’t know what this is.
let’s go you ready for the last and final surprise? You haven’t given me any
tips or anything so I don’t know what to expect
what do you guess? I’m gonna guess we’re gonna go some like show or
something with like a bunch of ladyboy dancers. yeah that’s it I knew that’s
what you wanted for your birthday that’s exactly. I really have no idea what to
expect alright let’s get in the cab. Here we are
here’s your final surprise. Thai Boxing baby you guys know that was a combatives
instructors for like decades This is the last surprise for Ryan’s birthday it’s right up his alley. This is Rajadamnern stadium Thai boxing stadium but I did a lot of research to
make sure we found the best stadium for a Muay Thai fight tonight. A lot of the
big Thai fighters, the good ones, they also trained in New York City as
well as Bangkok so it’s very authentic Ryan approves.
Down here at ringside we get service of beer, it’s awesome. Sitting up here at the
top here behind the cage all those people those are the people that are
betting on the fight and they go crazy during the main event. Stacia feels
like a mom right now well that was amazing
we just got done with it that was the coolest thing I’ve seen I love UFC and I
used to be a fighter, well I wasn’t a fighter in the ring but like I used to
teach combatives and this this was just so cool the cultural experience like the
crazy crowds and everybody betting on it it was really neat. Nothing beats sitting ringside
and watching it and like getting sweat thrown at us it was that was really cool.
This girl is amazing for setting all that up
it was just an awesome couple days thanks to her. We’re going on our way
back to the hotel right now and just gonna crash hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you did hit the thumbs up button and leave me a comment down below. Wish Ryan a happy birthday! You don’t have to do that but leave me a comment
anyway so thanks so much for watching guys we’ll see you in the next video