What’s up everyone, this is Steve from rockstar eater and in this episode, we’re gonna be exploring coffee at a coffee shop But not just any coffee shop that’s on a famous strip like Sunset and Los Angeles But rather we’re gonna be visiting a coffee shop in a church. That’s right in a church Apparently this church right here Grace Community Church has some of the best coffee that you’ll find in the Los Angeles area Now coffee shops don’t normally open up on church campuses This is something that’s been kind of trending more in the last decade I would say but surprisingly they do serve some of the best coffee that you’ll find in the City, and now we’re going to be exploring this facility here Once again called Grace Community Church, which is actually one of the more awesome churches that you’ll find in Los Angeles It is definitely very biblical and very… They got their game on basically I just arrived here at the coffee shop there just right behind me and this is tucked in in a very Popular walkway on this church campus and to give you a little bit of a background of this coffee shop It opened about three years ago. I think it was like 2016 or 17 And it used to actually be one of the classrooms here on campus, but I guess they didn’t need that a classroom anymore So they converted it into a coffee shop not just to accommodate the students and all the people who attend here on Sundays but to actually open it publicly as Public business so you will see this coffee shop on Yelp. It’s called steeple house coffee and it’s been getting a lot of raves so far a lot of people love it both people who are in the church as well as Those who are not within the church and we will go in now and we will try some of their coffee Got some of the teas right there and then, looks like they also have some coffee here too for sale in this section a Lot of awesome merchandise, they definitely do use top quality stuff holding holding coffee for 16 to 21 dollars okay, and Then we have some cups right here got the t-shirt Yeah, they have everything even the dripper. Very nice Yeah, so we’ve got some of the pastries right here with some of the muffins and cookies How can you have a coffee shop that’s not some of these pastries okay, so I just got the cafe Latte and I got the quote one because today it’s pretty fairly hot tea I mean it will get a little bit hotter in the next few weeks So this is what their small cafe latte looks like and it’s one of their specialties They have a lot of awesome stuff here such as regular brewed coffee. They have two lattes They have the expressos. But this is one of the ones I usually like to get at coffee shops Not to tell you the truth I’m not really much of a coffee drinker, but every now and then I like something like a iced coffee or ever go to Starbucks like a Frappuccino Let’s give this a shot Yeah, very nice flavor It’s very deep. That’s a very rich flavor to it Definitely do taste the milk in it So this isn’t just like some coffee that you would get from like a Ralph’s store package or from 7-Eleven There’s definitely a depth of flavor to this that matches what you would find at a at a more Established coffee shop, especially here in Los Angeles or any urban cities that specializes and like coffee It’s very nice flavor It’s really so in the beginning. It’s not that sweet at all So you just add your sugars and afterwards according to how sweet you want it but if you’re not a sweet type of person then this would do just fine because it has a like I said that nice coffee flavor to it with that milkiness as well, which makes for an awesome coffee all around I Just finished a cafe latte and I decided to order a second item and the cafe latte was cold So I wanted to try something now that’s on the hot side. So I got a cappuccino and as you can see They designed the top pretty nicely And I’ve always wondered how exactly that they do this and I guess there’s a little bit of a skill to doing it But they made it into a nice hard shape and here is something that’s really cool as well It comes with some sparkling water to kind of I guess rinse out your palate in between the sips Preparing to drink this awesome cappuccino. Alright Cheers There’s a deep taste to it It’s slightly a little bit bitter, but then that you can also taste that milk in it as well And this is a very interesting compliment to the last drink that I have the cafe latte This is the soda water see how this tastes like And typical club soda Wonder what it will taste like it feels like sprite drinking like sprite along with this but like I said This is very cool to me because for like a coffee they serve in a coffee shop in a place like a church I mean you would think that it’s something that would be amount of high quality, but this is like really high quality stuff this is like something that you would find if you were to go to like a like a coffee shop like, you know some of the popular parts of Los Angeles So I’m very pleasantly surprised and it just shows that Hidden gems are everywhere here in Los Angeles or just any city all around the world Well that does it for this edition of rock star eater here at steeple house coffee Some of the best coffee that you can find here in Los Angeles And if you’ve enjoyed this episode then please do consider liking this video Commenting below if you have anything that you want to suggest or any praise comments Or you can subscribe to this Channel Please do consider subscribing to rock star eater because that’s the best way that I can get content to you like this on a week-to-week basis so click the subscribe button on the right hand side below the screen and you will be Getting all the latest videos from me on a week-by-week basis Once again, my name is Steve coming to you from rockstar eater and I will see you soon