hey insider let me ask you a quick
question do you ever feel like your workplace is toxic do you ever get into
work and you’ve got that feeling in your heart that your time is up in a sense
that you want to do something else maybe you wanna go create your own business
now maybe you wanna jump into a whole different career if so before you make
that decision today I’m gonna share with you five sure science that your work
place may be toxic right now and one of the things I’ll say before I’ve revealed
these five signs is remember most of your life will be spent working so
bearing that in mind if you don’t love what you do you’re gonna spend most of
your life dissatisfied unhappy and I’m sure that’s the last thing you want so
you’ve got to ask yourself are you gonna just sit on this plain pain and just not
take action because if so you’re gonna live a miserable life the choice is
yours and so if your workplace falls under these five categories of five
signs I want this to be a wake-up call for you today so make sure to pay close
attention especially to the final point without further ado let’s go on the
first sign it doesn’t feel h2h do you ever feel that feeling when you’re at
work you feel like one of those robotic checkouts that you’re now seeing in
grocery stores you feel like your manager treats you like a freakin robot
go do this go do that hey have you done this yet checking up on you you just
feel like you’re not a human being what hatred stands for is human to human I
believe today the best businesses that grow at a rate that we’ve not seen
before they grow because people want today transparency people are driven
today not by just company just wanted to make blow money people are driven today
by companies that have got a core why companies that’s actually designed to
help people not just take load of money from people isn’t that true now if your
manager doesn’t make you feel like your human being what like you’re not you
don’t give you’re not gonna give it everything you’ve got and that’s why the
first sign is you don’t feel like you’re in a h2h business and that is the first
sign so ask yourself do you feel like that right now do you feel like you’re
your robot or do you feel like you’re really connected with your
manager let’s go on to the second sign which is you get bullied now I’m not
talking about joking around bullying right that’s fine just a little joking
around you’re just kidding the sarcasm that’s okay every now and then isn’t it
I’m talking about when your managers make you feel small now let me ask you
can you resonate with this how when you begin a new job you’re like inspire
you’re like ready and you’re ready to climb up the ranks right you just drew
driven in that sense but then if you’re on the wrong position or wrong job or
wrong business sometimes the managers they literally
make you feel so small they bully you until you feel like I have to stay
because I’ve got no other option you feel like sometimes your bosses even
implying that subconsciously how they say you know what if you want to go if
you were to go anywhere else you probably would be lucky to find a job or
you’re so special to be in this position you’re so lucky I’ve picked you if you
get any of those subconscious signals from your manager you’ve got to be
really begin to question whether or not you’re in the right job right now and
I’m not doing this so you make a rational decision because at the end
they your life is for you to live but what I’m saying is if you aren’t
satisfied and you feel like yeah actually I just don’t really get along
with your manager you gotta really ask yourself when is now the right time for
you to make that bold decision because if you look at any great leaders what do
they all have in common their ability to make bold decisions so ask yourself in
regards to second sign is that true for you does it does it ring a bell now
let’s go on to the third sign it’s in regards to complaining do you ever feel
like when you get to work everybody around you in your environment in your
workplace complain every single day when the weather’s hot they’re complaining
the weather’s too hot when the weather’s cold they complain it’s too cold they
never seem to be satisfied when the customers come in to to you know be
served they’re just saying or back chatting behind customers and you feel
the need to gossip as well about the customers about the managers about their
bad weather because you’re in the contagious environment of gossiping of
negativity of complaining and one of the problems were complaining
is this complaining is almost like holding a garbage magnet that attracts
garbage meaning garbage in garbage out every single day right if you’re working
9-5 job monday to friday think about it most of your life will be filtering
garbage other people’s shit on a day to day basis so you come home wanting to
work you’re on in your own business or do something that’s fun with your loved
ones but you’re drained mentally drained not so much physically drained because
of other people’s shit and all of that negativity if that’s something you can
resonate with that is a sure sign by the way that’s the third sign that it is a
toxic workplace now let’s go on to the fourth sign which is poor communication
now let me ask you right now do you feel like your manager is giving you that
great communication in regards to you feel like you know that inner workings
of the company or do you feel like they hide information from you not in regards
to for example private information that they should only be sharing with CEO but
it feels like to you that they’re holding back information that you should
know because maybe they’re just so protective of their position and maybe
they’re coming from a scarcity mindset themselves that they don’t want to share
other stuff just in case you get their position do you ever feel like like that
or do you ever feel like for example they’re holding back something from you
and they’re not communicating well therefore you’re making mistake because
they haven’t communicated you with with total transparency if so that has a
fourth sign you gotta ask yourself right now does this resonate on any
level you feel like there’s bad communication in your workplace
therefore you’re finding yourself you constantly tripping up because you just
you’re just lacking that clarity that you want in order for you to thrive and
work up the ranks because that’s a fourth sign ask yourself does that
resonate now let’s go on to the final sign the fifth sign is the most
important you can feel in your heart you can feel it in your heart you know I
believe your intuition knows it just knows you you look at any great
entrepreneurs any great legends what do they say they don’t say follow
your head and going to it what do they say follow
your intuition follow your gut Steve Jobs the legend Steve Jobs he’s often
heard saying how you cannot connect the dots looking forwards you can only
connect the dots looking backwards so you have to trust what will happen will
happen for a reason and I want you to realize this if you’ve got a gut
intuition as some sort of heart feeling now screaming out to you to just take
that leap of faith you’re gonna ask yourself when is now
the right time because that is a fifth sign if your heart is saying so and you
can feel any heart it’s time to take action and of course this is down to you
but these are the five signs that your workplace is toxic so you’ve got a
decision to make do you change the environment you’re in or do you stay in
there and be full of possible regrets in the future make the wise decision
yourself is your life to live after all but I hope you found this video helpful
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questions feedback you may have and as always insider follow your heart my friend and
take action and let’s go create a life you’re truly born to live I’ll see you
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