Every winter I put on about 8kg in weight, just because I sit inside for 4 or 5 months
and do nothing. So around October or November time I initiate
operation weight loss where I try and get a little bit fit and prepare
myself for the winter months. But that operation weight loss has been jeopardised
today because of where he’s taking us. Meat land. Five restaurant, five meat dishes, all in
one day. Meat land it is then… Today, we’re visiting the city of Oshu in
Iwate a region with a reputation for it’s many
meat dishes. From chicken and pork to it’s famous Maesawa
wagyu beef – one of the top ranked cuts of wagyu in all of Japan. We’ll uncover 5 of the meat dishes enjoyed
by the locals that give the area it’s reputation for being the land of meat And our diet shattering day begins at 9am
with a somewhat unhealthy breakfast, in quiet street in front of a shop that looks like
a film set for a horror movie. It looks like the house out of “the grudge”
– a bit of a horror film house. A ghost house. It’s weird. There’s just a pile of chicken sat in the
window. It’s the only giveaway it’s not the Grudge. I don’t think the Grudge had fried chicken. – This chicken is like the people’s soul
food. People grew up with it. So they can forgive the appearance of the
house. – Exactly Let’s go and check it out. So she’s just weighed the chicken and wrapped
it up like fish and chips in the UK. The chicken is a little bit different from
back home. It’s marinated in soy sauce and ginger and
mirin. It’s not healthier as it’s still batter. But it’s got a little bit of a different
flavour to say Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s beautifully crispy. – DO you like it? I love it. Just standing at the side of the road in this
rural neighbourhood eating fried chicken. – The people around here actually buy this
chicken for Christmas like Kentucky fried chicken. But it’s incredibly messy and they don’t
give you hand towels. Genuinely there’s no hand towels? – No. Why didn’t you tell me that before? – My hands are still messy. The region we’re in is famous for Maesawa
Beef; one of the top cuts of wagyu beef in Japan and winner of numerous awards. We’re going to see it prepared in various
ways, but first things first we need to try cut of steak. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the future of breakfast. The future of breakfast is fried chicken. It works. I mean it felt a bit wrong at first sticking
a big fatty piece of fried chicken in my mouth. But I feel really energised and ready to take
on the day now. I recommend you eat fried chicken every morning
for your breakfast. – What kind of channel is this? So if you guys watch these video enough you’ll
probably be an expert on wagyu beef by now. But for those of you that aren’t. Wagyu literally means Japanese beef and the
beef we’re having now is Maesawa which is a cut of wagyu beef. – Maesawa. Maesawa; I always get it wrong. Maezawa and maesawa. Its 11am so it’s a little bit early for
steak. But given that we’ve got to cram in so much
meat today it seems only right to have it now. – Breakfast but what is this? Is this lunch? This is like pre-lunch. – Blunch. What? Oh brunch. – Blunch. Brunch not blunch. – Blunch. No brunch. B R. Oh is it? Is it BR? – Do it again. No I’m not doing it again. This is blunch. Steak blunch. So there’s three sauces that come with the
steak; we’ve got rock salt, sesame and an actual wasabi root, which is really rare. Ryotaro is doing his wasabi. – Normally it comes in a tube right? Yeah normally it’s actually artificial mustard
which is quite spicy. But real wasabi root is this and it’s not
that spicy but it has a more refreshing taste. Wasabi and steak is the ultimate combination. So the steak has just arrived. I’ve got cut of fillet and you’ve got
the sirloin. The sirloin is a little bit thinner. But which tastes better? – Mine is always better. Only one way to find out. – Hit it. Beautifully juicy. This is the best blunch I’ve ever had. Wow yours cuts amazingly. It’s like I don’t even need to do anything
with the knife. It just slices. – It’s because mine is fattier. So the sirloin is noticeably fattier. So if you want to get a cut of wagyu beef,
if you want the real wagyu experience Sirloin is better. It’s got a lot more fat content. How often do you eat Maesawa? – How often? Well you live in Tohoku. – Like once every 15 years or something. Once every 15 years! Like for anniversaries. It feels wrong eating this after eating some
fried chicken for breakfast though. Fried chicken for breakfast, steak for blunch. – What are we expecting in the afternoon though? I don’t know. It’s going to be hard to top this. Beef sushi isn’t too difficult to find in
Japan; but it can be difficult to find it done well. At Sukehachi Zushi they use the local Maesawa
beef to prepare their sushi. So we’ve had breakfast, we’ve had blunch. Now we’re having brunch. This is brunch. That was blunch. – That was blunch? Fuck you. Go ahead. It’s good because I felt guilty today having
five different courses of meat. But now we’ve divided it up and created
different types of things like breakfast, like brunch, like blunch. – So you don’t feel guilty? I don’t feel guilty anymore. So if you’re going to eat lots of different
food in one day and you feel a sense of guilt, just eat blunch. And brunch. And then lunch. But this is brunch. And this is beef sushi. So it’s just arrived. At first I thought it was half fish sushi
but it turns out everything on this plate contains Maesawa beef. We’ve got sliced maesawa beef sushi at the
front here. Minced maesawa beef with a quails egg. And then maesawa beef with cucumber. You know when you go for sushi and you look
at it and you think “I don’t want to eat it because it looks like art” that’s what
this looks like. So artistic. Look at it. Beautiful, it’s really good. – Take my breathe away. This is my first time eating beef sushi and
if you close your eyes it tastes a bit like fatty tuna. But its slightly saltier. So good. I think my favourite one is the quails egg
because as you bite into it the egg soaks into the beef and the rice and it has a really
rich flavour. – You’re getting better at reviewing food. Yeah I need to read some more book on how
to describe food. The best one for me was actually sliced beef
on the top. with the wasabi salt. With the wasabi salt. The wasabi salt is to die for. – It was just divine again! Yeah…he’s a very scary man. He’s a very scary man isn’t he? No-one said I was scary. I’m just so nice. What do you think of Ryotaro? Leave a comment below. – Don’t say that. If you can describe Ryotaro in one word, what
would that word be? For me that word is creepy. – Please do not involve the world in this. On commenting on my personalty. I’m involving the world… After involving the world – which is you – for
our fourth course we decided to pop into a Ryon Ryon, a popular local cafe for a lighter
snack; a simple but filling dish and a much welcomed break from beef. Here you are. Thank you. Please try our special rice ball. Good English. – Thank you I studied abroad for 5 weeks. So having eaten fried chicken and steak and
beef sushi I was about done for eating this week. Not yet. But then this was put before me and the smell
of the bacon rose upon my nose and my desire and lust desire for food returned once more. So what is this? It’s pork? It’s rice wrapped in pork – kind of like
bacon. It’s bloody good it reminds me of the kind
of bacon you get back home. Japanese bacon leaves a lot to be desired. It’s kind of like sticky BBQ sauce. The pork has been marinated in sugar and soy
sauce and a little bit of sake. And the juices from the pork have soaked through
the rice giving it a nice juicy taste. It’s pretty good. – It’s got sesame and some herbs inside
too. Is it healthy? – It should be. It’s got a herb in it. It’s definitely not. It’s got a herb in it. If something is unhealthy put a herb in it
and instantly better for you. FACT. Our last stop of the day is one of the best
reviewed Yakiniku grilled meat restaurants in all of Tohoku If you’re looking to try various
cuts of meat at a reasonable price point, yakiniku is the way to go, as you get a lot
of bang for your buck – although the menu can be pretty overwhelming. We’ve got to strike a balance between things
that are exotic and interesting and things that look good on camera. We’ve got every thing from ultra premium
spare ribs to uterus and loin. I think we’ll give uterus a miss. Although part of me wants to see what it looks
like as long as I don’t have to eat it. Can you eat uterus? I just had a uterus last night. – So I don’t mind having it again. A typical cut of Maesawa steak usually costs
8,000 yen, but given yakiniku cuts are thin, here a prime cut of Maesawa will set you back
2,500; and a discount like that it’s no wonder Yakiniku bbq are so popular in Japan. It turns out uterus looks as bad as it sounds That is uterus And I can safely say to a great degree of certainty that I will not be eating it. Yes you will Well I bloody won’t. – So Chris the meat land challenge is over. Five restaurants, five dishes. What do you think? I feel so full of meat. It genuinely is a meat land. I’ve eaten a staggering amount of meat today;
more meat than I’ve ever eaten in any other day of my life. In fact I’m probably never going to eat
meat again… for the 24 hours. But I feel bit guilty though. This video has been just filled with so much
meat. I know quite a lot of vegan people watch this
channel. That was a real 4d experience there. I feel guilty for not having anything in this
video that can be of any value to a vegan viewer. We really should make a video for vegans in
some way. And I’m not going to be in it. No you have to be in it. Top 10 dishes for vegans visiting Japan. Natsuki can do it. Natsuki can’t eat anything that’s got
vegetables or health in it so that’s going to be difficult. But we’ll work on it. 10 vegan dishes to eat in Japan. Then I’ll feel redeemed. I won’t feel guilty anymore about the staggering
amount of beef we put in these videos. As I said, probably don’t eat this much
meat in one day. But if you want to try award winning Maesawa
Wagyu beef steak or sushi or pork or fried chicken. Oshu city is about a two hour bullet train
north of Tokyo station or about half an hour train away from Sendai. You can find details of the places we visited,
in the description box below. But for now though guys as always, many thanks
for watching, we’ll see you next time. And uterus. And uterus. It’s chewy. I like it. But I told you I had uterus just last night. You disgust me. – Like two days in a row uterus.