This topic was requested by several of our
viewers, if you come up with a interesting topic then leave it in the comment section below and we might make a video about it. Grand Hyatt Hotel
The Grand Hyatt Hotel is located in Taiwan its rumored that it was built over a part of a land that was once served as a japanese execution ground and
prison camp during world war 2. Its believed that the land had been poisoned
by death and is cursed. Many paranormal happenings have occurred at the hotel, the locals refuse to stay at the hotel and they rarely want to talk
about it. Jackie chan stayed at the hotel and ran out
of his room in the middle of the night claiming that he had seen a ghost
Many people staying at the hotel have been allowed to check out early due to paranormal
happenings also many people have reported sightings
of ghosts in prisoner and military uniforms. in a desperate attempt, the management of
the hotel got feng shui experts to install wind chimes, amulets and buddhist scrolls
in the lobby of the hotel in order to frighten off spirits. Le Pavillon Hotel
The Le Pavillon Hotel was built in 1907, its located in New Orleans
it is reportedly haunted by at least five different ghosts, the most famous ghost is
named adda. Adda is believed to be the spirit of a teenager
who was killed by a runaway carriage, The ghost has been sighted in the lobby of
the hotel and people believe they have bumped into the ghost in the lobby after they have
been shoved by a unknown force. Adda is believed to predate the construction
of the hotel itself, witnesses claim she is dressed in the style
of the mid 1800s. Another ghost which people have reported is
a gray haired old woman wearing a black dress they have also been reports of a ghostly couple
holding hands. people have also complained of the smell of cigar smoke and the smell
of ladies perfume. Another ghost which has been seen, has been
described as a male wearing a colorful shirt and bell bottoms with no shoes he has been
seen running through halls and disappearing through walls, there is also reports of him
pulling blankets off people while they are sleeping The Banff Springs Hotel
The Banff Springs Hotel is located in alberta canada it was built in 1888 and it looks like
it belongs in a horror movie, it is believed to be the most haunted place
in canada The hotels management denies any ghostly activity
but stories from people that have stayed there say otherwise,
people say they have witnessed a ghostly women on the staircase of the hotel dressed in a
wedding dress there have also been sightings of
her dancing in the ballroom the story behind the ghostly women is that
a bride fell down the staircase of the hotel and broke her neck
after panicking because her dress caught fire when she walked passed candles which where placed on the staircase. Another story is of a family who was murdered
in room 873, the door to the room has since been bricked up but the family
who were killed there have been reported to of been seen in the hallway outside of the room.
The most reported sighting is of a former bellman who worked at the hotel during the
1960’s and 1970s he went by the name of sam macauley, and although he is dead people claim he still works at the hotel there have been reports a white-haired
bellman dressed in a 1960s uniform who helps guests to their room, and then vanishes if they try to talk to him or give him a tip. The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel inspired one of the greatest horror novels of all time, The Shining
Which was later made into a film starring jack nicholson.
The stanley hotel is located in Colorado, it opened in 1909, it has 140 rooms and was
originally run by Flora Stanley and freelan oscar stanley who were a couple
from Massachusetts. Although they have passed many believe they
never left the stanley hotel, people have reported seeing freelan stanley
hovering around near the reception desk and others claim they can hear flora stanley playing
the piano in the hotels music room.
Hauntings started to be reported in 1911 after a housekeeper was electrocuted in room 217,
since then room 217 has been a hotspot for paranormal activity.
The hotel is considered to be one of the most terrifying places in america, every one of
the rooms has had paranormal occurrences happen in them, from clothes mysteriously
being unpacked to items moving on their own and lights turning
on and off. Also there has been several reports of childrens
laughter and whispers coming from the fourth floor of the hotel.
another ghost to make frequent appearances is of a women who froze to death in the basement.
While stephen king was writing the shining he stayed in the hotel for a night, he and
his wife where the only people that stayed in the hotel, They stayed in room
217. Stephen king wasnt convinced that they where alone as they briefly left their hotel room
only to return and find their suitcases unpacked
and their things stored in the closets. Also Legend has it that he encountered some
ghostly children wandering the halls and was even said to have witnessed a party
in the hotels ballroom. Tv shows such as most haunted have investigated
the hotel. There are several videos and pictures of what
are believed to be ghosts at the hotel. For 50 dollars you can take part in a 5 hour
ghost hunt and for 15 dollars you can go on a 90 minute
ghost and history tour. So could it all be lies and just a way to attract tourists and make money or could it actually be haunted Cecil Hotel
The cecil hotel is located in downtown los angeles in california it is a budget hotel
with 600 guest rooms. It was constructed in 1924.
Due to the horrifying history of this hotel i think it deserves to be at number one.
First off during the 1950’s and 1960’s the cecil hotel was a hotspot for suicides there
are three reported suicides from that timeline, all three of them jumped
to their death, one of the jumpers was a woman by the name of pauline
otton she was 27, in 1962 she jumped out of a ninth floor window of her hotel room after
arguing with her husband she landed on a pedestrian below and they
both died instantly. Next up is the serial killers that stayed
there and the murders that took place. in 1964, an elderly resident by the name of
Goldie Osgood was found dead in her room, she had been stabbed, strangled
and raped and her room was ransacked. Her killers where never caught.
From 1984 to 1985 infamous serial killer Richard Ramire also known as the nightstalker
lived on the top floor of the cecil hotel for 14 dollars a night,
he used the Cecil as his base for his Los Angeles killing spree
he was convicted of 13 murders, and after murdering someone he would dump his bloody clothes in a dumpster of the hotel and enter the hotel through the back entrance.
In 1991 austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger stayed in the cecil hotel for five weeks,
during the five weeks he murdered three prostitutes, He would pay them 30 dollars and they would
climb up the fire escape to his room he would then kill
them. Now for the mysterious death of elisa lam,
In february 2013 a corpse was discovered in the water tank at the hotel after guests complained
that the water tasted strange and complained that the
water was foul smelling. The corpse was of elisa lam she was a candian
tourist who was staying in the cecil hotel while touring southern california
CCTV footage was released showing moments before elisa climbed into the water tank,
it shows her acting extremely bizzarely, she hides in the elevator of the
hotel and keeps gesturing to something outside the elevator even though there was nothing
there. people believe she was possessed and saw spirits
chasing her. How she got on to the roof to access the water
tank is unknown as law enforcement said that it can only be accessed
by a locked door and fire escape. it was found out that elisa had bi-polar and
people believe this is what caused her to act strangely.
Residents had brushed their teeth, drank and bathed in the water that her corpse was in
for 19 days. In recent years the hotel has become a hot
spot for paranormal enthusiasts, tv shows such as Ghost Hunters and
Ghost Adventures have investigated the hotel. people believe the building is haunted by
the spirits of the countless people that died there
Recently a photo has been released which is believed to be a ghostly figure hanging outside
a fourth-floor window of the hotel. The person who took the photo said they had
really terrifying nightmares several days after they took the picture.
The hotel has been renamed to the stay on main hotel to try and bury the dark past of
the hotel but many believe the building is cursed and are waiting
to see who it will claim as its next victim.