Hello And Welcome To My Kitchen My DIsh Today we are going to make chicken manchow soup Boil 150gms of boneless chicken and separtate the boiled water and chicken after boiling heat the vessel Add 1tbsp of oil Add 1 tsp of ginger Add 1 tsp of garlic mix it properly Add 1 fine chopped green chilly Add spring onion (green part) Add green onion (white part) mix it properly 1 tbsp of cabbage 2 tbsp of carrot mix it properly cook it fr 1 minute Add 1 tbsp of fine chopped beans Add 1 egg without york (white part) mix it properly Add boiled chicken 1 tbsp of soya sauce 1 tbsp of red chilly sauce mix it again Add white vinegar 1 tbsp Add the boiled water which we have separated from the chicken. (qty 1.5 glass) Salt is already added in the water cook it for sometime Mix 2 tbsp of cornflour in water Add this liquid cornflour in the soup Chicken Manchow Soup Is Ready You can garnish it in your own way. Please Like Share And Subscribe Thank You For Watching. www.mykitchenmydishofficial.com