If you haven’t booked your hotel for your London visit yet, don’t do it yet. I’m gonna tell you the common mistakes that tourists make when booking a London hotel that actually costs them money. By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess and I make videos for people who are coming to visit London and this video is part of my ‘Book Your London Hotel Series.’ (Music) Mistake number one is coming at the most expensive time of the year. If you come to London in the summer and you’re expecting to find great deals on hotels, I’m sorry to say that you’re going to be disappointed as that is a most popular time for people to come to London and so the hotel prices are much higher. If you’re flexible on when you come to London, I would recommend coming in January, November or the beginning of December. That’s generally speaking, one, you’re going to be able to get the cheapest hotel rates Mistake number two is booking last minute. Once a while if you booked a hotel last minute, you can get a really good deal but honestly, you don’t want to risk it. The best thing to do is to book as far in advance as possible. That way you will have a big selection of hotels for your price range and you won’t have to worry about the best hotels getting booked up first. Meaning that you kind of get, just get stuck with the leftovers. If you do have to book last minute, make sure you check hoteltonight or lastminute.com. Sometimes, they have good deals on decent hotels that are just trying to fill up, those last few rooms that are empty. I’ll leave links to those resources in the description of this video. (Music) Mistake number three is staying near the airport. All of London’s airports are nowhere near the center of the city and a lot of them aren’t even in the city. So unless you have a flight that departs really early in the morning and you want to be at the airport nice and early then I wouldn’t recommend booking a hotel near the airport. (Music) Number four is not checking for direct deals. I usually use booking.com when I book my own travels, but I always check the hotel’s direct website because sometimes you might get a cheaper rate or they’ll give you something extra for booking directs like a free drink at the bar or something like that. Mistake number five is wanting to stay near the major sights. If you expect to book a hotel and when you wake up in the morning to have a view of the Tower of London or Tower Bridge, you totally can do that but just know that you will be paying a lot of money for hotel rooms that have those kinds of views and also that are just really close to all of the major sites and attractions. So if you’re on a budget, just make sure you manage your expectations, you’re gonna want to stay a little bit further outside of the city center to get better deals. If you need some hotel recommendations or you want some more resources for help with choosing your hotel, I have lots of information in the description box of this video or you can watch the rest of my ‘Book Your London Hotel Series’ by clicking the box that’s popping up right below me.