– The five best luxury hotels
on the Las Vegas Strip. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. This is part of my series
of Las Vegas travel videos. It’s actually kind of a sequel to my video on the five worst cheap
hotels on the Las Vegas strip. I thought I would do one
about what’s great to stay and not just the ones
that are awful to stay. But if you wanna check
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the end of this video. Las Vegas has a staggering number and variety of hotels to choose from. You wanna stay in Venice, Italy? They got that. You wanna stay in Paris, France? They got that. New York City, they’ve got that too. But in this video, when
I’m talking about luxury, none of these hotels are gonna be cheap. The cheapest here probably starts at $200 on a good night and goes up from that. And how did I pick the top five? Well, based on Trip Advisor rankings, and also my own experiences
in a lot of these hotels. Those two combined gives us the top five. There will be a few honorable mentions before we get to number one, as well. We’ll start with number five and work our way down to number one. The fifth best luxury hotel on the Las Vegas strip goes to the Four Seasons Hotel and the Delano Hotel. Chris, I’m confused, why are two hotels in the number five spot? Actually, you’re gonna find I’m gonna do this quite a bit in this list because both of these hotels, the Four Seasons and the Delano are in the Mandalay Bay complex. The Mandalay Bay, that big gold
tower right there behind me. Well, the Four Seasons, it’s the 35th to the 39th floor of The Mandalay Bay and then the Delano, it’s a separate tower next to the Mandalay Bay. Collectively, these two hotels get 8000 reviews on Trip Advisor
and people love them. When you arrive at the Four Seasons valet it feels hard to believe
this hotel can be in Vegas, let alone connected to the Mandalay Bay. It’s a gaming-free sanctuary, and it’s the southern-most hotel on the main part of the Las Vegas strip. The Four Seasons hotel has it’s own lobby, two of it’s own restaurants, Charlie Palmer Steak and the Veranda. It has it’s own swimming pool, it’s own spa, basically it has a lot of it’s own things but it’s connected to the Mandalay Bay Casino and all the things the
Mandalay Bay has to offer, so if you also want to access the big Mandalay Bay pool
you can do that as well. The con for the Four Seasons, it’s 100% valet parking, which
is why I prefer the Delano, which is that big tower on
the side of Mandalay Bay, and what I like about the
Delano is it’s directly connected to the Mandalay
Bay’s parking garage, so you can park your car and it’s a really short walk to actually get into the hotel. The Delano has 1,117 rooms, and it’s for guests or travelers that
want a quite retreat but still near Vegas hustle and bustle. The Delano is a prime pick. At the Delano they’ve
tried to take elements of the desert and incorporate
them into a breezy hotel to make you feel like
you’re right by the beach. The views from the rooms are spectacular. The biggest cons of both of these hotels is the south location, they are really far from everything else on the strip. Though, there is a tram that’ll take you from the Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur, and then you’re kind
of close to the action. The fourth best luxury hotel on the Las Vegas strip is Caesar’s Palace. On Trip Advisor this has 14,000 reviews, four and a half stars, Caesar’s Palace. It is center-strip, it
doesn’t get any more center-strip than this, and I’ve been to Ceasar’s Palace, it has this great Roman theme and it’s one of the few older hotels on this strip that has managed to actually
stay nice and luxurious. They’ve kept remodeling it, they’ve been updating things, they’ve
been building new towers. I think some of the nicest rooms are in the Augustus and Octavius towers. They’ve got their own entrance off of Flamingo road and so you don’t have to go through the casino to get in there. Caesar’s Palace has lots
of high-end restaurants, but if you want extra high-end, even more high-end rooms, I don’t know
if you can see the sign, but in this building right
here is the Nobu Hotel. It’s another one of these
hotel within a hotel kinds of things, a boutique hotel. But that’s the highest end
part of Caesar’s Palace. Caesar’s Palace is also a
great place for shopping. They have a large shopping
mall known as the Forum Shops. It has 270 stores occupying
636,000 square feet, and in fact this shopping mall is the highest grossing shopping mall per square foot of any shopping
mall in the United States, and if you don’t wanna
shop, it’s worth a visit just to ride on the curved escalators. You don’t see those everyday. Next up, coming in at number three, we’ve got the Bellagio Hotel. The Bellagio is a classic. 15,000 reviews on Trip
Advisor, four and a half stars. What I love about the
Bellagio is it has a classic Vegas feel, but not
classic and run down like the downtown hotels, classic
and upscale at the same time. It’s on a huge property of 67 acres. It’s got a big pool complex, and of course it’s got the iconic fountain
show that’s in front. The Bellagio, truly amazing. One of the highlights of the
Bellagio is the conservatory, this little kind of greenhouse
section with the glass roof always has lots of neat
plants and displays and it changes multiple times
throughout the year. So whether you’re staying
at the Bellagio or not, you should definitely
check out the conservatory, and there’s a garden store next door so you can pick up souvenirs
of the garden variety. For this particular display in the conservatory they’ve got two swans. They’re actually
animatronic and they move. Each one is made of 10,000 feathers. That tells you the detail
that goes into these exhibits. The second best luxury
hotel on the Las Vegas strip is the Wynn and the Encore. Collectively, these two
hotels have 35,000 reviews on Trip Advisor, four and a half stars. The Wynn opened in 2005. Between the two of the hotels, they have about 4,700 rooms,
and what makes the Wynn just amazing is how they’ve kind of taken floral and plants and put them everywhere. I mean, when you walk in to the Wynn it feels like you’ve stepped off the strip into an alternate floral universe. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle
of the Las Vegas strip. It feels very relaxed inside the Wynn. It also probably helps that
the Wynn is one of the largest grounds of the Las Vegas
hotels, it is on 215 acres. It has it’s own golf course
that’s part of the property. The rooms at the Wynn
start at 600 square feet, and they are also described as very red. The Wynn is also home to one of Las Vegas’ premier pool clubs, the Encore Beach Club. If you are a pool club goer,
you will like the Encore. The biggest con about
the Wynn and the Encore is it’s location, it’s not
quite the center of the strip. It’s sort of on the
northern part of the strip. It’s across form the Fashion
Show mall right there, and directly next to the
Venetian and the Palazzo, but going north from here there’s pretty much nothing right now. There’s new hotels under construction, but they’ve been under
construction for a long time, and it’s a long haul to
like the Circus Circus and then the Stratosphere which
are the next hotels that way. But before I get to number one, just a few honorable mentions
that I couldn’t leave out. The first honorable mention are the Sky Suites atop the Aria Hotel. There’s 442 rooms at the
top of this hotel, the Aria, that are their ultra
premium, super luxury rooms. They start at $700 and go up to $7000. The smallest room is 1,000 square feet, going up to 7,000 square feet. These rooms are bigger than my house. If you’ve got the cash and that doesn’t seem like too much money, then definitely consider the Aria. It has a great location,
center-strip, and great views from the Sky Suites
all the way at the top. The second honorable mention
goes to another hotel in the same city-center complex. This one is the Mandarin Oriental. Tucked away down there at the bottom you can see there’s the
little hotel logo right there, it’s that fan, and it’s this
tall building right here, but the Mandarin Oriental
is famous for having excellent service, some of
the best service in Las Vegas, there’s also no casino
at all so you can go in and get to your room pretty quick, don’t have to deal with slot machines, dealers, cigarette smoke, all that stuff. The only reason it
didn’t make the top five is it’s becoming a Waldorf
Astoria in a month or two and so I’m not sure how it’s gonna change with the change to a different chain, but it’s worth considering,
Waldorf Astoria might continue the great tradition of
the Mandarin Oriental. The third honorable mention
goes to the Cosmopolitan Hotel. This one right here, it’s
also located pretty much center-strip, just right next
to the city center complex. It is currently the only Marriott affiliated hotel on the strip. The Cosmopolitan caters to
the younger demographic. It’s known for having some
of the best restaurants in the city, though on
the trendy, younger side, and many of the rooms
actually have balconies, too. A lot of Vegas hotels
don’t have balconies, so if you want a balcony,
consider the Cosmopolitan. One final honorable mention
before we get on to number one, and this one’s at the MGM Grand. If the Sky Suites at the
Aria were not high-end enough for you, check out the Sky
Lofts at the MGM Grand. It’s about 50 boutique
suites that they have. They’re dual-level lofts to be made to feel like a Manhattan loft. These rooms start at $1,000 a night. The smallest room is 1400 square feet, and each one of them at the MGM Sky Lofts comes with a private butler. And now the number one best luxury hotel on the Las Vegas strip, drum-roll please. Well, you’ve probably already guessed it ’cause you’ve got the theme which is, I always stand in front of it, but it’s the Venetian and the Palazzo. These two hotels, connected
together form the world’s second largest hotel complex,
with over 7000 rooms. These two hotels together on Trip Advisor have 45,000 reviews,
four and a half stars. The Venetian originally opened in 1999. The Palazzo opened later, but together they have this great
theme of Venice, Italy. They’ve got canals, they’ve got gondolas, they’ve got a great recreation
of St Mark’s square. I mean, I just love the
theme of this hotel. It is also the world’s
second largest casino, in addition to being the
second largest hotel. The only casino larger than this one, it’s the Venetian in Macao, in China. The rooms here, they
range from $179 a night in the low season, up to $10,000. But what I like about
the rooms in the Venetian is that they’re basically all suites. They have a living room and a bedroom. Big rooms, the standard rooms at the Venetian start at 650 square feet. They’re among the largest on the strip. They have floor to ceiling
windows, a king size, pillow top bed dressed in
Egyptian cotton sheets. The most memorable
thing about the Venetian is it’s huge array of restaurants. You can find everything inside. There’s even more restaurants at the Venetian than at the Caesar’s Palace. It feels like an entire
city, inside of a hotel. It’s great for people
who wanna go to Vegas and plant themselves in one place. And if you like nightclubs it’s home to the Tao nightclub,
which is a Asian themed nightclub and it’s one
of Vegas’ most popular. The Palazzo is the extravagant, younger sibling of the Venetian. The rooms at the Palazzo are a bit bigger, and they start at 720 square feet, and it’s based on the same kind of renaissance, Italian aesthetic. The Palazzo is a little bit more modern, but it’s still reminiscent
of classic Italy. And I also like that you can get from their parking garage to your room without having to go through a casino. Oh, and did I mention the themeing. I love the whole of Venice,
Italy, shopping area. I mean, it’s a little
bit cheesy, but frankly I think it’s the best well-done theme of any of the Las Vegas hotels. Well, there you have it, the best luxury hotels on the Las Vegas strip. If you enjoyed this video I guarantee you’ll enjoy some of the other videos from my Las Vegas series,
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