– What’s up guys? It’s Chris Heria. We’re downstairs from my house right now. I’m about to get my work out in for today. And today, I’m gonna be
working out at the pull up bar. Now in most cases a pull up bar is all people have to train with, and usually when we’re traveling, a pull up bar is all we can find as well. But you can still get a great work out in and build solid muscle
with just a pull up bar. And I’m gonna be showing you guys with today’s work out routine
my top five best exercises for the pull up bar. Now the exercises in this workout routine I’m about to show you
are all gonna be scalable from advanced, intermediate to beginner, so follow along with this routine. Get yourself to a pull up
bar, and we’re ready to go. The first exercise is
gonna be one arm pull ups. So first, let’s bang some out. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (dramatic music) – All right, so one arm
pull ups right there. This is a great move
for isolating your arms and maximizing your pulling strength. Of course when you’ve mastered pull ups, it’s time to take it to the next level and eliminate one arm. Doing this, you’re now pulling
your entire body weight versus half the amount by
doing it with two arms. The amount of control, strength,
and power that you gain from this exercise, you really
can’t gain from any other. And when it comes to
calisthenics training, when you’re using no other
equipment but the pull up bar, in most cases, the way
to apply more weight is by eliminating as much
assistance as possible whether it be momentum or whether it be the assistance of another arm. And specifically for this
exercise, you’re gonna gain massive rear delt strength
and bicep strength as well as oblique core
and total body engagement. To maintain your body in
that tight lock position while pulling your body up with one arm. Imagine how hard it is
already to stabilize your body with two arms staying as tight
and as straight as possible. When you take away that other
arm, all of that balance, strength and power is
concentrated onto one arm, so definitely train both sides, and if you guys are still
trying to achieve this move, an intermediate progression or
a variation of this exercise would be pull up and
then one arm negative. Let me show you guys really
quick what that looks like. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music (dramatic music) – So of course like I
say in a lot of videos, the negative of a movement is gonna get you
eventually the concentric. In fact, even if you
can do the concentric, the actual movement, working the negative in most cases will get you way stronger, mainly because there’s way
more time under tension when you’re doing it negative,
and one of the best parts about doing an exercise negative is that if you can’t yet do
it all the way to the top, you can still train and
feel what it feels like to be in every single range of motion by doing the negative of that exercise. And by doing so, you’re gonna
get your body and muscles more comfortable being in that position. They’re gonna get more
familiar with that position. You’re gonna get to your goal
which is actually doing it a whole lot faster, and if
doing pull up one arm negatives is still a little too tough, then try doing the same exact exercise without actually letting
go, but rather reducing the pressure on one
side and trying to apply all your weight to the
side that you descend on. Let me show you really
quick what that looks like. We’re gonna pull up, come to one side, release some pressure, if you
can release some fingertips, come down with all the
weight resting on this side. All right. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music. (dramatic music) – All right so the second
exercise I have for you guys it’s gonna be muscle ups. Now first, let me show
you what that looks like. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria music. (upbeat music) – All right, muscle ups. One of my favorite exercises right there. This exercise is a
calisthenics fundamental, and you need to unlock this
movement if you’re really trying to progress in calisthenics
and take your body, skills, and strength to the next level. This is a total upper body exercise that engages your traps,
shoulders, chest, core, back, biceps, and lats to
complete this exercise. Now to break down this
whole entire exercise would take a whole video within itself, so if you guys want to check it out, I’ve already made a few
of ’em, you can go ahead, check ’em out in the
card that just popped up. You can also get the full
step by step technique guide on how to actually do it
step by step at thenx.com and becoming a member you also get full access to all our workout programs, technique guides and daily workouts. And not only does this exercise
open the doors to many more advanced skills and is a compound movement that simultaneously engages and
builds your whole upper body but also the strength
and skills that you learn from this exercise are
gonna be easily applied into other exercises that you’re
gonna learn along the way, and you’re gonna find
that body weight movements in general are gonna
get a whole lot easier after mastering this exercise, and that’s why it’s a fundamental. And for the intermediate version of this, I would highly suggest
like I suggested before doing the negatives of this exercise. Even if you can already muscle up, doing the negative of any
exercise is gonna improve the concentric of that motion. So this one is actually a two-for. Just as important as the muscle up, the negative is just as important, and if you’re intermediate,
this is one that you can really start focusing on, and it’ll have you achieve the
muscle up a whole lot faster. So let me show you really
quick how to emphasize on that. You can go up straight from a muscle up, and just try to come down slow as you can, or you can go off from a pullover. From this position try to come down, slow and controlled as you can. One more time. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria music. (upbeat music) – Now it’s really important
to have a good grip on the bar when trying this exercise. In fact if you can have a
false grip or an over grip, the more over of the grip and
tighter your grip is gonna be, the lot more control
and easier it’s gonna be to execute this exercise. And if you’re trying to
learn how to pullover, we made the video on how to do that. You can check it out on the Thenx channel or as I said before,
download the Thenx App, become a member, and get full access to all our technique guides. They’re gonna teach you
how to do all these moves step by step. And lastly, if you’re a beginner, you can still do the negative muscle ups, just find a bar that’s
lower and more accessible, usually that’s gonna be
the side of a dip bar. You can get to the top of a
muscle up position on that bar and come down as negative
and controlled into an L-sit until your arms are fully extended. So now moving on, number
three of the best exercises for the pull up bar, it’s
gonna be high L-sit pull ups. Let me show you guys what that looks like. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music (dramatic music) – All right, so there you have it, the high L-sit pull up. This is a great movement. It really emphasizes on
keeping control in your core and in your whole entire
body when doing pull ups as well as having as much
dead weight as possible so when you’re pulling,
you’re really feeling the dead weight of every single rep. When your legs are up in an L-sit, that angle increases the
resistance and force on your back and your shoulders while
really challenging your core at the same time as well as
your hip flexors and your quads to keep your legs as straight as possible. Again in my opinion, this
move is a game changer. It’s really a fundamental, and
it was personally an exercise that I used a lot when I
was just getting started to increase my strength
and power in my pull ups. When you’re in that angle
and you feel that dead weight being applied to your
body, and you get used to and comfortable to
pulling in that position, you’re gonna get a lot more
powerful, higher pull ups. And by having your legs
up in this position, it’s really gonna apply the strict form in your pull ups as well
by decreasing the amount of momentum that you’re gonna have. Now for the intermediate
version, I would suggest trying just normal L-sit pull ups. Let me show you guys real quick. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music (dramatic music) – And for more beginners, I would suggest trying to do that exercise
with your legs tucked. (dramatic music) All right, so moving on. We’re at number four of
my five best exercises for the pull up bar. Number four is gonna be
one arm chin up hold, switching arms. Let’s bang some of those out real quick. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music. – All right, the one arm
chin up hold, switching arms. One of my personal favorites
for bicep overload, getting my body used to
holding my entire body weight with one arm, and this isometric
exercise really goes in to those deep muscle fibers. If you want to feel really
comfortable and light on the bar, then this is definitely
the exercise for you. Not only are you developing
the strength to move your body effortlessly on the bar,
but it’s a sick exercise for your bicep, your back, shoulders, as well as your core engagement
and building the chain that engages all of them to work together. Now for the intermediate
version of this exercise, try going into that one arm chin up hold, but instead of letting go with one arm, you’re gonna emphasize onto
one side, and just let go with a couple of fingers on
the other side, and switch off. Let me show you guys really
quick what that looks like. We’re gonna emphasize on one side. All the weight is over here. Let go with a couple fingers. Come to the other side. Let go with a couple fingers. Eventually you’ll be able to let go with the whole entire hand,
even if it’s for a second, and then you’ll get a lot
more comfortable with it. All right now for beginners, just focus on going to one
side and the other side. Emphasizing all your
body weight onto one arm every time you move side to side. So now we are at the last exercise. That’s gonna be toes to bar. Another fundamental calisthenics exercise, and one of the best ones
for core in my opinion. You guys have seen me
do this a million times. Let me show you really
quick how to do this move. (dramatic music) – [Woman] Heria music. (dramatic music) – For intermediate, go straight
into an L-sit, 90 degrees. Try to control this motion. And for beginners, work
on those knee raises. Most important thing,
squeeze hard in your hands, and do not swing. Control your movements. And there you have it. The core is really the
most important muscle when you’re trying to
get super human strength and build a solid foundation. In fact, I have a whole video just on core that I’m gonna
have coming for you guys really soon, but thank you
guys so much for watching. Thanks for sticking around for round one of my five best exercises
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