– What’s up, guys? We’re at a park right down
the street from the office. I’m right about to get my
workout in for the day. Now, I saw a lot of comments on the five best exercises
for the pull-up bar. You guys wanted me to do
a version for the dip bar, so I just pulled up by the dip bars. So today, I’m gonna show you guys you don’t need access
to a gym or equipment to still build solid muscle
and get in great shape with my five best
exercises for the dip bars. Now, these five exercises
I’m about to show you are personally the ones that I think are the best ones for
the dip bar specifically. There’s a lot of excellent
exercises out there that may not have made it to my top five that are highly effective,
but I didn’t choose them because I wanted these five exercises to be specifically for the dip bars, meaning that you can’t really
do it on any other piece of equipment or it’s most
optimal to do it on the dip bars. So if you guys are wondering
why you don’t see handstands or 90-degree push-ups, stuff like that, I feel like you can do those
exercises on the ground, on parallettes, other equipment. You don’t necessarily
need dip bars to do them. The exercises in this
workout routine will all be scalable from advanced,
intermediate, to beginner. So get yourself to a dip
bar and follow along. Let’s get started. The first exercise I have to show you guys is L sit with a full planche. Let me show you what that looks like. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, L sit to full planche. Honestly, one of the best
exercises for the dip bar, building massive shoulders,
crazy core strength, requiring your whole body
to work as one main muscle, strengthening your muscle chain. This exercise is also a progression to one of the hardest exercises in calisthenics, the full planche. Doing this exercise and mastering this exercise will
eventually unlock that move, and mastering the full planche will develop so much
strength and body control, building a whole lot more
muscle and muscle definition. And if you notice, for this
move, we start in an L sit and move into a full planche. Moving from these two
different isometrics positions while staying contracted is the same type of full-body stress
that your body undergoes when you do other calisthenics exercises like 90-degree push-ups,
handstand push-ups. Basically, if you’re
lacking full body control, this is a great exercise to help you develop that really fast. All right, now, if you’re watching this and you’re intermediate, the
progression to this exercise would be doing this movement by going into a straddle planche
instead of a full planche. So lemme show you really
quick what that looks like. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, so as you can
see, as long as you keep your legs straight, you
keep your core tight, your body is basically in a straight line from your shoulder all
the way to your heel. And as you begin to move into the planche while keeping your arms straight, you’re gonna spread your
legs wide open into a split. This is gonna reduce your
amount of body length, which is gonna make it easier to maintain and hold this position. When you’ve gotten the L
sit to straddle planche down with perfect form, super controlled, then you’re ready to start
moving onto the L sit to full planche, and for
the beginners out there, the progression would be
L sit to tuck planche. As you can see, the whole
concept is keeping your arms as straight as possible and
being as controlled as possible when moving from the L sit
to the planche position. Moving onto number four
of my five best exercises for the dip bar, we
have negative hefestos. Lemme show you guys what
that looks like really quick. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, so there you
have negative hefestos. In my opinion, probably
the best bicep exercise, and definitely one of the best exercises for building arm strength, putting your entire dead
weight on your isolated biceps. From a fully contracted position, you’re gonna come all the way down into a full range of
motion, arms locked out. So not only is this exercise
great for building strong arms, but it’s also an eccentric movement, meaning that we’re gonna be working every range of motion
and really increasing the time under tension,
which is gonna tear more muscle fibers, building more muscle. And the hefesto is just
like the full planche. Unlocking this exercise
unlocks an incredible amount of strength, body control,
and muscle development that you really can’t get
from any other exercise, and that’s why I added it
into one of my five exercises. So the intermediate version would be doing the negative hefesto
with your legs tucked. So let me show you guys
what that looks like, and then I want you guys
to do this one for reps. So from this position right
here, we’re gonna bring our legs in tucked, and
then we’re gonna come down. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, so now a
beginner progression to this, which really isn’t that beginner, because this is a pretty difficult move, so you should already
be pretty experienced if you’re trying this exercise, but an easier progression
is gonna be the Korean dip. So let me show you guys really
quick what that looks like. So from sitting on top of the bar, you’re gonna have your hands
in a supinated position, and you’re gonna create
an arch in your back, meaning that you’re gonna allow your hips to be able to go under. So you can see all my weight now is being distributed on
this side by my shoulders so I can then slip my
butt down, come down here. This is the bottom of the position. Lean back, press up, allowing
your hips to come back on top. That’s why you need that arch position. We’re gonna go ahead and do this for reps. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, so three
you have Korean dips. This exercise, you need to start incorporating into your workout regimen. Just make sure you have good mobility in your shoulders before trying this move. And moving onto number three
of my five best exercises for the dip bar, we have
archer straight bar dips. Let me show you really
quick what that looks like. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – So the archer straight bar
dips with the supinated grip. So this exercise take your
dips to a whole ‘nother level. We’re gonna be isolating
each arm so we’re really gonna be putting the
majority of our body weight onto each limb individually
and repping it out. Normally, what you’re doing with two arms, you’re now doing with one. So not only are you building muscle and making each arm
individually super strong, but you’re also training
your straight arm strength with your opposing arm. You’re keeping your arm
as straight as possible, which is also what is used
to maintain your balance going up and doing
through the repetitions. But doing so and keeping your arm straight is gonna greatly increase
your straight arm strength, making it a whole lot easier
to do full planche, maltese, or any type of straight arm
exercises for that matter. And a progression to this exercise will be wide supinated straight bar dips. So lemme show you guys
what that looks like. Train these, and you’ll eventually work your way up to the
archer straight bar dips. Let’s go for 10. (electronic hip hop music) As wide as you can, start
with your core tight. Deep pressing your scapulas, keeping your arms as straight as possible, we’re gonna go all the way down
in the chest, come back up. ♪ Heria Music ♪ – And the beginner progression to this would be wide straight bar dips jumping. But moving into number four,
we have the impossible dips. Lemme show you real quick
what that looks like. ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, so there we have impossibles, and if you’ve ever tried that exercise, you would agree that that move
literally feels impossible. Just like the hefesto, in my opinion, one of the best exercises
to build really strong arms. You’re putting your entire
body weight onto your triceps and lowering down using
your core and contracting your body as a whole to
execute this movement. So now let me show you guys the progression to this exercise. It would literally be
doing half impossible dips, coming down as low as you can to where you can actually
hold the position, and then coming back up
into the starting position. Keep in mind when you’re
doing this exercise, you really don’t want your
shoulder to pass your hands. Now, I know that’s super
hard, but that’s really what perfect form would
be like for this exercise. And that’s why it’s a lot
different from a normal dip. When you’re doing a dip,
you’re leaning forward, and a lot of your body
weight is behind held by your chest, your
shoulders, traps, obliques, triceps and so forth, but
this exercise really isolates and puts all that weight
onto your triceps. Just wanna go leaning back as low as you can and come back up. Eventually, you’ll be able
to go lower and lower. ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right, so there are
the half impossible dips, and the beginner progression to this would be doing normal
dips but leaning back and emphasizing as much weight
as you can onto your triceps. Lemme show you what that looks like. So this would be a normal
dip, coming forward. We’re gonna lean back and try
to do as much dips as we can being as straight as
possible, leaning back. (upbeat synthwave) So as you can see, similar to the dip, but trains your body differently. So now we’re gonna be
moving onto our lat exercise for my five best
exercises for the dip bar. That’s gonna be superman dips. Let me show you really
quick what that looks like. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – Superman dips, one of
the top, top, top exercises for really building some serious
strength and solid muscle and taking your training
to the next level. If you’ve ever seen me freestyling
and explode off the bar, this is one of the main techniques that you’re gonna need to learn. Once you’ve mastered this exercise, you incorporate it with the muscle-up, you’re gonna be flying off that bar. And the more you train this explosive, the more you’re gonna
get used to controlling your body weight, and you’re
gonna get way stronger when it comes to body weight
training, being explosive, and basically, being able to throw around anything that weighs as much as you. And while training this exercise,
you’re building a massive chest, arms, and shredding
your core simultaneously. So let me show you guys an intermediate version of this exercise that’s gonna be explosive,
straight bar dips. ♪ Heria Music ♪ – So there you go, the
more you train explosive, the stronger you get and
the easier this becomes. Just keep in mind you
wanna have your body weight on the front side of the bar to make sure that you
stay on top of the bar. If you’re leaning back,
you’re gonna fall down. And a beginner version of this of course would be practice your straight bar dips. Perfect form, keep your body straight, all the way down, all the way up. (electronic hip hop music) Increase your repetitions,
increase the volume, how much you do, and eventually, it’ll be feeling super light, super easy. You’ll be able to throw
some power in there and start exploding off the bar. But that’s my top five best
exercises for the dip bar. If you guys enjoyed this
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