When you’re an au pair the fact of the matter
is that you are broke. Which is why we love cafes because its a really
cheap way to spend your time out of the house. But if you’re tired of Starbucks and sitting
in McDonald’s all day we’re going to give you five coffee shops that we love that are off-the-beaten-path in Paris that you can go to and if you stick till the end we’ll give you a
map and a list of all the places in Paris that Hanna and I love to stay in as well. Alright let’s go. The first cafe on our list is called Kooka Boora Cafe its in one of my favorite arrondissements which is Pigale. Pigale is underestimated because I feel like
at first people go out at night and it can kind of seem sketchy, but it is a great place to
go out if you’re careful, and its right by the Sacre Coeur -the Sacre Coeur- and its just a great place. There’s always so many people and
always so much to do. So Kooka Boora is such a great cafe because
first of all, there’s so many windows, it’s like centralized, I always like to say that the 9eme
the ninth arrondissement is great because it’s not completely touristy but there’s still
a lot to do and it’s still very central. So it’s easy to get to, moderately, and as
I said there are so many windows, and the coffee is known to be some of the best in Paris. So I’m there all the time and if you see me
or Hanna definitely stop us and say hello because this is just one of my favorite
places to do work. Some things that you should definitely know
about this cafe is that there are no outlets so if you go there definitely go with full
electronics. Sometimes I just go there to read a book because
my computer is on its last leg and it doesn’t work off the charger anymore. So I definitely can’t do tons of work in there
but it’s just a great place, I also like having dates, friend dates, and normal romantic dates
in this cafe because it’s just a nice environment and if you go often enough you’ll start to
see the same people over and over again and one of the baristas here opened a coffee shop
on the 15th arrondissement by the Eiffel Tower and I can’t remember the name of it
but it’s definitely also a really great place to hang out in in terms of coffee shops. Coffee shop number two is 5 Pailles. This is actually on a road where there are
a few other coffee shops on it as well but I personally love 5 Pailles which means “Five Straws”. I didn’t I passed this place a couple times before
going in because it looked really small but then you realize where the name comes from,
“Five Straws”, because when you go in it actually expands into a whole room in the back where
you can work and chat and it’s just such a great, it’s like a library space almost. It’s so, so nice. Once I discovered it I was going there all
the time. Also good coffee as always, but I just love
how secretive it is and this area in general Rue Faubourg and Strasbourg Saint Denis is I would say definitely up-and-coming. It’s not an area that I used to go to a lot,
but there are more and more and more coffee shops there and it’s just a nice place once
you’re comfortable enough in Paris to walk around and discover. There are lot’s of theaters there and as I
said coffee shops so I definitely wouldn’t underestimate the direction of this “”” where
it’s going and it’s just a great place to hang out and meet friends. Also, like Kooka Boora or KB Coffee Shop
it’s also very centralized and close to the main metro. One of the closest main metros is Strasbourg Saint Denis which
is on Line 9 and a few other lines and it’s not too far from République also so definitely check
it out. Cafe number 3 is La Recyclerie which is by
Porte de Clignacourt it’s at the end of Line 4 which is not necessarily again a place that I would
go to normally but this cafe is so awesome. It’s a cafe and it’s a bar. And it’s a great place to eat as well for
not too bad of a price. The idea of this place is to be extremely
sustainable and eco-friendly so they recycle everything, they’re really pushing composting,
and all that stuff and you’ll see signs on how to do that all along the walls and you’ll
see other projects that they support and do in Paris and in France and maybe in Europe
as well. But this is just a really, really cool place. On Sunday’s and Saturday’s they host really
great brunches that are always jam packed with people. So definitely be aware of that, but it’s a
great place to sit all day to study, the wifi is really great and just cool people are attracted
to this place in general. I sometimes go there, there’s a balcony, and
I go and look down and people watch. Also in the back, there’s a whole garden of
stuff to do. It used to be an old train station which is
why the architecture of the building is so cool and they took it over and made it into
a cafe which is just like, I don’t know, the freakin’ most hipster thing that you could ever do. So definitely check it out in the night, in the afternoon, and in the
day because it definitely changes depending on what time you go there. We host events for APOP members later in the
year we actually host events in this space to become an APOP member you can just check
out our website, it’s really easy to do, just sign up on the website and you can join us
for events and meet au pairs and brunch and have coffee dates in this space as well so
I hope to see you there. Cafe number 4, I think, I don’t know if I’ve
said this already I probably have but this is REALLY my favorite cafe. I don’t go to it as often as I would like
because it is a little bit off-the-beaten-path. It’s right on the Canal but it’s not on the
main part of the Canal St Martin it’s like farther down and so it’s a little bit harder to get to, but
it’s called Pavillon des Canaux and it’s l Iike to compare it to an Alice in Wonderland
house. Every single room is a different theme, then there’s
an upstairs, it’s literally a house but it’s a cafe and the upstairs has like this mystical
bathroom and the bathtub is literally a desk. It is the coolest thing in the world and just
like La Recyclerie you can have a drink here and you can also have brunch here and get a cup of
coffee and the space is big enough that people won’t notice, nor would they mind, if you
sat in there all day. It’s such a great place and I love walking
around along the water if you’re ever if you love seeing water like me whenever I need
to see like some sort of large body of water I’ll go here and just sit outside and it’s so nice
there’s also a bar right next to it too where you can get a drink and there’s also a theater
space called Ce ntquatre which is in the same kind of quartier if you look it up on the map it’s Another great space where you can see
theater artists and just walk around and observe and people-watch or artist-watch so there’s
like mimes and actresses and dancers rehearsing in the space so often if I’m in, I do a lot
of theater in Paris, so I’ll be in Centquatre and I’ll hop over to Pavillon de Canaux to get
a drink or meet up with a friend. It’s so, so special and if you were there
definitely go take a picture and tag us @aupairohparis because we often bump into au pairs there
because I think that once you kind of discover this space you don’t wanna leave and you keep
going back it’s kind of one of those places. The final cafe, the fifth cafe is called The
Hood. It’s in the 11eme arrondissement which is another,
it’s not even up-and-coming I feel like it’s already come to be. It’s another great quartier for hipsters and coffee
shops. There’s so many in this area, there’s so much
going on, but The Hood is especially hipster I feel like if any of y’all watch Damon and
Joe’s Travel Channel they definitely mentioned it on this channel and I’ve bumped into au
pairs here as well. I will say that The Hood is a little bit more,
especially on the weekends, they don’t have wifi and they’re more careful about letting
you stay on your laptop all day long without ordering something because the space is quite
small and it’s really popular. So I’m just a little bit more attentive about
the amount of time that I spend in there but there’s so many cool things there’s a piano,
and like the coolest hipster people and when I’m in this cafe I really get to see life in the
11eme because I feel like a lot of the locals will stop by and say hi to the barista and like a lot
of these cafes that I’m mentioning today the staff is anglophone and francophone
so you don’t have to worry about if you don’t speak French. They’re completely used to hipster tourists
coming into town and coming directly to The Hood but I can’t wait to see some of the changes
that they’re making because they’ve gone through renovations over the summer so I will definitely
be back there to see some of those changes. They also host events for like just random
community things. I know that Damon and Joe hosted an event
there, we might host an event there, yeah always lots of cool things happening in this
cafe so again, check it out. And that it all for the five top cafes that
we recommend in Paris where you can sit all day with your computer or your book and just
have a fun relaxing afternoon where you don’t spend any money that is the trick to au pair
life is learning how to have fun without spending a lot of money. Hanna and I want to help y’all au pairs with
this task and so we created something called the APOP Bucket List which you can download
on our website and it’s all of the places in Paris that we love to go to. It also connects to a map on the app, Mapster, and you
can literally see all of the places that we’ve pinpointed in the city and we’re in the midst
of adding cities as well so you can see some of our top spots in different cities
across the world because we have traveled a lot together. So definitely if you’re in one of these cafes
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