Today, in this video I’m gonna take you
guys to the secret hidden vegan restaurant in Bangkok! Not a lot of locals know about it.
There’s only tourists around here. Are you guys ready? Let’s go! Where do you want to sit? Outside or inside? We’re with my friend over here. She brought me here. I didn’t even know about the place. Someone just said hi over there Seaweed or kale or something. I don’t know. If you deep fry, everything is good ha! Oh! I think it’s seaweed Magda just got her… Oh! Oh! Another round.. Big one and.. Can’t help myself. We have been waiting all day for this Haven’t eaten anything since 6 hours ago So this place you guys, very close to Khaosan Road. It’s actually hidden in an alley.. or something.. right? Yeah, it’s hidden. Like, a really dark, dodgy alley This is a buffet. All you can eat for 150 THB ($5) but.. without the drinks so you have to pay a little extra for the drink. Still quite a
good deal. It’s like, so many food for you to choose from. It’s amazing. Mo : You got rice. | Magda : Haha rice. Yeah, come on guys, it’s best rice in town. You got stir fry, green curry, red curry, papaya salad, normal salad.. Spring rolls, deep fried seaweed, salad rolls.. Vegetable tempuras Outside is really crispy and then inside is really soft. See how cute they cook the rice. This is like an old way we cook rice in the past. A lot of vegetables. That’s for sure. Pretty much just vegetable in different forms. I actually wonder what do they use
for papaya salad because usually, we use fish sauce. Not so sure but if it’s soy sauce, then it’s gonna be weird. Good? Look at the place right now.. Hey, there’s no dessert. They ran out. Really packed. A lot of people. in like less than an hour or something. Most of them are foreigners because Thai people don’t really eat vegan. I think the place is really cute with all the traditional decoration. The food, they got a wide varieties of for you to choose from They also have some dessert. We just got some dessert. It’s just as small as the thing that you can hold in your hand Just like this! Haha. Because they know you couldn’t squeeze much more in. So this one is mango sticky rice. Topped with sweeten coconut milk Finally, ripe mango.. Everywhere in Thailand, they eat like, raw mango.. Green mango. Yeah.. I was just looking at this brochure This is the owner of the place Her name is May (Mai) And this place, the whole thing is ‘May Kaidee’ She has restaurants, cooking schools.. I opened this and saw this drink Sounds pretty interesting. Ginger, basil and pomegranate tea So I ordered one! We are going to try it together just right here. It’s refreshing. Try! Spicy ! The ginger ! The fact that they got ginger in it. It really, like, kick you.. In the butts lol We’re just done! Magda brought me here so, do you like it? Yes, it was really worth it. I’m so full now and everything’s just delicious It’s vegan, healthy, .. Good for you, cruelty free.. I totally recommend because it’s just close to Khaosan Road right here. I’m sure if you come visit Bangkok You guys are here most of the time.. It’s quite cheap too. 150 THB that’s like $5 All you can eat. With dessert and everything No drink.. I hope you guys enjoy this buffet just as much as we do.