another very romantic trip for within Jessie we’re in a hurry hey I’m Jesse behind the cameras will and together we are top drawer over the next four hours we are gonna film our alternative guides to Paris hold on by the way I need to apologize for the quite horrific French accent that I’m gonna proceed to do over the next two days it’s cold what a big coke oh good drop bag to the hotel and it on to breakfast time it’s amazing I’m just into two rooms in the center of Paris places man that quick stop off at the Hoxton who dropped our bags here we had a little tour around this place is beyond impressive why I’m so hungry we’ll get some proper French pastries apparently they do this like pistachio Danish which sounds just awesome pastry turn this will come to see owned by Christoph Vassar and make him bread like they did hundred years ago Joe resting about two days everything cooked in the wood oven this has been recommended to us by maxium owner of bran shet we featured them before and top jaw is like when the best French restaurants in London carwell smell already finish Naz in their layouts we’re all probably gonna pace ourselves the worst I think about this place is the anxiety about choosing a dish shuttlepod she’s struggling to understand a thing I think my things to do right in there because nobody spoke back to me in English it’s an escargot with chocolate and pistachio this is like the Apple and cream puff and this is an almond cross on can I go yet well yes eat well a petite mm yeah thanks Maxine recommendation always trust a French man way to recommending Parisian bakeries top floor top tip we got there late morning no queue now it’s me most time queue Zilla basically it’s busy bakery okay it’s very very good lacked a trio well that’s not the constituted will Caesar think that every single artist in Paris is probably the article we are in Louw Marie injunction on a very premium confectioner suite of chocolates and more high-fashion products probably four are things at home yeah okay let’s see if they lasted for hours a thank you very much loving this oh yeah I’ve had a lot of mint flavor chocolate my life but a lot of that you could taste so much fresh mint this is a bit of jelly mango flavor flav pectin no German or vegan this plate opened in September last year so only be about four months they don’t like a collection change but every three weeks some themes always stay constant so that they always have a chocolate one they always have a caramel one we asked Frank was two favorites were it’s a creme brulee and the chocolate banana one your healthy starts of the day may have chocolate um as a top drawer recommended right the things would be really dense because quite like little stock to unit of a doughnut so it’s basically completely fill the banana cream hello first of my teammates up country coming in close for camera this is ma che there’s an Fort Rouge the reason why I got his name is because there used to be in the 16th century if an orphanage who set on the site and I’ve lived do you know is that the food here is amazing and you could you take away or you can sit in little stools kinda like a street food market and some that artisanal and organic products as well this is a goldmine of food the correct that this guy is serving of is like nothing I’ve ever seen we’ve got mr. superhero here looks just like it’s out of four I think we’ve become really accustomed to street food markets now there’s like loads in London there’s loads in pretty much every UK city but this one is really really worth coming to every single stand town I want that one that one that I should own that that’s that’s it I want having a glass of wine some cheese over there oh there’s someone say cheese don’t you first allow for the Thursday May that is a lot to camembert this is called a month door especially they have a very small menu and I think they changed quite a lot the food here looks so much more high-end than you’d expect in a market place so far so good hitting quite a lot of spots and then we don’t necessarily advise you cramming as much as we do but we’re does here to try the well we’re trying to find the best coffee place around we heard that the fringe is the one we’ve read worried about overload young grub and having a bit of a lull couple of sides out well [Music] like cookies again wasn’t the plan but looked like unavoidable the guy in their city thinks that there’s a lot of parallels between coffee and photography because of the craft and the kind of the amount of precision that goes into it may I drink a lot of oat milk flat whites that one dude that’s high up there look like that will juice of goddess right there chocolate chip hazelnut cookie warm very soft very goo kick it out top notch koala one the best over a lot is a bad respect a friend ruins Paris just like in London the East is the kind of younger more fashion eco district we realize that we’ve timed our visit around Men’s Fashion Week in Paris so there’s a lot of Easter’s aloud are we fashionistas well [Music] started chocolate down rain so we thought well after staying in the best hotel in Paris it’s come back here have a couple of drinks and make a plan for the evening second glass of wine is a we don’t jest to get a bit slower we do well this is the reveille bar in Hoxton open to anyone’s you got to be staking you can does coming in and have a drink or some food or work it’s past 5:00 p.m. now so we’ve moved on to the hard stuff here we have a truffle margarita I like that a lot this is the smallest room called the shoebox and the Hoxton it’s ample and it’s sexy isn’t it well as everything in the Hoxton attention to detail is immense and they have the little survival guide here surrounding map we want a list of places with a lot of girls make it all over each night you can do as many as you possibly can as you get pizza we’ll come on we’ve heard about this Big Mama group there’s lots of restaurants all over Paris one of which is pizzeria popular so pizzeria popular a and now I retorted you say that we call it history of popular it’s basically a piece of Naples in Paris it’s very very popular because it earns tables quickly but it’s really reasonable price 72 white glasses at plum beer so here I’m gonna give you some of the ingredients we have beef carpaccio parmesan crisps here about salmon glazed and then here we have our regina beretta again got mushrooms Brits are on it I am 15 euros to 15 euros is quite cheap in Paris as you cheap sweet Souls their opening while in London they’ve got tell me anything else pops we’ll get over to the zone one [Music] great thank you very much pizza that’s some good value give value pizza and now we’re going on to Mabel we’re in maybe it is a drum Empire we’ll get this cameras gonna be getting a lot more shaky from now on anything you ask Joseph masters are just here to pick some for us he’s giving me this a bad word mother tongue pronounce it there are two different types of ramen here watching Jamaica there’s passionfruit sesame or rhubarb it’s kind of like a sweet and sour one and will has got one is essentially rocket fuel is gonna throw into a different dimension there are four different types of rum in here and then the mixer is a champagne Cheers as like all some rum cocktails very very strong well I don’t know about a drink is yeah where was a bit next place we’re going to is Baron oh now it looks like an Indian restaurant for the outside but we’re told you go through inside and out through the back and there’s a little speakeasy cocktail bar sounds good is there a bathroom we have something nice business somewhere you can find okay it’s let the folks this what is this saying is like you know train going through buh-bye it’s funny cuz like the at the restaurant outside is super chilled and then here is max leave rustled it’s the cocktail menu a little passport all the cocktails a kind there’s like some sort of infusion or flavoring in there and the food menu is like a train ticket we ordered – hey honeys – tandoori chicken and we’ve got a but you can serving there my son lives in Tampa if we’re more hungry Bluebonnet more in all the dishes thanks man take it easy next up lab Ematic another speakeasy we’re quite liking a steam the lab Ematic is a laughing laundrette and apparently blow through a washing machine to get into the little bar suite of all the engines downstairs fantastic for our laundry scenario he even has like a little dispenser be detergent best couple by the washing machine we’re back at the hotel we’ve done a lot today we’ve done like I know ten living places some other gonna hit the hay now have a little nightcap it Hoxton and they’re ready for full speed ahead timorous we’ve got another whole day to make blue subdued good night Roy doesn’t get you up um eh [Music] sorry all day – planning search using little Hawks to map out view of our place today I want to take will down to Shakespeare Company which is this cool little bookshop down by not Sudan from the Latin Quarter real loves a book payroll special on the pictures to know very well these little power at all we’re gonna go to Holly belly we’re gonna have brunch just remind you that you are in Paris forget us just left around the places holy belly five this basis is quite as straight art grudge plays you know the drill filter coffee up for effect and you feel like we should got more friends yeah that’s where it’s okay so here we have the savory stag not so savory because it also features a lot of maple syrup their pancakes eggs bacon from a longer life tasty lots of sweet or well let’s call a spade a spade right that place is decent secure outsides always busy might be the most unfriendly she can go in Paris we’ve got a surf by one guy from Cambridge nothing by from Stratford we are going to provide the antidote for that I’m gonna find the most French place we could possibly find just to give you a balance Roger Allegra Neil the most rate restaurant we could possibly find like you’re told by the guys but they didn’t get made tourists in here this place worth opened in like the 1930s right Meredith he was a real legend around town lots of craters in here those are parties and is renowned as one of the best places for folks next in all France it’s called the arrogant frog which is snails will snug brilliant smoker I do smell very nice sister Pollock see I taste like properly Valu you like seafood not no shellfish we now have a croque monsieur’s so in here the upper hand and both of cheese from Switzerland bread which is actually cooked in loads and loads of butter our ghetto well probably that light and sweet and you can taste the butter it’s a crispy outside and soft in the middle okay so this is the frog legs is like nuggets you said they retain just this bone attacked the victim a cocktail stick through a Bearnaise sauce wine sauce and garlic aioli yeah Olli mmm kind like a fishier texture and chicken fly only bangs in my mouth these are frog legs there’s another way there’s all Freddy the Frog it’s dipped into her Fred over there we want something super French I’ve never had frog legs before I never had snails before molecular nil is the best place for this sort of thing we can’t be very close to anybody from now on in because our mouths our garlic see so in this guide we weren’t gonna focus on many of the sort of obvious tourist spots but most jobs are thieves and we’ll have something inside so try and keep that camera subtle because they won’t like it – this actually must say to you oh yeah I want to build this Sylve go take the celery juice yeah can you like just just give us some day love it you see Centre Pompidou the first example of an inside-out building and since 1977 seen a hundred eighteen million visitors this is Shakespeare Company in 1982 an American could silverfish open one up nearby close down when the Germans occupied Paris this one opened in 1951 and was originally called dilemma stroll they changed their name to shake spring company in tribute to Sylvia’s original wine and on Shakespeare’s 400th birthday and it helps out writers in giving them support and free lodging in return for help out in the shop Oh biggest ones last well one nice dream of him finish off the Diagon Alley very poor [Music] extremely famous Mona Lisa the biggest art museum in the world seven hundred and eighty-two thousand square feet and within a single year ten point two million visitors view this place rest of a my farms bigger than the loser yeah you got it was essentially exhibiting artisans like 1699 or something I’m gonna get any more technical on that so they really know enough of this culture let’s go to stuff our faces yeah wheels quite up the cheese well every day we ain’t cold this place actually have Asian restaurants we’ve just come up here to check out the glass ceiling look at the view I’m already espresso martini wheels over margarita it’s very posh Pelusium these quarters are 17 euros each is a lot but it’s only 2 euros more than it was ever am able last night we’re getting to the final stages now this street is called a nude Anil and it’s home to four places by the brand friendship very popular we’ll start with the first original one the original French bistro open evenings for very nice little stand in and then Frenchy wine bar open this evening so we’re not gonna be able to make it whisp you five years as decent and if you like the wines there and getting here in the French wine store Yama’s and then the more casual laid-back daytime version we have French key to go and that’s what we’re going in heard the Reuben is we’ve got pulled pork sandwich a Reuben salt beef sandwich oh yeah and you get a side you get a beer or soft drink 17 euros it’s the same price that we pay for those cocktails over corn just now [Music] right that’s it hope you’ve enjoyed our 40 hours in Paris I think highlight for me was the crop monster from earlier today are the cheese of the market the climbing through a washing machine in the bar last night let’s know you think if we missed any we’re left know in the comments if you go and see anywhere that we fish in this video go to the last know we love the interaction we have with you guys most this video has been based on recommendations that we’ve got through you from Instagram so thanks a lot for that love you all love you will provide a good time away yesterday and the next one it’s gonna be 48 hours in Bangkok slide in Paris [Music]