[Music] hey guys we’re in October oh we’re going to the manga are tell it’s a newly open hotel and it’s a capsule hotel I’m a little bit nervous about it because I don’t really like small confined spaces but we’re gonna see you know if it’s hit us that’s all my spidey senses let’s go [Laughter] anybody forget any Chargers anything where boo games Akihabara is known for anime stuff they have a lot of toys paraphernalia the gosh funds they’re all like idols though capsules station for capsule boy look at those guys who are they Sheba’s Aki dough oh yeah they’re little bags they must be really little yeah yeah handbags brand electricity now oh yeah with all the like computers and stuff where we’re going to tell the weaving both me and over here she she’s going to show us the girls floor because the floors are separated into yes guys and girls florists I think there’s 36 total absalom to check out all the girl stuff he’s gonna check out all the guys oh and then we’ll meet back yeah where are we going all right somebody’s hungry [Music] no you eat mine there’s like 5,000 idols just so you can read I guess you can buy them but the ideas are supposed to just stay there and stay up all night and read with nobody to tell you no nobody just stop you not even beat not even Loretta she can’t stop yeah it may not be the best hotel if you want to be closer to be able to like regroup at the end of the day yeah or if you don’t care like you just want to get the mom yeah I assume this could be really good it’s basically like a library manaman matter within a capsule yeah blossom yeah my pasta custards pretty good yeah oh look another ramen museum thing the ramen museum oh yeah is used to be food trucks down here under these Oh No the rebranding is I asked the premium door me and how we were going there was one series that I read a lot of but not all of it well I guess I guess you like the anime yeah and I read I read Akira only one the only manga series I ever read was berserk I used all right oh yeah I remember you did ever did you read it did you read all the Germans oh wow I had the color but see they cheated it was like the like it was the anime reprinted it was that looks good craft beer yeah yeah yeah maybe oh yeah it’s been a while since we watch this okay yeah I just want to look around see if there’s anything I want maybe sorta and I don’t know just anything that I recognize the big grandma yeah alright I think we found it we found that say goodbye no not a box don’t cause by call the room a bed at least it’s offended oh that looks Kashmir market good craft beer market haft pizza dinner they got wizened oh yeah fun fact looks like there is possibly good copy copy but you bump your head [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] here we go we have the actual measurements get measuring tapes wall the wall hundred and five centimeters everyone thanks capsule hotels are small get the actual dimensions here 105 centimeters [Music] so this is the first three manga I was running out with this one was supposed to be a picture shows your mother sort of thank you and this is a pole Cossack even if English alright guys we are ready medical mattress is nice it’s a little softer than I normally like but we have real real pillow not not ryokan pillows like cough pillows and good blank nice I think we’re gonna have a good sleep tonight [Music] yeah coffee time it – he’s hurt camera good morning how’d you sleep pretty well it’s nice that I like to sleep in the dark so you really weren’t responding to message this is like oh I think someone likes it yeah actually it kind of felt like being back in the dorm room with my my best friend cozy and the bed was really comfortable yeah one quick thing I didn’t realize that’s really important if that’s not written on the website is the importance of the check-in time if you don’t show up before 7 p.m. you can’t see all of the manga you only get access to half you actually sleep in the library so the girls in the guys Florence they close at 7:00 and if you haven’t picked out your manga by then you miss them yeah so I just liked her you didn’t got these shots that I thought were gonna be really cool and dramatic but because I hadn’t figured out the settings yet they ended up looking like a joke [Music] [Music] you survived I survived what’s the name of the coffee place for going to you glitch just like my camera well caught mission coffee complete I am caffeinated and life is good realize we forgot to tell you guys one of the most important things about the hotel the price we paid six I think sixty six thousand five hundred which is about sixty five dollars night a little less this is like pretty good it’s definitely cheaper than any hotel around here agreed so it’s kind of cool that they put the capsules are in the library said it also means that you can only look at half of the manga if you don’t get there I’m talking yeah you should definitely get there on time so how was the girls for so the girls floor unlike the guys has a terrace which is really nice I check the amenities it had basically like the usual shampoo body soap toothpaste toothbrush stairs hair dryers that you can use but the other thing that I noticed that was really nice was the water pressure typical water pressure was actually really nice I checked the shower and the sinks and usually water pressure is pretty bad three toilets outside of the shower rooms and there’s two inside they’re pretty big they’re really nice I is a pretty sweet place [Music] [Music] okay guys that was the Tokyo manga art Hotel in Akihabara I probably give it like a seven out of ten pretty solid is definitely good for people on a budget if you want some sort of themed hotel right it’s definitely good for that it seemed like there were more international people on that boy’s floor but yeah so girls your things will be saying let us know what you think anything you’d like to see and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe you promise we’ll fix the camera issues what’s the point yeah thanks for going with us on the test run all right talk to you guys later