I’m leaving.
I am not rescuing your bar. Jon, my God. How are you? You’re drunk, aren’t you? No, not at all. I can tell by the way
he’s acting. I can smell it from here. My issue is,
I can’t endorse you. You will suck the life
out of everything. Okay. I wanted to acknowledge
a smart businessman. I want to know
how to run 36 bars from a ship in Costa Rica
or something. There’s your bar. Run it.
Take the signs down. Change your name.
Do whatever you want. I’m leaving. Tell him
what you want to do, guys. [crosstalk 00:00:46]. I quit. Good luck. Yeah good, see you later.
You? You’re gone too? So we don’t have
a grand opening? You do. Where’s [Delilah 00:00:59], man?
Where’s Delilah? She’s not here. What about you, [Jess 00:01:05]? Oh, I plan on moving on. Where’s my crew? You guys coming
to the [Dugout 00:01:11]? Free admission. Buy your drinks
all night long. Let’s go. God, don’t give
any money to that man. I’m not a (beep) donkey to smile
for a (beep) carrot. He smells like
a damn distillery. I love the vines, man.
Jon, good job with the vine. The bar looks awesome. A beautiful makeover that you could get
from a interior designer. I don’t quit jobs.
I can’t afford to. But I’m not going to go work
fro someone who’s that drunk. What do I want to say to Jon?
He can go (beep) himself. I felt like I was
jumping through (beep) hoops like a pony
in a (beep) dog show. And he poisoned
my staff against me. So be it for smiling Ed. I tried everything
I could with Ed. Fact of the matter is every
failing bar has a failing owner. I can’t help someone
who won’t help themselves. Tables look nice.
Bar stools look nice. [inaudible 00:02:19]. Look,
Take me out to a ball game. That looks (beep) cool.
Jon, I love you. I wanted to work with you, man.
Just can’t see eye to eye. Here’s the deal. I’m going to put
an additional $100,000 in you bar
on top of what I’ve done, but I will only do it
if you put in $30,000. You write a check for me for
#30,000 and I remodel your bar. If you don’t commit,
then I won’t. That’s the deal. I’ll give you a few minutes
to think about it. In a world of business
when partners work together, asking him to put
a few dollars in is very consistent
with business practices. I want him motivated to keep
the programs in place, and fight for the success
of his business. I do believe if he
doesn’t remodel, we implement everything
he is saying, I’ll be able to do that. I’ve been giving Kerry chance
after chance for the last two days. Really, the past two years.
Now it’s D-Day. He needs to step up
and prove himself or I’m not going
to rescue this bar. I can write you a check,
but it won’t be any good. So, you can’t-
I don’t have the money. If he’s going to do
what he’s doing for me, I’m going to reinvest too. I’m going to make
forth the effort. We’re talking about
how successful this other bar is, right? And the other bars pay
for my bills. That’s what I live on. Now the other bar’s
not so successful, right guy? This guy is so full of (beep)
it’s unbelievable. They are successful. Do you believe that he can’t
come up with this money? No. He just won’t.
Let’s get out of here, guys. It’s over because
I don’t trust you, because you are a slime bucket.
It’s one of the best concept I’ve ever done,
and he totally (beep) it up. If I had the money
I would do it. Let’s go, guys. If you ran your bar right,
you would’ve had the money. Why are you so negative? I just think we’re a little bit
on a little bit different pages. You know? I’m here to help your bar,
and you have been nothing but an (beep)
the whole time I’ve been here.
Why? I want the help.
I mean- I do want the help. You want me to do
what you want me to do. I know you think you know where
you’re at, but the whole … You brought little fruit drinks
and we needed a kitchen, but instead I think it’s just
going to be some fruit loop bar. You can’t manage a cocktail. How are you going
to manage a kitchen, Dave? I was hoping for the best. We do need a kitchen. That’s a huge deal, but we’re
not going that route now, so kind of over it. I would’ve done a little
more paperwork on the block
you’re sitting on. Oh really?
You know better than I? I know those fruit drinks aren’t
going to fly over there. What are you (beep)
talking about? You are so negative
you can’t see anything positive. It is what it is. You’ve taken investor money
from your friend, Gail. You’re in debt $160,000.
You’re two months from closing, and you’re standing there
telling me what I should do, and you stand there cocky.
I don’t get it, man. Do you understand that that
attitude will make you fail? I’m not trying to fail. You see, punks have an edge,
but they’re not (beep). You know, you can’t come out
here and just talk down on me like I’m some scumbag (beep). Go home.
We don’t want you here anyways. Oh really? Here’s my deal. You think I’m an idiot,
but you’re the idiot. And you know
why you’re the idiot? Because it’s on you, because
your ego will destroy anything. Well, go back to the airport
and fly the (beep) out of here. Good luck on your corner. My business background check
has found police reports that verify the criminal
offenses at O’Face. August 16th, fourth-degree
criminal misconduct. August 20th,
public intoxication, disorderly conduct
and interference with police official acts. And in addition to that,
I found something that completely
changes the game here. Hello?
Can we all get together please? Bring everybody out. You know, guys,
I’ve been working really hard the past two days
to come up with a concept and plan to make
you guys successful. The first day I got here, I never even made it
inside the bar. I got involved in a fight
in the parking lot where your manager
was fighting with you, [Tarissa 00:06:59].
At the end of that fight, you looked at her
and said she had it coming. And why was I on the ground? Tarissa, you ask for it
all the time. And then I saw a video
a few minutes ago that took me over the top,
and I want an answer to this. Matt, Dave, please explain this. You think I’m (beep)
toying with you? [crosstalk 00:07:21].
I never once got in her face. I’m a military mother (beep). I don’t-
I will (beep) take you out. Don’t you ever (beep). [crosstalk 00:07:25] at all. I (beep) talking to you. Whoa, hey.
You understand me? Hey, hey, hey. [crosstalk 00:07:32].
I’ll knock you out. (beep)
[inaudible 00:07:35]. Stop it. (beep) you, Dave. (beep) dude. You ever touch Miranda like
that again, I’ll knock you out. I didn’t [crosstalk 00:07:42].
I respect her. Either you put him
through a window, or I’m going to put him
through a window. I own the bar,
so I prefer it was you. God damn [crosstalk 00:07:49]
fault. You don’t pay me enough man, to put him through
a (beep) window. You get a $10.00 raise an hour. You get a $10.00 raise per hour if you throw your own employee
through a glass window. How do you like
when he slaps you in the face? I didn’t like it at all. Is he a reasonable human
being when he does that? No, not when he does that. Was she reasonable when
she told you, you deserve it? I can give two (beep) about what
they’re talking about right now. Your bar is what’s wrong.
Your character is what’s wrong. I’ve aired out my differences
with all these people. I’ve talked,
I’ve discussed with- Really?
Yeah, I have. How do you [crosstalk 00:08:23]
this? I insist if you’re yelling
at my wife. The problem is you guys think
this is okay. You guys are a mess. I ain’t scared of you, Jon. My tolerance for an owner
hitting an employee is zero. You have no responsibility.
None. You see, I have a reputation, and I have to protect it,
and you will destroy it. Just like you destroyed
your own. We are not those type of people. Then what did I see? Things happened that you saw, but that’s not the normal
that happens around here. The ultimate coup de grâce
is an owner hitting an employee. I am not going to rescue a bar
and then read the newspaper that somebody got hurt here
next week. I won’t have any part of it. Since I have been here,
you guys have proven to me that you don’t have
the fundamentals to begin running
this business and prove to me
how irresponsible you are. So, here’s the deal.
I’m leaving. I am not rescuing your bar. My advice to you is this,
as another human being, you need some help and you need
to pull your lives together, and then maybe you can
save your business. You need a counselor,
not a bar professional. But, I’m done. This is the first bar rescue
I ever walked out of. You blew it. Cool. I’m gone. Good night. You (beep) us in the ass.
That’s (beep) low, man.