Hello there! My name is Paul Taylor. I’m English but I moved to Paris nine years ago and I haven’t been in London for nine years, and my friends said to me: “Paul, I bet you don’t know any of the cool places to go anymore”. They’ve given me four addresses of four amazing bars where we can go and taste some great cocktails. That’s the mission In six hours, I have to go to four different bars to taste the cocktails and have a great time here. So let’s go! This is it. 8-9 Hoxton Square. That doesn’t look like a cocktail bar, but down the stairs looks very cocktail-looking, so let’s check it out. So here we are. Happiness’ Forgets. Here’s the menu if you want to have a look. Thank you very much. It sounds pretty good. They’ve got a list of different cocktails, different things. They look pretty cool. They’ve got some cool names. I like Gin so I think I’m gonna go for the Tokyo Collins.
– A Tokyo Collins? Well, that cocktail was incredible. Incredible cocktails in an incredible surrounding. So, that’s it. I’m heading off to my next place now to see what else London’s got in store. That last bar was incredible. Just a really small, cosy place. The guys behind the bar were incredibly helpful and talked to me about all the differences between the different cocktails. Address number two is coming up now. It should be a good one, hopefully. My next address is here at 52 Blandford Street, so let’s go. I already love this: “Please respect our neighbours as you leave and Speakeasy”. I already love this place. Hi, lovely to meet you my friend. You’ve got a signature cocktail. Great! Yes What’s in it? What’s inside it? It’s a kind of Rum old fashion. Rum old fashion? Okay. A bit spicy? Perfect. I love it. This is ridiculous. This is incredible. I don’t even know what I’m drinking here. This is science. This isn’t alcohol, it’s science. That’s pretty outstanding. Tastes as good as it looks. So, can I put the second bit in there? Go ahead. It is now time to test the second stage. It already smells different. It’s still amazing as well, but a different taste. Slightly different taste. Alright, Francesco, I’m going to take a walk around and just visit what it’s like. Thanks so much. It looks like it’s a small bar but it keeps going and keeps going. I guess this is the music corner. They’ve got live music as well. It’s a great place. That was Purl. What an incredible place! Some science going on. Unbelievable. I’ve never had cocktails like it in my life. It’s time to go to the next bar. Let’s go! I’ve got no idea. We’re under a tunnel. I’m not sure this is the right place. They told me it was like in a weird sort of location. How are you? I’m good. How are you? – Paul.
– Paul, oh! That’s right. Do come through. Have a lovely evening. Thank you very much. – You’re welcome.
– Cheers! Thank you. Wow! That’s completely unexpected cause from upstairs, it looks like we’re under a bridge. It doesn’t look like anything exciting. And being down here, it’s incredible. It’s massive, it’s huge. It’s much bigger than the other places. So, let’s go to the bar and get a drink. Let’s do this! Let’s have a look. There we go! There’s the cocktail menu. Delicious. It’s got a nice lemon tang to it. Interesting. I can taste the babá as well. Alright, black current. Yeah, a completely different flavour. Really nice, though. Both of them incredibly nice. I think I prefer the lemon side, or maybe not. Maybe I prefer the black current side. Maybe the lemon? Black current? Lemon? Who knows? It’s amazing. Nothing better than live music and cocktails. Best combination. Cheers! This bar is really incredible. It’s unbelievable. The cocktails are great. Absolutely wonderful atmosphere. I definitely recommend it. Alright, because I haven’t got much time here, I’ve got to go. I’ve got to go to the next place Let’s do this! That was one of the most interesting and exciting places that I’ve been to so far. Completely crazy. Let’s go on to the next place. Cheers. – Thank you very much.
– No problem. Have a great evening. Cheers. Thank you. For the last stop on this trip, fourth bar, I’m in Hackney. This bar is easy to find, not like the others. It’s on the street and it’s called the Three Sheets. Here we are at The Three Sheets. Hey, how’s it going? Good, man. It’s definitely a small place but very cosy. It’s cool. Thank you very much. Enjoy. Cheers! That’s really good. – Good?
– Yeah, it’s very nice. The Three Sheets, what a bar! Its incredible, lovely, minimalistic decor with the bricks and the marble, minimalistic cocktail list. It’s perfect. It’s great. And the cocktails are fantastic. Alright, time to go. Alright, so that’s it. That was the Three Sheets, an amazing little bar and time’s almost running out. So, I have done four bars and now I want to take you guys to one of my favourite places that I used to eat when I was at university. I hope you’re hungry! Here we are! We’re at Beigel Bake, the best place to get a beigel in the entire world. It’s true! Can I get the salt beef beigel please? You like mustard? Pickles? Everything. Mustard and pickles. Alright. Look at that. Delicious. Salt beef beigel. What better way to finish the night? That’s some good stuff. That’s it. I’ve had my six hours in London. Four incredible cocktail bars, whether they’re big ones, small ones, loud music, less loud music, but all the cocktails were incredible. The bar staff were amazing. I even finished with a beigel, which was out of control! Now, it’s time for me to go to bed but before I do, hit subscribe down here to find out more about World’s Best Bars and you’ll find more about lots of stuff. I hope to see you soon.