we were back with worth it lifestyle season for we did it I have not been here for any of the other one o as our co-host we have Jennifer Brewster ello my good friend what’s up today we’re doing backpacks so we’re gonna start off with a what’s in my best hat tour all right hell yeah what do you got well I always like to keep my toiletries in there my laptop an extra pair of socks and or underwear depending on what half I get so fast some type of toy I keep the essentials very important products you have money from I went to London that’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods laptop of course my creative journal which I keep within the plastic wrapping very Midwestern drama view it makes me feel at home I have my personal journal and my Bible and what I carry with me all the time is my protractor set you just never know when you need a straightedge that’s all I rarely do you ready to the road I’m so ready let’s do it oh hey we got you Annie Annie loves backpacks yo there’s so many she’s a backpack theme there’s many backpacks as I have kids today I wasn’t lifestyle wouldn’t be trying three backpacks at three drastically different face points to find out which one is the most worth it and its price worth it baby it feels good to hear you say that I like knowing exactly what we’re doing what’s cool about backpacks is that they’re a gender-neutral option that I think can be dressed up or dressed down because they’re so versatile off the flip and tumble tumble hi I’m Eva this is Heath doll we’re cofounders whipping tumble we’re here in our studio today and we’re gonna check out our compactable backpack flip and tumble great name where do they come from so our first product compacts down into a little ball basically you’re flipping the fabric into that ball the ball can take a tumble around in your purse or everyday bag and split and tumble I thought you guys are just like big fans of gymnastics can you tell us a little bit more about the backpack we’re gonna be seeing today so we were gonna show you guys our full-size backpack the backpack is actually made out of a material called RPET it’s a really neat material made out of ground-up plastic bottles it’s really nice because it diverts plastic from the landfill and it also allows us to make the backpack using less energy and doesn’t rip no problems with that it actually has a rip stop pattern in the fabric and those checkers keep any small holes from increasing in size also it looks like it’s pretty easy to wash yes all of our products we make sure they are all machine washable once a bag is like hit like an airport bathroom right it’s like dodgy after that it was really important so this worked for lots of different things travelling hiking if you’re heading to the gym and you just want to stash and sneakers but we also wanted it to be compacted a bowl so you could just stash it in a suitcase and you always just have this extra bag handy designing a bag like this can you just walk us through the process so when we go to design of Agra usually start with a need we see first thing we do is start just sketching or we can quickly iterate a whole bunch of ideas and see which ones we like and the next thing we do is we like to make these little paper models and fabric models so we can start to see how those forms look in 3d then we’ll start making full-sized prototypes give them out to users and then get feedback just do that until we feel like ok we’ve got a good product now Jane let’s let’s try the backpacks okay so we’re gonna try packing the backpack now should we race let’s do it okay you count down put it in a backpack to carry to backpack yeah and I can put it in my bra I love it’s right in there and what’s nice is it actually it frames the face I’m actually amazed at how easily these buckles fit in there I was kind of worried they would be disruptive to the process but this design very well everything fits I’m gonna put the stuff that I would carry around on a day-to-day basis is that what you carry around with you more hold on okay okay backpacks how do I love Jam you look cool this little it looks really good cuz it matches your outfit outfit my hair it’s crazy how much you could fit in it it is really comfortable actually they actually have this sample backpack that can hold the maximum weight and it is a thirty five full pound bag of sand oh my god what do you ever pack your backpack this heavy oh yeah no I’m not trying to be funny this is a dude really hard for me to stay in this backpack can handle the weight I cannot handle the weight but the backpack is handling the weight very well alright off in New York flip tumble what do you think the fact that it had straps it had buckles and it could still be rolled up is pretty cool backpack fact oh we’re doing that oh hell yeah an early version of the modern backpack was the book strap which was really just a leather belt that held your books together you could then just throw the bundle over your shoulder kids use these for their school books from the 1900s through the 1930s anyone who’s been to like a public school knows that like the textbooks you get are giant and always hardcover and they weigh 75 pounds nowadays you like textbooks tablets yeah you can read eBooks now but it’s not the same it’s not so where’s our next location we’re going to a tech origin Beck a tech oriented back on this a my backpack is pretty low-tech but I do always try to carry around some type of charger something going on I like this bag my interest it is piqued my name’s Shane McQuaid I’m the founder of voltaic systems and today we’re gonna look at the off-grid backpack we started the company about 15 years ago with the solar backpack the original idea I was actually living in Spain and I had this big clunky charger that I was carrying around in my bag getting lots of Sun but but never actually pulling this thing out and I realized you know somebody should stick that panel on the outside of the bag if you were to explain to a child how solar works how would you explain it IKS yeah so we start with the solar panel itself we’re using some power cells when sunshine hits that material is rose off an electron that gets captured by the wires and those wires channel that electricity back to a power bank all of the bag is designed around that panel and the battery and we’ve got it on the side pocket you can sort of swing the bag around take your phone out plug it back in without necessarily taking the bag off this thing is totally like rain proof like you can take it out in the middle of like a storm and it’d be like super chill you can yeah okay the bag is made from recycled soda bottles actually so it’s a water proof fabric the panels themselves are really tough we threw one off a six story building just to see how it would go and it was fine we’ve also driven my car over the panel and at least on a flat surface it’s fine we’re the clientele that are buying this back bag well there’s all the Peace Corps volunteers writing to us everyday and saying I’m gonna be in this village with no electricity for the next year and then there’s a whole bunch of people doing a humanitarian work doctors running around after an earthquake yeah without power nothing’s working they need to be able to communicate and so it’s really useful there so where do you see the future solar but there’s still a billion people that don’t have any electricity a small panel can run a cell phone and alive and really change your life first impressions I was surprised at how you don’t even know there’s a solar panel here wow this is a really deep water bottle holder – howdy it’s pretty deep it’s like halfway up my forearm also it’s just a deep hole this reminds me of your back pack my backpack currently is like pretty large but it’s like a fabric backpack this one has like structural integrity I feel like would make it a little bit more comfortable when carrying heavy stuff wow it’s like a big tone in here to where you could put and the side pockets have their own little pouches oh okay I have an idea Jen yeah let’s create a hybrid Jen Steven backpack amazing beautifully don’t put in this little compartment here yeah oh yeah don’t you know a tional sunglasses pouch why didn’t we think of that you got to keep these safe – the hardshell exterior oh that’s straight tampon here cord up yeah thanks Betty oh yes I have some candy Andy of course I think we can’t shut him up wait my protractor so okay I think the real test is its ability to actually charge charge okay boom string the cords through a little hole yeah green yeah that it is a big backpack I will say that it’s it’s large but the nice thing is there is a smaller model so I could get a smaller size if I wanted to do you want to try it out really I wanted on me yeah it’s the perfect size for a backpack for me yeah this actually I feel like this looks really good I wouldn’t look twice like if I saw this object that’s a backpack you would look twice I wouldn’t look twice because I’d be like we’re gonna get me one of those what’s next buddy backpack packed oh my goodness I forgot and also Andrews here now I as that guy’s got bigger and bigger so did concerns that they were hurting kids backs so the industry started making wheeled backpacks Wow I’m jealous that like I never had one in high school I think my back is like you know eight years older than it should be also fun fact both of our backpacks and we’ve seen so far the first two are all made out of recycled materials supercool what’s next on the agenda buddy okay so on the agenda we’re going to take a road trip all the way to Rhode Island to see a very special handmade backpack that’s awesome oh it’s a road trip yeah road to road eyes hi I’m Lindy McDonough I’m the creative director and co-founder of load of leather in Providence Rhode Island and we’re gonna be looking at handmade leather backpacks today we use a fully wet white base leather so that means that there’s no chemicals no formaldehyde no chromium you guarantee all the bags for life you have a lifetime guarantee yes wear a leather bag yes that sounds crazy to me every part of our bags are designed to be fixed and serviced you’re investing in one from us and we’re gonna take care of it for life for you we also designed them in a way that they’re gonna patina and look better where the joke is when they’re brand new it’s like the worse they’re gonna look and they’re gonna get better and better as you use nice yeah yeah oh my god forgive me for my lack of vocabulary but the work with Tina can you just explain Bettina I mean patina is like our favorite word that we use it’s kind of tells the story of everywhere you’ve been so when you put it down on the ground or the oils from your hands they’ll start to like yeah look color will change right color route change yeah so we make a couple different backpacks but today we’re gonna go through the making of the knapsack which is one of our newer backpacks the backpack has 48 pieces in it so we’re cutting 48 pieces out of one skin all the little parts are stitched they go over to turn and burn they essentially are tying hand tied knots and then burning the thread tucking them back into the hole and then they smooth the leather over it so it holds the stitch forever all of the pieces to go back and forth with stitching and assembly until the bag is finished all handmade all handmade that’s insane we’re not trying to be the biggest company or we are trying to make the best bags the vision behind the company was to create a great job for artists we do a 30 hour work week with full benefits and healthcare and then a lot of them have their studio practice outside of that yeah this is so cool it’s very heartwarming I’m just like happy okay so this knapsack obviously went through many hands took a long time to make how much did it cost it costs 990 dollars but 990 dollars for one backpack for the rest of your life seems pretty good price of a cup of coffee each day for one year cool so you can pay in coffee are these backpacks that you can bring like the beach is that okay yeah I bring my tote bags to the beach all the time I think the more you beat up our bags the better they look so I’m not a about them they should get used okay that’s good if you buy something that expensive I’m always scared to use it no sneakers or I don’t gotta use it it was like we came here to beat the crap out of you should totally go fight some leather bags patina before we begin patina patina a new board of the day things that get better with time name some wine dogs human beings usually and leather backpacks leather backpacks okay what a natural transition first impressions of this backpack go I think just a beautiful backpack it looks classy it also just looks very very strong somehow really good it does smell good my backpack smells like old chips it’s actually not that heavy but it has like a heaviness to it that I appreciate like you when you pick out you respect it yeah whoo when you open it off the smell it comes out even more let’s fill her up laptop I’m gonna put my travel bag which is the vibrating right now because the razor is on why is the restaurant snacks let’s see how it feels it has all the essentials the protractor set tampons and a laptop okay so we’re definitely gonna have to adjust these straps a little bit can you do it I can’t see you wanna make it shorter right yeah well sure okay thanks I can’t totally see it but I feel like it’s gotta look cool yeah that’s cool I could definitely do some damage for this thing too if I really wanted to you want to turn on yeah I do actually think I really wanna try it is just a beautiful backpack it’s hard to say anything else functional and beautiful just like us it’s really bad because I really want this bag now like I I hate this show if this one isn’t for you there’s just like a range of different backpack so you can get so here’s the zipper backpack it’s got like more of a youthful feel like I could just picture students using it or like very wealthy young children I’m just gonna say I think this is the most beautiful blue color I’ve ever seen right it’s this is so beautiful it’s more of a grab-and-go type bag oh and you can pull the straps like this and then you have a little sling bada-bing bada-boom feel right I have a lot of confidence in like these bags in terms of their utilitarian purpose but I also just feel like it’s very special like the emotional investment you’ll get out of getting something that’s handmade and isn’t done with such care it just becomes even more special for what it like means to you as time passes yeah it becomes a part of you yeah Wow this this backpack advantage of this from California in New York so now Providence Rhode Island I think we both learn a little bit of our patina we’ve putting it up hard baby all right I gotta ask Jen what backpack was the most worth it to you and it’s given price point this is a really really hard question if I’m honest it’s probably low tough just because I tend to keep things for as long as possible so if I were to get a bag like that I know I would take very good care of it and like just grow with that bag it’s silly as that sounds I guess I just feel so bougie what is your worth that winter Stephen okay well hey that bag I feel like is me as a backpack it’s true fun functional cool tech chemistry but I live in the Big Apple Big Apple studious energy everywhere and for that reason flippant humble is the best bag for me right now I’m totally and this is my work at winter you got to be economical about space for Olivia a place like New York City right Danny weirdo you’re worth it winner thanks for taking me along this journey friend hopefully we can have you back I’d love to come back all right cool we’re gonna walk home now [Laughter] [Music] [Music]