mr. wrinkles has arrived let’s get this
show on the road – shall we oh I like the fluffy carpet
so fluffy on my palsies the cardboard that’s interesting Logan Logan get in here right now hey
what’s up what’s going on mr. because it’s on the phone mr. rigell sir oh it’s
an honor to see from you Danny I mean here yes it is quite an honor
look here I have another project for you boys if you’re up to the challenge you
want you want to hire us again for another box fort
yeah no no we can totally make you another box for mr. Eagles I again sir
is such an honor I know your reputation in the box for building games is so high
I’m looking to build a hotel for all my doggie friends to come visit I’ll call
it a doggie hotel box for top a hotel a doggie hotel yes that that sounds
amazing mr. wriggles we could definitely build that for you
oh no problem at all yes thank you thank you my assistant brought me some food we
will definitely build you your box for hotel will go big with this one we want
you to be able to bring all of your dog friends here one you need it done by one
do I need it done by I need it done right now yes know for sure well we’ll
start working on it right now but the riddles I promise you we will knock him
very well mr. wrinkles oh dude look see he wants
us to build him another box for it a box for Hotel for Dogs I think this is gonna
be sweet all right we’ll have to plan it out but I think right now we just start
building hey yo what’s going on guys Papa JQ frontier ebony and we are back
with a brand new video and today guys we are doing another awesome doggy box fort
that’s right you guys have been asking for a doggy box for a while now so we
had our good friend mr. Rickles call us up and he said look I need you guys to
make something happen I need you guys to make something big he wants a box fort
hotel so you guys know we’re in the works of making our very own box for
hotel for people but as you guys know people are like like yay high and dogs
are like down there high so this is gonna be a great test for us to make our
very first box for hotel or even thinking about making up and
which can be really cool so first things first guys we got to come up with a plan
for the doggy box for hotel we definitely noticed I’m like the last
episode that mr. wriggles likes like comfy places with lots of blankets and
pillows so we definitely need to have a concierge a room for mr. wriggles we
need a dining room slash dance hall because mr. Rickles loves dancing after
a good dinner that’s that’s a known fact we’ll also want a bunch of other rooms
and to make this place really big and luxurious because this is like a
five-star hotel but definitely put in a movie theater as well and maybe some
extra stuff as we go along if I think right now what we gotta do is start
building this place so check it out we’ve been working on the Boxford hotel
for a while now and it looks awesome as you guys can see we have the first two
stories done down here is the first story how cute is the second story I’m
done the Sun yet because we’re gonna kind of divide them up and we of course
haven’t started working on the concierge yet once that’s done though we’re gonna
start decking out the inside with really cool stuff we’re gonna have LED strips
so we can change the colors to anything we want on top of that guys for the
third story we’re gonna do something really cool so once that’s done guys
we’ll start working on the inside but right now we got to complete this place
and as well make sure the whole thing is reinforced because I mean it’s three
stories for us it looks kind of small but for a dog this is really tall and
massive or dense to check it out we just finished the box board and it is looking
so awesome this is the Fox for dog hotel and look how big it is man this thing is
so big cuz we’ve got over it’s almost seven rooms as well as the basement
which includes all of the other cool stuff and amenities you need like a
ballroom and eating area and of course a personal concierge but I’m not bring you
guys inside because I want to show you guys what this box for it looks like and
keep in mind guys we made this for dogs so it is a little bit smaller but
nonetheless I mean this thing is still massive so you can imagine just how
crazy this would be for a dog but let’s take a look inside and head in as you
guys can see the hotel is called hotel delayed dog welcome
I’ll be your concierge for the day could i hook you up with a nice real so as you
guys can see this is kind of where the concierge should be when the doc comes
it Astrodome for a room for two booked a room maybe it asked for some questions
some some nice places to eat or perhaps what’s on the menu for tonight but once
you’re done that you can head inside the hotel and check it out so once you move
past the concierge we come into the dining room this is where all the dog
food is gonna be all the dogs are gonna eat this is the ballroom this is where
the doc can dance you can play around have a lot of open space we’re so gonna
fill it up with all of his toys and fun stuff next let’s head upstairs we’re
gonna go up the elevator and check out the top story now entering into of
course the first room here we’ve got a beautiful massive suite here dog can
chill out it’s got a nice comfy blankets super warm and very fluffy for cuddles
over on the second side of the hotel we have another room here which another dog
can enjoy if he wants to book a room we’ve got lots of rooms in here so it is
a double suite which means you have a whole other area here for dogs to chill
out relax you know okay Logan II should be here any minute
how do I look you look like a concierge I don’t want to ruin this firm I want to
make sure that this hotel is perfect it’s a five-star hotel
he’s here he’s here mr. wrinkles has arrived let’s get this show on the road
– shall we okay okay I always do the door uh you stay here get ready and he’s
gonna want a meal paper he’s gonna want his TV set up okay forget the list let’s
just open the door this mr. Biggles hmm is this the hotel
yeah it’s quite nice ah the whole thing is three stories like you requested
comes of the penthouse a your own personal dancing area even a five-star
class restaurant would you like to come inside I’ll be happy to take your room
warm yes there’s not a room long yeah yeah no
no I can have your hotel ready for you do not worry one it’s I’ll get the whole
thing organized give me a second here please sir just just one second mr.
Rickles I know what it takes a little bit of time mr. wringle I’m glad to stay
we have a room ready for you really putting you in the second-story room you
have a beautiful view of the entire surrounding area it comes with a
complimentary TV so mr. Rios if you’ll follow me I’ll show you to your hotel
room with the doggy box where we offer complimentary services of anything okay
including a complimentary elevator there you go please put
yes sir would you like his special programs up to your onboard flat-screen
TV comes with everything that you might need I recommend a wide selection of
youtube dog videos perhaps your funniest dogs might be something you’re
interested in given up on the screen for you this room is quite nice I like the
view mm ooh as Thomas I’m here quite nice oh
I like the fluffy carpet so fluffy on my palsies we spared no expense for this
room okay we had everything redone with this beautiful nice Persian carpet rug
we also went ahead and brought all new toys in here and I know for us this
might be a small TV but we calculated that this is over 45 inches and
comparative size it’s a very large flat screen yes it is quite large little
small for my lagging little loo now would you be so kind as to take me to
the penthouse yeah no for sure we can bring you up to the penthouse suite of
course if you want to come over here I’ll get my complimentary elevator
service as you can see mr. Wiggles if is not a fully furnished yet but we put all
of our efforts in the making this penthouse unbelievable the view from the
third story is unreal if you want to take a look in you can see the window
hmm the view from here was marvelous the trees look quite black-and-white this
season tis it time for my ciao ciao oh yes of
course mr. Biggles we’ll have your dinner prepared for you if you’d like to
go back into your room for a little while we’ll get your dinner prepared and
we’ll call you when it’s ready secure the kitchen I’ve been working
very hard to prepare mr. wriggles a five-star meal I went ahead and I got
some of the nicest dog treats for all around the world and spoke to top chefs
to make what I call Papa jigs do the tree pull the dog as you can see here we
start off with a nice flat treat and a little bit of sugar treat on top and of
course the final touch a small chew on the side not only is this treat
deliciously yummy for the dog but it also looks beautiful fivesome you know I
hope you do enjoy it of course mr. Eagles
yes no I mean everything for you with the top chef in mind I spoke to top dog
chefs we scoured the earth for the most expensive and premium dog food wobbly
over hair just eating the cookie guys mr. wriggles is in the other room he’s
enjoying his meal but as you guys can see he’s only eating the cookie we spent
so much time getting everything ready this was supposed to be the top meal
ever and I’m really worried that he’s not enjoying the rest of it she’s only
eating the cookie this stick thing which is very good and yummy but mainly mr.
Biggles I wanted to tell you that after your dinner I’d like you to join me in
the ballroom for the official Boxford Dilla dog ballroom I’d be happy to have
a dance with you sir thank you for joining me in the dance room oh no miss
mr. mr. Biggles the dancing happens in here mr. Biggles is extremely picky if
not everything is up to his five-star standards okay all right I’m ready to
dance now oh you ready to dance stop the fancy jazz music fancy just you know
we’d be happy it’s just no mister because I promise you we can play jazz
music what’s a very specific type of jazz made to be played and that’s the
only way he’ll dance right now amazing all right that’s enough all
right that’s enough dancing for the day all right seen enough look see he wants
to back his room well mr. Wiggles this is officially your
box for dog hotel I hope you’ve enjoyed it I get like I said we’ve done
everything we can to make this a five-star hotel for you
top-notch dog food dancing with all dogs love yes you boys have done quite a fine
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