IT’S THE LAST WEEKEND IN BUSINESS FOR THREE POPULAR BAY AREA RESTAURANTS.. ON MONDAY.. THEIR DOORS WILL BE CLOSED FOR GOOD. THEY’RE LOCATED IN SAN FRANCISCO’S UNION SQUARE.. SUSHI BOAT.. KULETTO’S AND LORI’S DINER.. ALL WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF ONE ANOTHER.. KPIX 5’S JACKIE WARD IS LIVE AT LORI’S DINER.. WHICH IS KNOWN FOR ITS CHEAP FOOD.. AND VINTAGE DECOR.. JACKIE? it’s been a staple in union square for 32 years for locals and tourists alike. the people we spoke to who work here will be moving to the sutter street location … but they’re still sad this space will soon disappear. FOR 25 YEARS, MARTA DELFINO HAS BEEN BUSTLING AROUND THIS SPACE — TAKING CARE OF CUSTOMERS AND BRIGHTENING PEOPLE’S DAY. TAKE SOT: Marta Delfino/Manager, Lori’s Diner “We’re really sad. We’ve all been here a long time.” (:02) MARTA TELLS US THAT THE BUILDING WAS BOUGHT A YEAR AND A HALF AGO .. AND THE NEW OWNER WANTS TO COMPLETELY RENOVATE THE BUILDING. TAKE SOT: Marta Delfino/Manager, Lori’s Diner “Now the building permits and everything is ready to go. So, we have to go.” (:04) TAKE SOT: Danielle Yuhasz/Sunnyvale “It’s sad, because it’s one of the places we found that reminds us of…we’re from Michigan. So it kind of reminds us about the little diners we had back there.” (:08) DANIELLE YUHASZ IS FROM SUNNYVALE… AND IS IN THE CITY WITH HER FAMILY TO RING IN 20-17. STOPPING HERE BEFORE CELEBRATING NEW YEAR’S EVE HAS BECOME A TRADITION FOR THEM. TAKE SOT: Danielle Yuhasz/Sunnyvale “The decor and the diner atmosphere is phenomenal. The food is great. The milkshakes are great, the kids like to eat here. And even though they’re very busy, we can almost always walk in and get counter service. So it’s been a great place to come.” (:14) TAKE SOT: Darla Yuhasz/Sunnyvale “It’s kind of a little bit of that olden style. I wasn’t around to experience some of tthe 1900s, that kind of era. It’s kind of a little bit older and has that family feeling.” (:13) TAKE SOT: Jackie Ward/ jackie_ward “So don’t worry. You can still satisfy your french toast craving at Lori’s Diner’s other two locations like the one here on Sutter Street or in Ghiradelli Square.” (:08) BUT THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT THIS LOCATION ON MASON THAT WILL ALWAYS BE MISSED. TAKE SOT: Marta Delfino/Manager, Lori’s Diner “It’s smaller, it’s more personal, it’s cozy. We get to know the people more than like a really big place. And we made a lot of friendships here because we’re able to talk to the people, too, as well as serve the meals.” (:14) TAKE SOT: Vanessa Brennan/Visiting from Brisbane, Australia “As tourists we come here for things like this and it looks like it’s been an amazing place. So, sad for San Francisco.” (:06) plans are in the works to turn the second floor into a steak house, and third floor will be rooftop dining. the owner of lori’s diner is currently looking for a space to open a new location to replace this one. he hopes to be up and running some time next year. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. A GROUP OF NEARLY 3-DOZEN RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS – AND THEIR ALLEGED