Hey guys this is Karina. And this is Ronald and we’re from Sis verses Bro and today we’re playing Three Colors of Glue Slime Challenge Once again. But this time we have a whole different set of glues, new colors, we have glow-in-the-dark. We have clear-colored glues which is really cool. We have black glittering glue. We have gold glue we have silver glue. So many more different kinds so I am so excited to make these slimes out of them. It might be half glow-in-the-dark and half gold. I might pick something crazy but only one way to find out. It’s-
Rock paper scissors. Who goes first? (singing) Rock paper scissors shoot. I keep on picking scissors and you keep on picking rock. Why? Okay, so I’m gonna close my eyes you’re gonna do some spin-a-dip-dip. I’m going to spin this around like we always do. (snaps) Your go. This one looks nice. This one feels good, and this one smells good. Okay, oh! You’re gonna get a purple slime. You have blue, pink, and purple. You’re gonna get a purple slime. So I have a clear blue and purple and glow-in-the-dark pink. Interesting (claps) it’s gonna be so pretty. Let’s just hope mine’s gonna be prettier. All right spin it around and I’ll close my eyes. Okay go. I’m gonna pick these ones and this one. Oh! I picked green slimes and a blue. But I have a glittering green glue, I have clear blue glue and clear green glue. So let’s get dipping and mix. All right I’m gonna start off with my blue. Same we have the same blue. This blue is so pretty. I bet the slime’s gonna turn out amazing just because of that blue. Oh my goodness it’s so smooth when you get it out. Now the glow-in-the-dark pink. Oh feels so good. Squirt a derp derp. Squirt a derp derp. Derp it all up. Squirties. Now my purple clear glue. Oh it feels so good. I think I’m done. All right guys now its time to mix it and find out the color of our slime. It’s pretty obvious for you. Yeah. It’s pretty obvious mine is gonna be green cause I have so much green in there. But it’s pretty cause it’s clear and it has glitters in it. So this is my slime so far. I don’t want it to really change when I add the activator cause I think it looks pretty nice so far and I think this slime might be the slime that beats Ronald. Yeah right but anyways now I’m gonna mix my slime. (upbeat music) It’s like galaxy but has some pink in there. Oh it looks so cool. Oh my goodness. Yours looks so amazing. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Mine is so boring and basic. But at least it has some glitter. This slime is looking awesome. So guys now it’s time to add the Activator! Can I go first please? Yup. Thank you. So I’m just gonna add a little bit cause I don’t know how strong this one is. Kay pass pass pass pass pass pass. That’s enough Ronald. Mkay. Slime slime, I really love slime. So easy to make so I make it all the time. It’s turning out pretty decent. So guy’s we’re going to keep on mixing and we’re gonna do slime review in three, two, one. So guys this is my slime I actually like the color quite a lot its glittery and it’s super pretty. I thought it would be more clear cause I added so much clear glue but I think this is good enough I mean like look at it. And it’s so stretchy well not that but look. Look at that! It’s perfect. This is like the best slime I’ve ever made before. I love it so if you love my slime comment down below. Green is awesome and its very stretchy. So guys this is my slime. It’s a really nice lavender color. It’s really stretchy too and look at this. This is my slime. Nothing changed its just the lights have turned off. It’s really glow-in-the-dark. So guys if you think my slime won comment down below hashtag lavender glow-in-the-dark. So this round I think it was a tie because my slime was really pretty, it was super stretchy and I love the color. And Ronald’s was glow-in-the-dark and purple. So I think we got a tie there. What do you think? Comment section decides. Yeah comment down below who you think won the last round but now it’s the next round. Okay so. This time I wanted to go first cause you always go first. Rock, paper, scissors it? Fine. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Ha! I haven’t won that in ages. All right but it’s my go. Now you got to use your senses to feel. No this one. I want this one. I want this one. This one. Pretty I got glow-in-the-dark I got two glow-in-the-darks. Oh no. I got this one, this one is a white glow-in-the-dark and I got a blue glow-in-the-dark and I got a plain purple. So it’s gonna be purple? Mhm. Spin it around! Okay I’m gonna use my senses now. I’m gonna use, this feels good. This feels. Ron sometimes the ones with the bumps are better. Where’s the regular? Oh there we are. Oh glow-in-the-dark, I got two glow-in-the-dark! You’re gonna make like a pinky purple. It’s gonna be awesome. Let’s get dumping. I’m gonna start off with my white glow-in-the-dark. Oh that feels good. Oh you got so many nice ones. Get my aqua glow-in-the-dark another pink which is glow-in-the-dark this time. I wonder what color I’m gonna get. I think you’re gonna get like a magenta. So all my glues are in, let’s mix. It’s gonna be purple it’s gonna be a glow-in-the-dark purple and it has blue glitters in it. Ah I love this it’s so pretty. Now it’s time to mix my slime. I’m nervous but scared but awesome at the same time. It’s pink! Kind of, I guess it’s fine. So right now it’s time to add the activator. In goes the activator. It’s running out Ronald, Ronald! You’re supposed to go slowly! So guys we’re gonna keep on mixing and do a slime review In three, two, one (claps)! So guys check out my slime. My slime is so pretty it’s a purple, it’s a pretty, pretty, pretty purple color. It has blue glitters in it and I think it looks absolutely amazing. And it’s glow-in-the-dark as a bonus. It’s gonna be super glow-in-the-dark cause I had two bottles, two bottles, not one but two bottles of glow-in-the-dark glue so it’s gonna be super pretty when the lights turn off. And look at this color isn’t it just gorgeous with the blue glitters? I’m just in love with this slime. If you think my slime should win comment down below. Purple is glowin in the dark. So guys this is my slime. It’s a really cool pink color. It’s really stretchy. So it turned out to be pink, I was really worried that it was gonna be a bad color but it turned out to be nice. And if you think my slime won comment down below hashtag pink is the way to go. So guys now it’s time to do glow-in-the-dark test. Ron get your slime in your hands. Three, two, one. Look at my slime it’s so glowing! It’s so cool! Mine isn’t glowing that much. Actually mine isn’t glowing that much but at least it’s glowing more than Ronald’s. But it looks so pretty when it’s glowing. Guys look at my old slime it’s glowing way better with only one bottle. I think it’s only good with one bottle. I don’t get it how come it’s not glowing. Anyways guys lets move onto the third round. Let’s go! AKA the last round. So guys rock, paper, scissors. Who goes first? (singing) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. I was clapping. Come on. Okay spin a bin bin. We pretty much only have glitters left. So I’m going to take glitters. Oh no I’m gonna take this. I’m gonna take this. I’m gonna take this. Oh! You have green, blue, and pink. I have a bad feeling for you no offense but I do. Okay Karina. It’s my go. Go on. How bout I choose mine carefully. Do you want a glittered one? Yes. Or do you want the new one? This one feels nice. I’ll get this one too. I got gold, gold, and silver! I think it’s gonna look super pretty because it’s super duper glittery. Okay let’s find out. Okie dokie. All right I’m gonna add my first gold in first. I only got the normal new glue and I only got clear glue. So two normals and one clear. I have a bad feeling for you. I’m sorry but I kinda do. I have a bad feeling for you. Are you sure? Yeah only gold and silver. I think that I would choose these colors if I were making my own slime. Really? Yeah. Well maybe not after you see what color they might make. Now for the blue, oh that was a lot there. All right I think I am done. My bowl is lookin pretty crazy I’m not gonna lie. So guys now it’s time to mix it up. So I’m finally ready to find out what color my slime is gonna be. Let’s mix. It’s gonna be gold. I think it’s gonna be gold. It’s sparkling! It’s like a New Year’s party in here. I think this looks absolutely amazing it’s so glittery and pretty. Look at that! I think this is gonna definitely beat Ronald. So guys now it’s my turn to mix it up and find out my color. This is so gonna beat Karina. Looks nice. It doesn’t look that bad actually. It looks green! So basically green took over and covered all the other colors so I guess it’s green. But it’s a pretty green. So guys let’s add activator to these guys and make them look slime. All right that’s enough for now. So guys we’re gonna keep on mixing em we’re gonna do a slime review on Three, two, one (claps) So guys this is my slime it looks like the definition of New Year’s Eve. Look at it it’s slow glittery so festive. And I just love the way it turned out it’s so stretchy too. Look at that! And glittery of course the glitter. There’s no coloring just glitter. I think mine’s gonna win. If you think my slime is the winner winner chicken dinner comment down below sparkle power! So guys this is my slime it’s a really cool aqua color but it’s not that stretchy cause it just breaks just like that. I think I added a little bit too much activator but hey still cool obviously gonna beat Karina. If you think, not think, if you know that I won comment down below hashtag we beat Karina. Seriously? Yes. So guys these are all the slimes I did. My first one, my second, and my third. If you think I won the entire challenge comment down below Karina wins the entire challenge. And these are all the slimes I did. This is number one, this is number two, and this is number three. If you think I won the entire challenge comment down below hashtag Ronald team. So guys we hope you like this video. If you did smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye! And by the way guys I’m gonna be selling these slimes on Etsy so stay tuned for that cause I’m gonna be doing a video all about that next week.