welcome back to my channel today we’re
making some delicious healthy chocolate bars we’re making Mars we’re making some
caramel squares and we’re making cookies and cream if you guys haven’t seen the
video where I make Snickers and starburst and Twix and all that I’m
gonna leave all those recipes down below because you don’t want to miss those and
let’s go ahead and make some delicious candy bars guys they’re so delicious
gooey oh you’re gonna love them let’s get into so first off we are making Mars
bars I’m starting off with date which have a really nice natural caramel
flavor to them and adding that into my food processor I’m adding in some
vanilla as well as some almond butter and you can do any kind of nut or seed
butter though I would suggest either an almond butter or a cashew butter for
more of a neutral flavor if you do use it peanut butter it won’t be paleo but
be it’ll have more of a peanut flavor which will be closer to a Snickers next
I’m adding in a pinch of Himalayan salt and then I just blend that up until
smooth and this blender is a kind of like a
food processor and blender in one it’s from Ninja I love it it’s fairly
inexpensive as well to make the nougat base I’m adding in about a quarter cup
of the caramel that we made and I’m going to add that to some almond flour
this is a great way to just make the base using something we already made or
just a little bit of the caramel and then some almond flour so I’m just gonna
combine that until it is nice and chunky and it kind of gets more sticky because
we’re gonna be making the base so then I just took a loaf pan and I lined that
with parchment paper just to make it a lot easier to remove the bars after cuz
then you just have to lift up the parchment paper so go ahead and either
using your hand or using a spatula go ahead and press down our mixture onto
the base and make sure you get like a nice even layer and the great thing
about the loaf pan is you can cut this either into bars or to mini bars after
to and you can easily double or triple this recipe if you need to so then I’m
taking the caramel that we made and I’m putting that over the top of our base
and then you just need to smooth out the caramel layer on top of the nougat base
with your spatula until it nice and even and then we are going to
be chilling this in the freezer I would suggest for about four or five hours or
even overnight just so that everything really solidifies and you’re not gonna
lose anything in the chocolate so once it’s nice and hardened I’m just slicing
this up and I’m gonna make mini bars but you can definitely make full bars the
great thing about this though is that you don’t need like a huge full bar
they’re quite sweet they’re quite delicious and satisfying so I’m
basically making but the twin size or let the helloween sized ones so I slice
that up and then I made some of my homemade paleo chocolate which I will
leave the recipe down below it’s simply cacao coconut oil and a
touch of maple syrup you can also just melt down some paleo chocolate chips
I like the Lily’s brand or the Pacha brand but if you can’t get those it’s
really easy to make your own chocolate at home I’ve been making this for years
and years and years and it’s really easy and also the great thing is that when
your bars are chilled the chocolate is going to harden a lot quicker it’s set
in the fridge for me in about 20 minutes and these are your wonderfully delicious
Mars bars full of a nougat and a nice caramel next up we’re making cookies and
cream and I’m so happy with how this turned out so I’m using some cacao
butter which is actually normally what white chocolate is without the sugar to
that I’m adding in some coconut butter and then melt that down and add some
vanilla and maple syrup you can also do this before it’s fully melted I just
waited a bit once everything is nice and melted just stir that together so that
everything turns out nice and smooth then I’m taking some paleo Oreos from my
Oreo video which I will link down below in case you haven’t seen it you can also
buy them I have seen them or I’ve seen gluten-free ones as well but the recipe
I do make at home is super simple so I’m going to leave that down below I add in
the melted mixture I’m putting a few cacao nibs on the top just for a little
bit of crunch and extra chocolate flavor I let that set in the freezer for about
20 minutes and then you have it all ready to go and you can definitely make
this into a bark too you don’t have to make it into bars if you want to pour it
out make a thinner layer or you can cut it in two chunks but honestly this
tastes so similar to cookies and cream it’s so delicious I’m really really
happy with how this turned out I know you’re gonna love it and then we
are making some caramel squares so if of course we have to make the caramel which
is really simple to make it’s just coconut sugar coconut oil and a little
bit of vanilla stir that together a bit and then I’m adding in a couple
tablespoons of cashew butter again you can use almond butter here I would
suggest either almond or cashew they are a more neutral tasting nut then as
opposed to a peanut or you could also use a seed butter here I would use
sunflower seed over pumpkin seed it’s a little bit more neutral flavor so if you
need a nut free version you can definitely use a seed butter here or if
you don’t like either those coconut butter it works as well so just go ahead
and stir that now once it starts bubbling set a timer for about three
minutes and you’re gonna leave it about three minutes while it’s bubbling and
then take it off and it’s going to thicken where I’m putting that onto some
parchment paper because we are going to harden this before we dip this in our
chocolate but honestly this is such an easy caramel that you can use in many
different recipes so definitely save that you can drizzle this on ice cream
you can use this on pretty much anything that’s a very standard caramel sauce and
then you’re just gonna spread it out so that it’s about a quarter inch thick and
then for rapid I just put it in the freezer but you can also chill it in the
fridge until it gets nice and hard like this and then I’m just using a knife to
cut it into squares and as you can see it’s got that really like almost taffy
thick caramel like chewy caramel texture to it I’m cutting mine into little
squares that we’re going to be dipping into more of our paleo chocolate so for
each of them I’m just dipping them inside and then we’re going to be laying
that onto either a silicone mat or you can just use more parchment paper you
will see the chocolate run a bit especially with the paleo chocolate so
you can even do a double layer if you want which means to put it down let it
harden and then come back and do another layer I find one layer it’s okay and as
long as you don’t mind that it slightly slides off the caramels and they’re not
perfect you could definitely trim off the chocolate on the sides if you want
them to be perfectly square and then just save the extra chocolate you
chopped off before or something else and once you’ve covered them all you just go
ahead and let them sit for about 20 minutes in the fridge
you have these wonderfully chocolate-covered caramels I mean guys
look at how the caramel pulls and it’s no refined sugar it’s vegan and it’s so
delicious all right guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you make them
don’t forget to share them on Instagram and show me because I love seeing all of
your remakes I hope you’re all having a great day and
I will see you in my next video bye guys