Travel lovers from all over the world welcome today I will talk about the three top locations you can stay in Istanbul because you are a traveler you have to know this information why because Istanbul is the biggest city in Europe with more than 15 million residents and it’s considered the fifth top city destination worldwide because 13 millions people visited in 2018 all these numbers need a huge surface area which mean more than 5,000 of square kilometers imagine yourself you are coming to Istanbul and you just stayed in the wrong spot a lot of traffic traffic a lot of transportation problem which is really affects your holiday badly so today because travel you are not a tree that’s a by the way merchandize you can’t buy it down below in the merchandise shelf or even I will put the direct link you can buy directly worldwide shipping and also you can also buy it on that month here today we’ll talk where to stay in Istanbul so it can be in the best location than Istanbul to enjoy the max let’s start so the first location is sultan ahmed area so that Hamid’s considered the most turistic area in istanbul and it’s included in the larger areas called Fatiha because you know Istanbul is considered of three main areas there’s European side and there is na Asian side in the European side there’s two areas that fat area which was Sultana not included and there’s another one it’s Taksim area would target later so for Sultan Ahmed area it’s like the heart of old Istanbul here you will feel the real essence of Istanbul the real soul and vibe Istanbul you will find the huge places that you want to visit and see the architecture of this place is because it’s really special you will find the total Hamad mosque you’ll find aya sophia museum which is a combination of mosque and church at the same time you will see also Topkapi Museum you can visit all the Grand Bazaar it’s really huge nice market traditional market you can see also Egyptian market you can visit to a minimum share kg all this area it’s a working distance so you can like walking distance by like 15 to 20 minutes by walking you can reach all this kind of stuff and also there’s for transportation you will see like there’s a tram there is a taxi buses everywhere there and regarding this area is really safe because policy available all over the time 24 hours other thing to notice and taken consideration this area because is the most touristic area and stumble so people speak different languages English maybe Russians French whatever so it’s this is a huge other thing to notice in this area so Tana Hamad area it’s really crowded especially in the seasons right now the summer it’s really crowded so you have to consider this kind of stuff also it’s touristic area yes but in the night you don’t have a lot of thing to do yes like after 10:00 I am nothing to do there maybe some restaurants some cafes are still open but in most cases people just go to other places like that seem to enjoy the rest of the day so this was like the first location with some fun I’m at location and let’s go to that that scene location that same location it’s something like it’s the heart of the new Istanbul like it’s more european-style so it’s like the combination worldwide you will see it there especially the most famous streets in Istanbul and Turkey it’s st cloud street it’s like two kilometers walk and you will see a lot of shops like international brands international fast-food everything there we will find it and it’s really at the international vibe you will see there it’s something amazing actually and the good thing is really stated this kind of streets never closed I think like it’s like 4:00 p.m. and everything you will see a lot of open shops and everything is like under movement and like people are still walking moving the restaurants some restaurants are still open so the good thing about it yes it’s 24 hours let’s say it’s open and everything is OK safety let’s say it’s okay but take care of foreigners guys don’t talk to foreigners people because they will see you as something maybe you cannot predict what they can’t will will tell you or even will react to you so if they approach you be careful and don’t talk to foreigners and just remember all the time there’s a number of policies it’s 155 you can call and they will speak English by the way what about also attack scene it’s the hub area like you know what’s the hub area there is a metal there’s a buses station everything just need taxi so if you want to go to something a homage you can go by Metro if you want to go to another area like the new stumble or let’s the more local stumbled like magic the echo Ashley Bebek it’s also by Metro so it’s like the place is very central and you will enjoy it especially this kind of mixing there between people from all over the world come to this place so yes and even in the light nightlife of if you want preferring to visit nightlife of stumble taxi it’s the one of the spots that has a lot of bars and pubs so you can enjoy also the nightlife but it’s not that much fancy it’s a more traditional let’s say clothes like community of box and stuff so the third one which is I guess it’s really interesting because it’s it’s considered far away from another cell to parts and it’s really funky it’s got this kind of different vibe and as you see it like every location has its kind of pros and cons and also the vibe is different like fer Sultana Madrid this kind of traditional vibe your field lights can off money okay and that seems more European style and kadiköy it’s something like you know the vibe it’s really amazing it’s a mixing but it’s more youth yes it’s more youth because it’s a trendy place in Istanbul so the first location is a category catechol it’s an edge inside edge inside it’s considered two main areas of color and category category it’s small funky more developed let’s say people there are more say open-minded type of people so in category you will see like transportation is very good because and the Asian side there’s a metro there’s buses taxis and also between the Metro between the agent and the European side there’s a ferries you can use it’s a still until 12 a.m. so you have to take care about time location of transportation because you are in the other side of the city staying late is also not a problem because in kadiköy you will see a lot of bars a lot of pubs and that vibe you will see here like in the video of Siri right now it’s really amazing people it’s more traditional it’s more local oriented but you will see a lot also of foreigners coming from all over the world and staying there because small open-minded area and it’s not expensive like sultan ahmed it’s not expensive not like the tech scene because taxi as told as I told you it’s also too rustic area so if you know where to go you can find this kind of reasonable prices otherwise all people thirsty people are coming so it’s expect something to be expensive but in category it’s more local community what about also safety I have told you it’s not a touristic area so it’s safe area as I have this many times but you don’t see this kind of let’s say follows patrol rounding like other places but according to my knowledge according to my friends who live there it’s safe area and I know many people from like Europe living there because enjoying the vibe of place it’s very different so at the end of the video guys I hope that you have enjoyed this kind of information and also I will put some of recommended hotels for each area in the video description below moreover if you have enjoyed and even found it really interesting and you got a lot of benefit from this video just let me know so in the comments so I can make a lot of English videos for you guys about my trip in Istanbul or even church or even around the world so travel you are not a tree see