Jon Taffer: When I said before
that the bar business is like a race,
that made sense, didn’t it? Billy Banks: Yes, sir. Jon Taffer: Because we’re racing
against the clock constantly. So here’s what I’d like to do.
We’re going to set the clock, and I’m going to let
in 40 people. I’m going to give you guys
a minute and 20 seconds a drink. 40 people, two bartenders,
26-and-a-half minutes to serve 40 people.
It’s fair. Billy Banks: He’s going to be
number one qualifier tonight. Jon Taffer:
Go sit down guys, I want to talk to them
for a minute. Jon Taffer:
What happens if there’s no management in this place? How long do you have
before it closes? Billy Banks: It’s anytime. Jon Taffer:
Here’s what I would do. I would sit down
with Mr. Waterman, and I would give him equity
in this business. And I would look at him
and say, “Here’s the deal. You turn this around,
I give you half of it.” Billy Banks:
I’m willing to do that. Jon Taffer: Are you willing
to accept that responsibility? Waterman: Damn right. Jon Taffer: I’m going to
run this bar through you. And here’s the deal. After stress tests, I want
to sit with the two of you. If he stepped up
to your satisfaction, then tomorrow
you should cut a deal. Billy Banks: Okay. Billy Banks: I want to see
Waterman just manage and do a good job. Run the crew, make sure
all the customers are happy. I’m hoping tonight
with the stress test, he can prove something to me
that’s going to seal the deal. Billy Banks:
You guys ready to come in here?! Group: Woo!
Billy Banks: Come on! Yeah! Speaker 5:
How are you guys doing? Billy Banks:
All right, guys. Speaker 6: I’ll do a meal.
Speaker 5: You’ll do a meal? Speaker 7: I’ll do a meal, too. Speaker 5: Two meals? Jon Taffer:
We’re going to try to serve all of you in 26 minutes. You think they’re
going to do it? Group: Yeah! Jon Taffer:
All right, let’s see. Speaker 8:
Let’s go. We’ve got to get going,
people are waiting. Speaker 9: I need to focus.
Speaker 8: What are you making? Speaker 9:
I’m making three peaches. Waterman: Three peaches. Speaker 8:
So make two in one, and one in the other.
Get your glassware ready. Speaker 9: Okay.
Speaker 8: Set your glass up. Speaker 9:
Oh, my gosh. All right. Jon Taffer: Come on! Go, go! Speaker 5:
Oh, this is lemon. Crap. I thought it was orange.
Speaker 8: It’s okay. Look at, we got people waiting,
so we got to start moving, guys. Speaker 5: Sorry. Jon Taffer:
We haven’t made one drink yet. Let’s go! Come on!
What are we, writing a book? We are down to 24 minutes. We haven’t served one drink
in two minutes. So let’s get this going here. Speaker 5: Lemon. Oh (beep),
that was orange juice. Billy Banks: Here’s your first
two orders right here. Chili cheese and some wings.
Five, six. Kev:
Get some look on them now. Get some presentation on. Kev: Order up. Jon Taffer:
Nope, nope, nope. Speaker 8: Out of the way.
Careful, careful, careful. Speaker 5:
Oh, I’m so sorry, guys. Speaker 8: So you’re going to
have make one more. Jon Taffer:
That’s not right, is it? Speaker 8: No.
Jon Taffer: Dump them out. Speaker 5:
Oh (beep). Here we go. We’re about to jump on this ride
and it’s not a fun (beep) ride. Waterman:
Did you get the other … Speaker 5: I’m sorry
for the wait, you guys. Speaker 8: The bar is
a disaster right now. The girls cannot keep up. Every cocktails
coming out wrong. Speaker 8:
You shake this already? Speaker 5: Yes. No. Speaker 8: And their nerves
are getting in front of them, and they’re not able
to do proper counts. I’ve had to dump
probably 10 drinks. Our ratio is not
very good here. Waterman:
KC Chili, and a KC Chili Cheeseburger. Kev:
Hey, yo, we need- Billy Banks:
So another cheeseburger. Billy Banks:
Okay, these two on the left, it’s 30 seconds in front of
these two on the right, okay? Jimmy Ray: Yeah. Okay. Billy Banks:
We got it guys. Jon Taffer: All right,
go, Billy, we’re doing this. Billy Banks: Thank you. Kev: Hey. Billy Banks: Table five.
I’ll get it. I got it. I know where table five is. Jimmy Ray: Another one. Jon Taffer:
We’re now down five minutes. We haven’t even served
one drink! Who hasn’t ordered yet? Waterman, go, man!
Get this done! Waterman: Peach coolers? Okay.
She said three, too? Speaker 8:
Come on, let’s keep moving. Speaker 9:
All right, all right, all right. Speaker 8:
They’re still waiting, Liz, we got to move.
We got to move. Speaker 9:
All right, all right, all right. Speaker 8:
Then we got ring it in, closE them out,
and move on, okay? Speaker 9:
Yes, Renee. Waterman:
Two more peach coolers. Jon Taffer:
Waterman, come here. You go up and say, “Two drinks” to her.
That’s not helping. Tell her two drinks,
she doesn’t know where they go. You have to come back
and deliver them now. You’re not a runner,
you’re a manager. Waterman: Falling apart.
Completely falling apart. Jon Taffer:
How we doing, Kev? Kev: We’re catching up.
We catching up. Jon Taffer:
So our issues are not back here. We can get food out of here. Kev:
Oh we get food out. Oh yeah. Jon Taffer: All of our issues
are at the bar. Kev: It looks like it. Yeah.
It looks like it. Jon Taffer:
It’s interesting. New cook knows
what he’s doing, it works. Kev: Jimmy Ray a bad boy.
Jon Taffer: Old bartenders, don’t know what they’re doing,
doesn’t work. Kev:
Yeah. Yeah. Jimmy Ray’s
kicking ass back here. Jon Taffer:
Who’s gotten a drink? I hope they’re going
to share with everybody. Jon Taffer:
26-and-a-half minutes were supposed to serve
40 people. We are now 10 minutes in,
we’ve served one drink. That means in 26 minutes, we’re going to have 2.6 drinks
out in this room. Waterman is underwater. Jon Taffer:
Now wait a second. Other people ordered drinks
before the two that you ordered. Did you have orders
of your own? I have two meals
to make for them. You walk up telling them make
a completely different drink, she stops what she’s doing. Waterman: Right. Jon Taffer: Makes it for you,
and sticks it to them. Waterman: Right.
Jon Taffer: Is that managing? Waterman: No. Waterman: I’m completely
filling, so I don’t know. I’m trying to keep up.
I’m trying to do this again. Jon Taffer:
Guys, kitchen worked tonight. Kev:
Look at that! Look at that! No- Jon Taffer:
Food came out quickly. Jimmy Ray: Worked! Jon Taffer:
No issues, man. Look, you barely broke a sweat,
for Christ sakes. Look at this! Jimmy Ray:
Aw, man. I don’t know. Jon Taffer: We did okay tonight.
Kev: We did excellent. Jon Taffer: Waterman,
you’re a heck of a dishwasher. Let’s see if you can
be a manager, okay? Try to solve something,
for Christ sakes. Jon Taffer: Who hasn’t ordered?
We got to get orders in. We don’t even know
what we’re doing here. Billy Banks:
I don’t know what to say. I thought my bartenders
would do better. I thought Waterman
would do better. I am at a loss for words. Jon Taffer:
Yep, dump it again. Bartenders can’t tend bar. Waterman, the best he can do
is be a bus boy. Nobody knows how to do anything. Speaker 5:
This one didn’t come out right. Waterman: Well … Jon Taffer: Waterman.
They’re completely incapable, you get that.
They can’t do anything. Jon Taffer:
So who’s gotten a drink? One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. So in 20 minutes and 20 seconds,
we served eight drinks. That’s what a failure is.
So we failed, Waterman! 627_Highlight_fb
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