We’re spending 24 hours in the car Okay, so it is about we’re almost at 7 a.m.. In the morning I think we’re going to go get some breakfast and start off this challenge That way we can end with breakfast tomorrow morning at our house. Hopefully Yep, so no, maybe like hard for the next 24 hours guys. I’m watching so I just saying. Yeah, we have to stay in the car, but it’s okay because we brought along all of our stuff Audrey. What did you bring? I brought a pumpkin squishy. It’s my favorite squishy, and it smells really good I brought my new Nintendo 3ds XL and galaxy print Brought my pillow, that’s a body pillow ginormous and my blanket. So I can go to sleep in the car, and a phone All right, so I brought a blanket, and I brought a smaller one because I’m gonna be stuck up here with the steering wheel all night here, I brought cough drops because Jordan gave me her cough and I brought this travel pillow, and I’m gonna open it up and try it you’ll see this I’ve never used it before I’m gonna use it tonight you’re gonna See it does some pretty cool things, but that’s my three things that I brought oh, and I brought Noise-canceling earphones so that I don’t hear Audrey snore tonight. What? Your the one that snores! Okay, so I brought my phone my pillow back new Nintendok 3 DS XXL and
Galaxy print. Um a book to read and a Blanket, that’s so soft. So Audrey and I can actually connect our 3 DS’s and play on Animal Crossing together so that should be really fun. I brought a pillow, the Ipad and my phone. And a sucker, that’s in your mouth. Jake what did you bring? My phone, battery charger and my jacket. Okay, so I brought a pillow as well a blanket and I brought Some lotion because I get very dry skin especially at this time of year along with Jordan and well everybody does Okay, and then a garbage bag because we need one in here And I also brought some Hand wipes Because we don’t want germs no more sickness Dad left my favorite drink and I brought some mail! Woohoo, mail time in the car So I have mail from all of you guys and then also I noticed that there was something Special for Jake and Ty so we’ll open that as well. Awesome! Cool, all right. Let’s go to McDonald’s and Get some breakfast. Oh yeah, and we’re also going to make a rule that if you have to use the bathroom You can get out, and we’ll just go to the public, public place, and they can use the bathroom But they all have five minutes if they go over that five minutes We add it to their time that they have to stay in the van, so Let’s go get breakfast and get this started. Let’s go! Audrey’s already asleep. It’s too early in the morning I’m ready for the next 24 hours! Okay guys, so we had breakfast, We’ve been driving for a while, and if you don’t know this already I actually get carsick So I’m gonna put on these little like they’re called Seasick bands because they also help with like any motion sickness and basically they are just like little wrist bands to have like a pressure point on your to have like a pressure point on your wrist to help with car sickness, and it actually works, so that’s what I’m going to use You need them? Seasick bands,Yes, please. Where are they? I have no idea. Did they get put away? Oh dad please tell me, please tell me, Please tell me you didn’t take them out.There weren’t any in there. Great, I might need a trash bag just for myself. I don’t see seasick bands here though. Yay! What a McDonalds toy? Yeah, you get a toy. That’s what you get, a McDonalds toy. Sorry, well this will help with my car sickness then There we go. If we can find them then I’ll get them but right now I don’t know where they went. Yeah, we gotta look for him. Okay, so we just found some wild turkeys. Wild turkeys!! Let’s gobble gobble at em. There running across the road all over. There’s some big ones I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that many turkeys around here before that was really cool. See the turkeys I think we’re gonna put in a movie because if you didn’t know we have a TV in the car right here So we’re gonna watch The Lego Movie. Do you guys want your headphones on? No. The movie’s over let’s pick a game to play! Yep, what game should we play guys? Simon Says? Ok go Ty. Simon Says, clap your hands. Clap your hands! Your out. Oh, Because Simon says clap your your hands, clap your hands Simon says clap your hands, clap your hands. Fed your head Act like a chicken Now Idris my son I want to get you out Buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk buk Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Okay, so we’ve been driving different places just trying to find things to do places to look at Anyway, I lost some lotion. I can’t find the lotion. How did I lose lotion in the car? Maybe the car, I know and I stick right by my feet. It’s not by my feet, and it was a full-size bottle Oh, yeah, how you lose a big bottle of lotion. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not under the seat. It’s nowhere It’s disappeared like I have no idea what happened anyway We’ve already had lunch It’s been a long day people are getting cranky Adri so Except for you already have I think we should come up with a game to play To help us be distracted because it’s really hard to stay in a vehicle For a long time with a bunch of other people and not much to do we have our phones But those get or it’s boring – yes Ok so what are some good card games? budgets play games Yep you gonna play that ok that is we did play that in the car a lot actually I made fine debts Are you gonna act on the car? It’s gonna make for a good game All right, I’m ready. What is the tot thing? Okay, I’m gonna be the one acting it and Audrey’s gonna have to guess okay So me swimming diving scuba diving I can’t say anything duck dolphin bill Fish Popping a pimple. Oh yeah. Oh, this is easy. Where is it? Reading a book I can’t find it. I need it. I’m just talking about that. That’s really funny in hey all right We’re gonna do Just for kids the boys gonna play Serves been on their devices the entire time jakey’s sleepy a may Only find a better night. Well Jake hasn’t been feeling that great anyway, so it’s okay You can just rest all he needs now. It’s the time to do it Are you taking Hungry I am hungry hungry Hungry for hamburgers I Want chicken Wow okay, I do too, you want to give the box out of the backside It’s a secret box Take asleep chuckle No, yes, you can unbuckle get the box My god got our food. It’s chick-fil-a. It’s really hard to balance everything. Here’s my ranch. Here’s my food Okay, so I just lost my phone but It was right by my hip I was searching everywhere I swear, I was down by my feet I have no idea where my phone is now by gosh, I’m So excited now. I can use some we haven’t moved more than three inches in any direction Losing everything oh, I have my stuff piled on top of me, and there’s just not a lot of room Okay, so the Sun is just starting to set you. Can’t really tell on camera. It really is it’s a lot darker. It’s like It’s getting pretty dark outside So we need to go find a place where we want to park I think we should go Sleep up the canyon gonna go up the canyon Because there could be like about Mayans and deer and they will see something else up there Okay, you wanna see Mount Mayon. I don’t Jordan can take the ad back to Therma, that’s true, okay Let’s go King looks like we are headed up to the canyon to go sasquatch hunting Yeti hunting The bad thing about spending 24 hours in a vehicle you have Besides all the coughing and the sickies and the bad air quality is Yes better quality is the fact that some of us are night owls and some of us are not so I am a Morning person and at nighttime. I get cranky. I’m a night owl Jordan’s a night owl me to fall asleep tyson night owl and dad’s a night owl. Yeah Jake Jake Audrey, and I like to go to sleep early and get up early You guys are sleep you’ll be having a dance for you in the morning when we’re still like get froggy I Don’t want Internet at the canyons, so I guess we’ll just all go to bed early I Hope they don’t get their second wind and stay up all night Sound like we can get out That’s true. Can’t really what I guess we could watch a movie. Yeah, we can watch another movie. How could you tell someone’s hyper? Just you gone he okay for me for like other people I was like ‘i Like other people like dirty some wet are you hyper? Whenever you guys ever make me hyper, too You know I’m hiper isn’t your whoops nice Company like otherwise sugar doesn’t make me hyper I only get hyper Audrey gets hyper she gets never very easily from sugar Pen so when she get hyper it makes me starts laughing a ton, and then I get hyper too And it’s just a fader reaction if you watch Audrey and Jordans videos on their channels Anytime that they are eating anything with sugar They get hyper like pretty fast. That’s really funny. Yeah, yeah funny Yeah, they get crazy Lemons yeah and sugar Looks like we get to deal with hyper girls our That’s why I brought my noise-canceling earphone Okay guys or park we are parked where we’re going to be spending Spending the night. It’s hi Jake do you want to open that package? Did you get the scissors? This showed up in the mail today, and I think I know what it is If it’s a very long time What did you order boys you didn’t order it they gave it to us That play button I think you think Why do you think? Hey you got their button this is what it looks like is so awesome Okay, so that’s super awesome. We will hang that up on the wall in our theater room as soon as we get home. Yep There’s a special. I’ve already got the nail put in the wall I did it when I hung up all the rest of them But I knew we were gonna get it for him so the wall on the top part will be complete now It’s time to bring the other Four play buttons to it Oh the gold for all of us So if you haven’t subscribed to just Jordan 33 and all around Audrey and Jake and ty go to their channels and subscribe Let’s get all of us to the gold play button Red to grey okay should we do some mail? Okay, so this first letter comes from Kennedy in Illinois and Kennedy wants Gertie and Therma to do the grammar challenge So we will have to pass that along Kennedy is 8 years old, and she has a couple questions Audrey your favorite color What is it red? Jordan can you make slime on Audrey’s favorite color so it’d be red Oh, yeah, okay, and then Audrey. She wants you to do him a one minute slime challenge What is that you make slime in one minute where Audrey would have to make slime in one minute And then she wants the entire family to do a slime race Oh, yes, okay, that would be awesome, and she drew a really cute picture So thank you so much Kennedy so this letters from Amaya. She is from Tennessee She says she absolutely loves our channel Her favorite actor or person is Audrey her next favorite is Jorden and The reason why she loves our channels because we’ve put up funny videos and cool videos So thank you so much this next time Campbell and Jerzy Campbell says that they have a guinea pig and Her name is fidget like the fidgets dinner And she also gave us this Valentine’s Day card it Says if friendship like ours is rare. Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday, thank you, so this package comes from Nevaeh, South Dakota, so let’s open it up This is so cool, okay, so there’s a letter and it says my name is Sofia Just watch this for a really long time, so thank you so much And she sent a present for everybody and that was so sweet. Thank you so much here’s And there’s stuff inside oh My gosh What an LED Here we go one two three And she sent us this picture that a dolphin nice That’s one of your favorites yes, that’s awesome Then we have some markers here, which is perfect because we’re in the car, and we didn’t bring markers, so now we could draw And start challenge on the windows yeah Jake and Ty and it’s one of those cool like flexible rulers nice. That’s so awesome Thank you so much to ban. Okay, so this one comes from Aubree rather like Audrey, but it’s Aubree in Pennsylvania Aubree is eight years old loves our channel Jordan. You’re the favorite And she loves our hello neighbors hello neighbor videos in real life Audrey and Jordan you do amazing musicals No sorry she said amazing music lace, so they should do some more. Thank you We will have to do some more musically this comes from Dr. Decca in Australia we can’t really tell who it is from because the writing is so small But it’s super knee and I love small handwriting, so yes Yes Australia, so they said that Jordan here the slime Queen thank you so much Audrey you’re good dance perfect you love dance parties Jake is smart Ty is sensitive And she says I hope you could come and visit Sydney, Australia someday I would love to because Australia is like one of my favorite places so I think that’d be super cool Thank you so much for your letter. Okay, so we are going to end this night and get all tucked in for bed. can i put the garbage outside? no i cant sleep with the garbage you gotta stay in the car for 24 hours! audrey; i’m tired you don’t want to attract the sasquatches Thought we did I don’t want a sasquatch coming you think Sasquatch like chick-fil-a probably Who wouldn’t like chick-fil-a? thats what i was gonna say Okay, okay, everybody get get all tucked in Ty Don’t keep me awake. If you’re gonna stay playing on electronics because it’s bedtime man. Dad, how does your fancy? If I had like your – but I could like just wrestling hit against like this Oh wow So I’m gonna just wear it like this because then it’ll give me the next support Wow and so I’m gonna put my head It’s so comfortable like this and then I’m gonna put my noise Enjoy your night mom you gotta move your chair up. I’ve got no fingers back here. What do you mean? you got all that leg room You’re tiny my neese could barley fit! what in the world! I’m gonna squish jake now! stop it yeah thats what mom is doing. Make me stuff like this what I’m laying all the way back This is going to be a great night, that’s not sleeping are you? You could share my pillow you lay for word, I like backwards Getting hyper now all right guys good night What don’t be honking the horn all night Kind of movies we don’t want to listen to that all night Comfortable dad don’t you do it again tight get in bed fall asleep guys Alright guys, so it’s really early. I think we’re getting close to our time it has to be because the Sun’s up Everybody’s still sleeping, but I’m gonna wake them up And I’m ready dead home because this was a rough night. I’m tired. I’m ready to go home and probably go back to sleep Or guys wake up dad dad wake up Wake up this morning time time. Is it it’s time to go home. I want to go home. I slept terrible Audrey wake up would complete the challenge, okay? We’re back home So thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to infrared – great and Let’s see y’all next time You