(upbeat music) – Hi, guys, it’s Jordan, and
today I’m here with my sister. – Audrey from the channel AllAroundAudrey. – And today we’re gonna be
swapping rooms for 24 hours. So, I’m gonna be spending the next 24 hours in Audrey’s room, and she’s gonna spend the
next 24 hours in my room. – Which is a treat, ’cause no one gets to go in Jordan’s room ever. – What? Nobody gets to go in your room ever! – Well, my room’s just always messy. (laughing) – So, if you want to
check out Audrey’s video where she spends 24 hours in my room– – It was a party! – Go check it out at AllAroundAudrey. I’m kind of nervous for
what you’re gonna do, but– – I’m gonna expose you! – Oh, goodness! – Exposing JustJordan33 on
AllAroundAudrey’s channel. Check it out. – Ah! Okay, now it’s time to
go our separate ways. Goodbye! – Goodbye, sister. – 24 hours has started now! (soft music) Okay guys, close the door. The 24 hour challenge has started! It is currently (soft music) nine o’clock a.m. So I just had breakfast
before I came in here, because I figured, you know, it’s easy. But I didn’t bring anything
going into this challenge, so I’m really hoping that I get to find food in here and stuff, ’cause I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Yeah, I did not think this one through, but I think it should be pretty easy. I just got to find food. That’s gonna be the hardest part. Let’s show you around Audrey’s room. So when you first walk
in, this is what you see. Look at that. And here’s my portrait that I drew of her! She hung it on the wall. Look at that. Oh, hello. (laughing) You got some sea turtles leading, kind of next to her vanity, desk area. I really like her entire theme, how it’s like an ocean theme. And then this soft, fuzzy chair. I have one matching, but mine is like a bit longer of the fur. It looks like Audrey has
stuck all of her squishies out in the open for me to play
with for the next 24 hours, so thank you Audrey. (laughing) Oh, we’re gonna have to
explore this mystery box later. We got the bed. This is where I’m probably
gonna sleep at night. First step, exploring Audrey’s room and looking through all of her stuff. (clicking tongue) So this one was actually, this stuffed animal was
from Audrey’s video, I think it was a weird products video, but it actually turns on and massages. Let’s see if I can figure it out. Turn on! (soft music) Oh, no. (soft music) I don’t get it. It’s cute though. I like it. And then this little
stuffed animal over here, I have a matching one, and
it was from when we opened up a surprise Pikmi Pops
Surprise mystery box, bag. Yay! (laughing) So I have one in my room too and they smell like
blueberries, which is amazing. Let’s explore that little jewelry box, ’cause I have never looked inside of there and I’m really curious. I’ve always been curious,
but I’ve never opened it. So let’s go open it. What is in the box? (singing softly) Oh! Oh, so here’s the map of the museum that we visited in New York City. That’s cool. It’s like one of those China dolls where you open it up and
then there’s a smaller one and a smaller one and a smaller one, ’cause look what I just found. An even smaller box inside! (soft music) What’s inside? (gasping) Oh! Oh my goodness. It’s a seashell. Very fitting for this room. And an Australian little koala pencil grippy that we got from a fan. I love these. I have one in my room too. I love Australia so much. So it looks like the
only thing left inside of this little box is just shells. (soft music) Yes. (soft music) Let’s see if I can hear the ocean. It’s not really a conch shell,
but it’s gonna have to work. (soft music) Nope, I don’t hear anything. Nope, this is definitely
not a conch shell. (soft music) Or is it? Dun dun dun! Okay you guys, I turned the camera off and I was kind of exploring Audrey’s room and I just found the real OG journal. This, oh my gosh, you guys,
this has such a story behind it. This was our journal that
Audrey and I wrote in everyday for two and a half years. We took turns. So Audrey would write a page
and then I would write a page. And we wrote until the
entire thing was full and we called it the
Jelly Belly’s Journal. That was the title. And guys, this brings
back so many memories. We were so good at journaling back then and we added in, we colored the pages, we put stickers on them, we wrote in different
colored pens each day, and we even picked off flowers and stuff and taped them in the journal. And they are literally
preserved to this day. They’re still in in the book
taped and they look great. So I’m gonna show you one
of the pages that I found. I thought this was funny. It was a journal entry that Audrey did. She showed some of the
clothes that she bought from the store and she
wrote where she bought them and everything and it’s really funny, ’cause I actually have some of these clothes in my closet right now. They were hand-me-down from Audrey and I can recognize them
from these pictures. So here’s some of the
pictures that she drew. And I actually have this exact
shirt in my closet right now. Yes. I think I have this one too. I remember this one, but I
don’t know if I have that. Guys, this journal has
gone through so much. I spilled water on it and some
of the ink smeared everywhere and we included so many souvenirs from different places that we went that I’m surprised that it’s
even held together still. And also, our dog Logan
bit off the corner, ’cause he thought it was his toy. So it has gone through a ton, but yes, I’m so happy that I found this. This flower is still in this book as well as this leaf that
is still somehow green. I don’t get it. I’m kind of bored, so I’m gonna read some entries
in this journal for awhile and then I’ll update you
on what I’m gonna do next. Okay, you guys. So I’m done reading some
entries out of the journal. It is currently 12 o’clock right now. I spent so much time just reading. Good throwback to all those memories. I’m getting kind of hungry. I don’t know what I’m gonna do for lunch. I should probably start looking for food. So let’s look around and
see if we can find anything. First step, the drawers. I think I just found her perfume drawer. And wow, she has an obsession of perfumes. I did not realize how
many perfumes she had. Look at this, you guys. Hey, I have this perfume. Oh my goodness. This, I literally have this exact perfume sitting on my little vanity. I must admit, I too am
a collector of perfumes, because I only have three perfumes, but they’re each like five years old, because I use them every day, but somehow they never run out. I don’t know. But let’s keep looking for food. Lotion? (gasping) Lotion. Okay, I’m gonna set this out, because my hands get dry really easily. And this is a Pink lotion,
it’s from the store Pink and that’s my favorite
store to go get lotion from. That and Bath and Body Works,
they have really good lotions. (gasping) Yes! (soft music) I found something. Ice Breakers Mints, woo! For the win. Jackpot! I got something to eat for
lunch, but it’s only mints. I feel like I need something else, but I don’t know where
anything else would be. (gasping) Oh my goodness. You guys! (soft music) I am winning the jackpot today. We usually make these little vases right before Leprechauns
Day and then we set them out and what happens is on St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns come and they hide them and if we don’t find
them within the 24 hours, then they disappear, but if we do find them, then
we get a ton of treats inside. And she still hasn’t eaten all of these? I’m shocked. But it’s candy, so I’m gonna eat it. Yes. What in the world? Cozy socks that have not been opened. What are you doing? This has lotion and fuzzy socks. I might have to bust out these
fuzzy socks and use them, because, well if it gets cold in here. I mean, I don’t see a heater. I have the heater in my room, because it does get cold in the basement, but I don’t see one in here, so I might have to bust
out those fuzzy socks. So let me show you what
I found to eat for lunch. My lunch today is going to
be some mints and candy. (laughing) So healthy, yay! At least I’ll have
fresh-smelling breath, woo! (laughing) Okay you guys, let’s eat
and I think I’m gonna play on my phone for a
bit to waste some time, because I don’t have anything
better to do right now. I got my food. I honestly don’t know what
I’m gonna do for dinner. This should be very interesting. Let’s eat. This is a lovely angle. I’m sorry guys, this is
kind of an upward angle. Looking great. But I’ve got the candies here. Yes. Yes! Oh, come on. (soft music) Yes. And you guys, I’m so happy. These are like little
almond Hershey’s Kisses and these are like my
favorite things in the world. I usually do not like almonds, but when I tried these,
I was so surprised. These have one whole almond in the middle and then it has chocolate surrounding it. And they’re so good! I don’t like chocolate where
it’s crunched-up almonds, but if it’s a whole almond
surrounded by a ton of chocolate, yes, my favorite, I love them. So I think I’m gonna go
for one of these first, because yes. Ah! (soft music) Mm. (soft music) Mm! I have not had one of
these in so long, you guys. They’re so good. Okay you guys, I finished up my lunch and now I’m gonna have a mint, because why not have some fresh breath? Yum. These are so good. I just found her 3DS. Yes! I’m going to play on her 3DS and probably play Animal Crossing, because that’s one of my favorite games. Okay you guys, I got Audrey’s
Animal Crossing World loaded and it is currently snowing in her world. I hope you guys can see this. Look at that. It is snowing. And I just want to show
you, this is very acuate, because there is a ton of
snow outside right now. I can look, because she
has a window right there. Ta-da! There’s snow, there’s a lot of it too. Look at that. Yes, yes. It is so cold. (soft music) I am traveling around in her world and it looks like she has not played on her Animal Crossing World in a while, because all of the people
that I meet are like, “Audrey, I haven’t seen you in ages!” I’m gonna go update everybody
in the town, say hey, and probably get a lot of bells for her as a nice surprise for when she plays her Animal Crossing World next time. Okay you guys, it is
getting really late now. It’s almost dinnertime actually. I was playing on Animal
Crossing for a really long time. I updated her world, made it so goodly. But not I’m quite bored and I feel like I just need
to run laps in this room, because I don’t know what else to do and I haven’t moved that
much in a long time, because I haven’t that much space. So let’s run around. Woo! Dance party time, even
though there’s no music. You guys, I am so excited. I figured out what I’m going
to do until dinnertime. I found Audrey’s ukulele. If you didn’t know, she has a ukulele and I’m going to try and play it. I know nothing about the ukulele, so this should be really interesting. So Audrey actually plays the flute and I play the violin and I also know a tiny bit on the guitar, but not really that much. I only know like one
little chord and that’s it. I don’t really know the guitar. And Audrey knows how to play
the ukulele a little bit too, but I’m so excited, you guys. I think I’ve only been able
to play this ukulele once. Okay, it’s probably really out of tune, because I don’t think she’s
played it in a long while, because I haven’t heard her. So… (playing ukulele) Yeah, it’s out of tune. Oh, well. We’re just gonna leave it. (playing ukulele) Oh, oh. Okay, ready? (playing ukulele) Ah! (playing ukulele) Ah! (playing ukulele) Woo! Yes! I was able to play Mary Had a Little Lamb. It was really quiet and I messed
up a ton, but that’s okay. Let’s see if we can get some food. (upbeat music) Somebody! – [Boy] Yeah? – Can I have food? (upbeat music) Can you bring me some food? (upbeat music) I think Jacob heard me and
he’s gonna bring me some food. Yes! (door opening) Hey. – Looks like this is all you get. – What? This is it? What? I get a mini Oreo packet. Okay then. Did you bring me food? – [Jacob] Yeah, I brought you a drink. – Woo! – [Jacob] Yay. – Okay, I got Cheez-Its. Yes. And Jacob also brought me a drink. (upbeat music) No. (laughing) Jake, no! Guys, I don’t know if you could tell what he got me as my drink,
but he got me the lovely V8. Yay. So here’s my dinner. I say it’s a pretty good selection. I mean, Oreos as dessert,
Cheez-Its as the main course, and V8 as the drink. Yay. Okay, so I’m gonna eat my dinner and I’m going to watch a movie and then I think what we should
do is have a fashion show, because Audrey, Audrey and I, we don’t typically share clothes and I am really curious to see what some of her clothes
would look like on me. So I think I should have a
fashion show and show you guys. This should be really interesting. Okay, let’s eat dinner. I think we have a chance that
it might be good, you guys. Let’s take a sip. (upbeat music) Guys, V8 is stepping up their game. Strawberry and Banana V8
is actually really good. (upbeat music) Wow, I’m so surprised. And it’s made out of
fruits and vegetables. Fashion show, let’s go! Okay you guys, the first outfit that I found in Audrey’s
closet was this shirt. Do you remember where this is from? The Jelly Belly’s Journal! This was the exact shirt. So I have to try this one
on and I will show you guys. (soft music) Guys, this is so weird. I don’t know how I feel about this, because this is definitely Audrey’s shirt and I feel very weird wearing it. I’m going to switch into a new outfit. Let’s go. (soft music) Here’s outfit number two. A lot of these items are
actually from a lot of videos. So if you know where they’re
from, comment down below. (soft music) Here is the last outfit. I actually, I feel like
this one is pretty good. I don’t know. I picked out a choker, which
I do not own any chokers, because I don’t know, I just, I’ve never really worn
a lot of chokers before, ’cause it feels so weird. But I think it’s really cute. And then I like this shirt. I like how it has a lot of
different things going on. Like there’s this line
that kind of goes diagonal, and then there’s a
little bow at the bottom, and rocking the socks and sandals today. Making a comeback. Okay you guys, that fashion
show was really fun, but it is getting late, so I say we should probably go to sleep. Good night, guys. I’m gonna, I don’t know
where else to sleep, so I’m just gonna sleep on her bed. Woo! Okay. (smooth music) Good night, you guys. See you in the morning. (smooth music) You guys, good morning. Woo! Uh, I kind of messed
up Audrey’s bed a bit. It’s the next morning though. 24 hours is almost done. I should probably make her bed. That way it’s nice and ready for when the 24 hours is all over. Let’s do that. Ugh, there’s so many pillows. I didn’t realize how
many pillows Audrey had. Guys, time is up! We spent the entire 24
hours in Audrey’s room. I can’t believe this. Woo! Alright guys, let’s go
back to my own room. 24 hours is done. Yay! Audrey, hello. That was planned very conveniently. How was your 24 hours? – Not a good night. – [Jordan] Not a good night, really? – I slept on Logan’s bed. – [Jordan] Why? – ‘Cause I didn’t want to ruin your bed. – [Jordan] Aw, man. – Well I jumped on it. – Well I did sleep on your bed, so… – Wow.
– Oops. Okay, thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure
to give a big thumbs up. And also check out Audrey’s video to see her view of the 24 hours, because, I don’t know, it seems like I could
hear some things going on, so it seems like you
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