hey and welcome along to another video
so you catch us this morning we are in Washington DC DC baby!! so we landed early this morning, we took off from Dubai late last night it’s a 14 hour flight I to the east coast of the USA we flew on a brand new a380 superjumbo
jet we then gonna taxi and we’ve now come to
our hotel we’re staying at the Westin in Georgetown if you don’t know what
Georgetown is in DC it’s about a kilometer and a half from the White
House and it’s where a lot of the diplomats let a lot of the celebrities
live here it’s the cool neighborhood in Washington DC so this is our base for 24
hours we’re gonna make the most of our time here and we’re gonna take you along
for the ride you ready let’s go so we’ve walked down to the shores of
the Potomac River so here we go and this is one of them nicest places to eat
around the Georgetown area yeah there’s a number of different places what some
of them are quite famous some of them can be a little bit pricey and sort of
tourist trap prices but it’s a nice location where you can sit on the shores
enjoy a bit of there for us it’s nice springtime weather here and have a
really nice relaxing afternoon yeah smarten what do you think beautiful
first it’s the water the fresh air the temperature it is just such a all right
on to the next spot let’s come so we are now in the center on half of Georgetown
and we’re at the canal this is the place where I think it runs all the way from
Chesapeake Bay to Ohio I think and it’s the old industrial and before freeways
were built and the i-95 this is how they used to move things around here so this
is why this area has that historic feel to it
this is the start of DC so on the walk from where we just were
on the postmark and by Georgetown we’re now walking past the Watergate buildings
from the 1972 to 1974 political scandal happened here it means Barry buildings I think this is my favorite place to stand
this is on this spot is where Martin Luther King famously delivered is I have
a dream speech behind me we have the Lincoln Memorial in each of the the
pillars there are 36 pillars stand for the State of the Union of the
Union of the 36 states the United States of America when the Declaration of
Independence was I think although it might actually be during his reign
Google will tell me later tell me down in the comments below and then behind me
is the national norm that’s a three-mile beautiful national park with the
reflection all you see the national monument behind me and that is that was
built that was the tallest structure in the world is now incredible and then I’m
not sure how get your eyes out but behind that is Capitol Hill so this will
be the next step of our day we’re gonna walk down past the reflection pool past
the monument and looking right to the White House and then on to Capitol Hill
I love this town my girl doing a thing isn’t she amazing she has such a big
smile inside when we travel together so one thing is certain today if you come
to DC make sure you wear sneakers trainers because all you do here is walk
and walk and walk it is truly exhausting town cheese and
the weather isn’t even that hot today it’s like 24 degrees and yep haha my
Apple watch tells me we’ve walked like six miles already let’s see how far we
walk by the end of the day ah and the other thing to mention is just the
tourists how many is it tourists I know I’m a tourist but still like people who
have no sense of personal space little guys you know I’m six of five and little
guys just come and like stand right here next to me yes so now we are at the World War Two
memorial grace up what they’ve done is they split the monument into two areas
the Pacific and Atlantic to talk about how lives have been lost on both sides
in the world so what you
on my trip right from the Korean War – all together on
the same day quite the net built-in 555 feet and five
inches long and then want to point the White House White House we’ve walked 11 kilometers roughly we’re
sat literally overlooked in the White House I feel like we’re worse stalkers
and we just kind of like sat there watching yeah maybe not but isn’t it a
slightly weird thing just to sit outside someone’s house and just watch them
strange I think but we did just see the president’s helicopter yeah
not sure if he was in it but it was at least his helicopter pretty cool we’ve only well