Well, if you are a hard core, die hard, love it more than anything, Taco Bell fan, you would love this hotel, because from the moment you step in, Taco Bell is in your face. There is Taco Bell merch everywhere, which is the one, or one of the many good
things about this hotel, is that, there’s, you just look, you actually don’t have to look around, there’s just Taco Bell everywhere. You can buy Taco Bell bathing
suits and full outfits, and sunglasses. We bought a pair. Just little things like that. This is not the first time
they’ve had a huge scale marketing stunt, like
taking over an entire hotel. You can actually get,
like legit get married at their store in Vegas. They have had pop up hair salons, and you guys remember that in 1996, they actually said they
were going to purchase the Liberty Bell. So, this is not foreign
territory for them, to do something this crazy. One bad thing is that,
you can’t actually order Taco Bell food. So I feel like, if you’re
a huge Taco Bell fan, you want to come here and
order all your favorite stuff, you can’t actually order Taco Bell. It’s like very hard to get Taco Bell food. You can’t actually like order
a burrito or a crunchwrap. You have to like, kind
of like hang by the pool and wait for them to like do a drop. The guests are the most extra. They’re super fun. I met some really interesting people. – I was in Cancun, and I cut my trip short to come here today. – I literally waited in the drive-thru for like 30, 40 minutes
to like, get Taco Bell because I wanted it so bad
after like, a late night, you know, going out. – Honestly, I don’t remember ordering Taco Bell before midnight. – I threw up in front of a Taco Bell, and then I ordered nacho fries and downed it like no tomorrow. But, I only know that as like a legend, because I blacked out. So, did it or did it
not happen? We’ll see. – It’s been a journey. I would just say we’re
addicted to Taco Bell. – We are. It’s definitely
like a weekly basis, almost daily basis, kind of thing. – We flew all the way from
New York City for here. In a, there was a storm. So it took us, like over
24 hours to get here. – If you didn’t get a chance
to make it to the hotel, if you don’t go this weekend, you’re probably in luck,
because Taco Bell is going to do something crazy again. Like they’ve probably
already purchased a planet somewhere and they’re going
to send you in a spaceship there because there’s going
to be lots of Taco Bell on the planet. I don’t know, they’re probably
going to do something crazy. It’ll be okay.