nothing seems to be following around
back there where’s NCIC toys-r-us maybe a little thirsty take your cup put it
like this and click it says fire but should say dispensed water and I’m
trying to film a video hey yo what’s going on everyone its pump but Jake and
we are back with a brand new video what’s up guys don’t move
that’s right guys it doesn’t move nor does this one Oh
today we’re solving that problem today we are creating a mobile box port that
we can take anywhere in the world but not only that guys we’re gonna be
surviving in this van box for for 24 hours that’s right that’s right and also
guys if you are brand new to the channel we are getting so close to 6 million
subscribers if you guys want to help us get there support the cops support the
Pappa Jake family then smash that subscribe button down below and don’t
forget the button so you never miss a new video below and we need to get out
of this basement and go find ourselves a van because we got a box bored
alright guys so we just picked up the van and we are officially ready to start
this mobile portable box for now as you can see we are currently sitting in the
cockpit the pilots cockpit that is this is an advanced piece of technology Logan
driving this thing requires skill courage and most importantly good looks
yeah Jake good looks anyways behind us you can see while you
can kind of see that’s where we’re gonna be building the port it’s pretty sweet
back there and guys do not worry I promise you it is not a prison van I
don’t know why this is metal dog you know what the look that’s good because
if there’s a zombie apocalypse we just go in the back there
zombie apocalypse van I like that all right well we got to bring this thing
home and check out the back see how much space we have and start building this
thing I am so excited to be making a portable box for I think there’s gonna
be sweet all right guys we are home the eagle has landed and we’ve got our
portable fort almost ready to go so right here we have the inside of our
portable box fort so one of the things I love most about this is it’s got a
massive side door that opens up like this into our fortress and do this is
huge for a van we’ve got tons of room lighting at the top here I don’t know
what those are but we got them wood shelving units probably mahogany and we
also have a back door here which can open like so and then you can open the
back door like this so let’s say we pulled up to like a lake or a beach or a
beautiful field we can just look out here Wow look at that beauty that is
what I want to be bringing this car in front of we can also take it to drive
throughs and get food and also go anywhere we want you know normally we do
these videos we’re like what do we have inside the
house but this time we can go anywhere and Logan has already agreed that we get
to go to Toys R Us we need to start building this thing so let’s grab all of
our cardboard all of our stuff and start making our for check this out we’ve been
working for a little bit of time now it’s not complete all obviously it’s not
complete but we have laid down the carport the driveway is on a bit of an
angle but we have the base of our forts ready to go you know what’s a longer
metal and colder than this zombie protection thing which we’re still gonna
cover up but obviously we have a ton of stuff to bring in here we have to fill
the interior this is a 24 hour challenge so we have to be very strategic with how
we use the space Jake we need beds and the good thing is we actually have a lot
of room I mean sometimes we’re shoved into these places but dude like you can
sleep there I can sleep here I mean we can even open
up the door we need it that is if raccoons are
coming and we don’t want to get any raccoons in here we’re gonna get back to
work but we’ll see you guys in three two one boom and we are back in officially
ready to show you guys the ultimate mobile box Ford van right behind this
super secure zombie steel door but before we do that I did have one
question for you guys do you guys think that we should be MWI eight me and Logan
we have to stay in there for 24 hours it’s small but it’s also extremely fast
let me know down below in the comments and we might do it as one of our next
videos I don’t really see staying in an i8 for 24 hours really a challenge check
this out without further ado here is our mobile bot welcome to Logan’s broke
inside mirror yeah be good but anyway guys check out the mobile box board
inside here we have everything we need to survive for 24 hours and drive around
and have a bunch of fun we’ve got our bedding system down here with pillows so
we have a place to sleep the business corner you’ll relax maybe open the back
look out onto a lake or an ocean there’s no oceans around here but you
guys get the point Logan why do we have a chair well we have a chair in case you
want to sit down it’s like a seat over here we have the cabinet system it’s
really empty right now which is why we’re gonna be going to Toys R Us but we
also have basketball it’s a madhoo oh there we go
Logan what you got let’s see it oh nice but that’s not everything alright you
guys are probably okay cool Jake you know you got a box for you got a place
to sleep you can go to a drive-thru and get some food and water yeah yeah that’s
cool but what about amenities how did you make this really luxurious
we got running water up in here excuse me that’s right Logan running water
check this out we converted one of our old devices into a water distributor
inside this box where you simply come over here to the water capsule place
your cup underneath it you know maybe you need to brush your teeth maybe a
little thirsty take your cup put it like this and click it says fire but should
say dispense water and oh that’s right running water that’s
empowered water and there you go you got yourself some fresh water delicious
before we get moving and go on our first mission over to Toys R Us we do have one
more thing to show you if you look above you might notice there’s this netting
yeah what what is this net well Logan that’s a good question you see I am a
forward-thinking person Logan and I knew that if we were in the back of this car
we needed some safety security measures but what I’m gonna do is pour all of our
ball pit balls above here so that they can be on the roof and in the event of
an emergency you simply grab the net pull it and this place fills with
protective ball pit balls it’s an interesting concept Jake the ball not
the balls right here time to load this bed up sometimes I don’t understand
where Jake gets these ideas please don’t make a huge mess I mean it definitely looks cool
alright guys everything in the back is secure except for I guess the ball pit
ball so hopefully they don’t start flying all over the place but we are
ready for our first mission to Toys R Us I’m not sure what we’re gonna get but I
was thinking Logan maybe we could get something cool like a rocket or
something to do in a field and we drive this to a field and we bring our house
all right JJ just drive what’s that sound
all right seatbelts everyone you know you know how to operate this thing alright let’s go remember the last time
we’re in a Toys R Us we did a 24 hour challenge there attention all shoppers
this is Papaji I’m looking for Logan to wake up that was a lot of fun if you
guys haven’t seen that video you gotta check it out toys or spaceship alright
we just finished shopping at Toys R Us we got a rocket I’m so excited to launch
it alone we got to find a place to launch it and open it up taking some
spillage right now I’m currently driving so safety feature activates guys it’s
just gonna activate the balls are going everywhere Jake we drove to our location
as to where we are gonna be spending the rest of the 24 hour challenge as you can
see behind me we are not in our house we are not even in anywhere we’re at a park
we’re in nature Logan there’s boys birds you come back to the truck now I know it
isn’t like summer yet so that you know the trees don’t have leaves and it’s not
exactly green but it’s still nicer than just looking at you know a regular box
where we have a beautiful view but right now we need to deck this place out and
get it ready we will be going later on to go get our dinner I think we’ll take
this through the drive-through but let’s check out what we got
all right so we have Jake what did you do to the toys what do you mean what’d I
do the toys there’s a toy missing so we have this like throwing rocket things we
have this like ball frisbee thing and Jake bought some Lego started to get
cold guys the sun’s going down at least we got this warm cozy van for us to
chill in at night we also got our Nintendo switch I don’t think we’re
gonna have Wi-Fi but I mean we can still play some video games so should be
pretty geese I’m trying to film a video just do that while trying to film a
video Loki as you guys can see the safety safety balls kind of blew up so I
think we need to clean this place up a little bit but the Sun is going down
Logan so before we clean it up and definitely before we get dinner why
don’t we go on and try one of the toys movies you try some the other stuff in
the morning but dude I really want to do the rocket before we settle in our box
word van Jake wanted to play with the rocket I really hope this is where the
guys you think it’s gonna go hi place your bats in the comments here we
go put it in here hey stand back where’d he go do you Grady go look at it
Oh guys – now you gonna getcha that’s how you do the fun okay that was
a lot of fun but now it’s getting close to sundown
and I think it’s time to get dinner we gotta go to a drive-thru in our van we
don’t need to have the dinner come to us we can go to the dinner all right guys
we packed up the van the Sun has gone down we’ve chilled here for long enough
but it’s time to go get ourselves some dinner and just like the Pioneers dinner
ain’t coming to us tonight we’re going to get it in our van all right guys twelve seconds later all right guys we
just got back to the park is this completely pitch black out but we got
our McDonald’s so guys I think it’s time to eat some McDonald’s you know we’re
gonna chill up now get ready for bed aye we do have the Nintendo switch so we can
play some video games on this maybe we’ll do some Mario Kart a little bit
later on because you know this is still a luxury box for Jake I’m starving so it
is time to diamond with my chicken check it out we got our mario kart here
we are just chilling in our mobile box for it in the middle of park which
actually is kind of scary Logan I hope no one’s out there but we got Martin
apart I’m sorry sorry we cheek where’s my controller second place not too bad Logan looks
like you’re not even done the race yet which means it’s a Poppa Jake where are
you going I’m going a mile blanket well I guess guys at this point it is been a
long day we launched a rocket built the box fort inside of a car drove around
hat dinner we’ve still got a lot of fun stuff to do tomorrow I want to play the
rest of the toys but I think now it is gonna be time for us to hit the hay so
no just gonna be good bet hopefully uh hopefully it’s okay to be here hopefully
there’s no raccoons I mean this is solid steel we’ve done box twists in the
forest before at night and I mean the animals could actually get through it it
should be pretty safe inside our mobile Ford and if anything happens we just
drive away it looks like we’ll see you guys in the
morning six and a half hours late gee j-jake is the morning did it like 7:00
a.m. it is super early guys because Sun’s up it was really cool last night
no showers let’s go alright what’s up guys oh you’re officially awake a little
cold harbor kept us warm we had tons of blank and it was freezing Jake my hands
are like free it was a little bit cold but yeah it’s morning time so look why
don’t we play with some more of the awesome toys we got alright guys so the
first one we’re gonna be playing with is a hover rocket I’ve never tried this
before but it looks like it is a rocket that you throw unlike the one yesterday
instead up vertically so let’s open this up and see what it did you did it you
blew up the rocket like a little morning workout I’m so sorry guys I don’t mean
to hit you in the face alright let’s uh let’s go outside and play with our hover
rocket it is so early it’s like 7:00 a.m. and you can hear the birds they’ve
woken up kinda keeps wanting to turn back into a ball do I kick it like a
ball we throw like a frisbee throw like a frisbee here we go
three two one not bad at all let’s try the rocket you go as far as
physically possible yeah guys that actually went super far rocky launch in
three two one whoa well I got some bad news for all of
you I didn’t want to have to be the one to say it but mr. Okita well he popped
it was a good 10 minutes of fun it was it was like three throws mr. frisbee is
still alive and kicking but he’s not very fun at all so we’re just gonna let
him go as well but anyway guys I think this is where we’re gonna end off the
video for today if you did enjoy this video do not forget to smash that like
button and that subscribe button and of course don’t forget to hit the
bell button so you never miss a brand new awesome video but this has been Jake
and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video