(cheery acoustic music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [Everyone] That YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re going
to spend 24 hours in – [Everyone] Ikea. – Dun dun dun. – [Mom] Okay, so we are
about to go in guys. This is awesome because this
place has food and beds. – Oh yes.
– It does. – [Mom] It’s like your own house. – It’s ginormous. – [Mom] It’s like lots of houses. – Yeah.
– I pick top floor. – Okay, let’s go find out
where we’re going to stay. Yeah, so we’re gonna have to sneak and kinda build a fort or something so we can stay at night
time and not get caught. But other than that, this will be easy. – [Ty] I brought one
thing to entertain us. – [Mom] What’d you bring? – My phone. – [Mom] Oh okay, you got your phone. – [Jordan] I already
see a comfortable bed. – [Mom] We’re already spotting places. – Alright guys, we’re
starting the 24 hours and this store is really big, so we’re kinda splitting
up into two groups. It’s gonna be Mom and Jake and Ty, and then Dad and Audrey and I. And so this is the entire
floor and layout plan. – [Dad] And guess what? We’re right here. – Yeah we’re right here. So I’m kinda thinking we make our way all the way back to the bedroom and pick out where we’re
gonna stay for the night. – [Dad] That makes sense
that we’d wanna go there. – Yeah, before the others
claim where they get to sleep. – ‘Cause any time you
watch those Survivor shows, they have to get food and shelter. Those are the first two
things that you need to get. – Yep, and I’m not
really hungry right now, so I say shelter. – Okay, but we need to
figure out where food is, because I know there’s food here. – [Jordan] Right there. – [Dad] Oh, it’s right behind us. Well, fancy that. Okay, let’s go find our sleeping. Are you ready? Alright, so if we’re here, we can take a shortcut over here to the kids and then take us right there. And who knows, maybe we’ll find some places to sleep in there. – Is this a shortcut? – [Dad] Um, yes. – It’s a big store, I
don’t know where I am. – Oh, this one says shortcut to, yes, you’re going the right way Jordan. Yeah we don’t have an Ikea close to us, so we have to drive far to get there. But you guys have been telling us to do a 24 hours in a furniture store. I found the Mom.
– I claim this one. I claim this bed. – [Dad] You’re wanting’ to be in a crib? (laughs) – Hey, if we don’t find any
other beds, I call this one. – Alright, we are going
to find a different one ’cause there is no way that
I am getting in a crib. I’m not gonna do it.
– Hey, there’s toddler beds. – I’m not even getting’ in a toddler bed, I’m gonna go in a nice comfy bed, because I want a nice comfy
bed, so I’m taking the shortcut. Oh yeah, look at this
over here, LED lights. Look at this, Jo. Look at that. – [Jordan] Ooh, it looks pretty rad. – [Dad] That is pretty rad. – [Mom] So I’m going to take the boys and we’re gonna go look at toys while the girls and Dad go do whatever. – I got random things in my
pockets, I got golf balls. – [Mom] What? Better put those away. Oh, they got dishes. – [Ty] Where are the toys? – [Mom] Right here. There’s tons of stuffed animals and stuff. – [Ty] There they are. – [Mom] Cool. Yeah, lots of toys. Let’s see what else they have guys. You want a shark? What are you gonna do with a shark? – It’s gonna be my pillow. – [Mom] Oh look, they have elephants. – [Ty] It’s gonna be my pillow. – [Mom] That’s your pillow to sleep on? – Yeah, I’m gonna take this. It’s my pillow. It’s so fluffy! – [Mom] You love that? – [Jake] It looks like Tyler’s going mad. – Hey, it’s gonna be my pillow. – [Mom] Look guys, here’s some forts. Do you think we could stay in those forts? – [Boys] No. – [Mom] No? Ty, I found you a bed. Come here, let’s try it out. – [Mom] Ty, right here. This is the perfect little bed right here. – [Ty] That’s Jake’s. – [Mom] Jake can’t fit that. – [Jake] Okay, Tyler can sleep in here. – [Mom] Jake’s gonna sleep in that big princess one down there.
– No! – Okay, I want this one, I want this one. – [Mom] You like that bed? – Yeah. – [Mom] Wait, what’s this? The blue thing on the other side. We’re finding beds. – [Ty] I call this. – [Mom] What? We found little piggies. – We found it first. – [Ty] This is my bedroom. – [Mom] Awesome, did
you find your bedroom? – [Jake] Look, right here. – [Mom] Nice, that’s a good bedroom. – [Ty] It’s tiny inside here. – [Mom] Ty’s in there, he found his place. – It’s tiny inside of there. – [Mom] Whoa. This is a good bedroom, huh? – There’s even, like, stuff to– – [Mom] Even books to read? Wow. – [Ty] And here’s my picture, no. (laughs) – [Mom] There’s your picture, look. Here’s a cool bedroom, Jake. Look, it’s got a TV. – [Jake] Let’s play hide-and-seek. – [Mom] Look, this is a
nice bedroom, I like this. – [Mom] Wow, this is cool. Do you like this bedroom? – [Ty] Where’s Jake?
– [Mom] Where’s Jake gone? Where is he? Oh, there’s Jake. Let’s go see what else. The boys found TV. They’re just gonna stand
there and watch for a while. You like this? (laughs) – No, not really. – [Mom] No? Should we find what else
there is to do here? Let’s go. – [Dad] Look at this,
girls, go to the left. Look at right there. – [Audrey] Go left? – [Dad] Left. Right there. – It’s not bunk beds. – Look at this.
– I’m not sleeping on the ground.
– Oh my gosh! – [Dad] You guys want to build a fort? – Yeah!
– I dare you, Jordan. Oh, they got a plexiglass off. – [Jordan] Yeah, no, we can’t go up there. – [Dad] We can’t go up there
because it’s for your safety. – I can just jump up. (laughs) – [Jordan] Hey, I want this one. – [Dad] Ah, somebody’s already
just slept in that one. – That’s true.
– Yeah. – Whoever just slept in this
one did not make their bed. Rude! Did they not know that we were gonna come sleep in these beds and that we need a bed that’s made? Oh, I think Audrey found her bed. All right, Audrey. – If this ladder was usable, you guys could sleep up there, too. – [Dad] But it’s there for your safety. All right, let’s see you
get in and go to sleep. Night, Audrey. Okay, we’re gonna put Audrey to bed. (magical chiming) Jordan found hers. Is this the one you’re
gonna sleep in tonight? – I think so. Look, you think it’s just
like, oh, just a striped bed. You’re bright! (laughs)
– What? – It’s colorful! (laughs) – [Dad] Okay, so I got a question for you. – That’s pretty neat.
– That’s like, really noisy. Would that keep you awake, or would that help you go to sleep? – No, it would be all the bright colors and it would create, like, vivid dreams. – [Dad] Okay, let’s
have Jordan go to sleep. All right, Jordan found her
bed, and good night, Jordy. (magical chiming) (upbeat music) I’m thinking’ the robots
is a good one for me. I kind of want to see what a full or a queen would look like, though. Or a king-size bed. Actually, you know what,
I think I found mine. Come over here; follow me. (camera person laughing) I found my bed. – [Female] Good night! (laughs) – All right, so I got kicked
out of my bed. (laughs) It was actually kind of embarrassing, ’cause I was like, leaning forward and this worker opened up the sheet and threw a pillow in. She hit me right in the head. (laughs) – And she was like, oh, what? – I got to find a different
place to go to sleep tonight. That was kind of embarrassing, but I think I’ve… – We’re here at the bed place. – Look, there’s a princess bed over there. – Somewhere, I don’t see it. – All right, let’s try
this one right here. – This one’s a big bed. Memory foam.
– Memory foam’s are the best. – This is like Audrey’s. Oh, yeah! Look at me just sink. (laughing) – Good night!
(magical chiming) – Okay, so we just bumped into
Audrey and Dad and Jordan. It’s the next morning, and
now I have Audrey and Ty. – Yeah, we swapped.
– So, I think everyone else went off to go get breakfast. We’re going to get
breakfast in a little bit. All righty. (sighs) Should we get up and get goin’? – [Audrey] I guess we have to. Everyone’s staring at us. – The thing that I like about this shark is that I can do this. Tail slap, tail slap, tail slap! – Oh, boy.
– Oh, great. Why did we pick Ty to come with us? (Mom laughing)
– Tail slap, tail slap! – [Mom] Nice. – It’s the next day! Good morning!
– Made it through the night. It was tough; there was a lot of noise. – Actually, yeah.
– They do a lot of cleaning here at nighttime.
– Yep. – So didn’t have a very
good night’s sleep. Woke up, Audrey had already
got up and left, so. – I don’t know where she is.
– She texted me and said that she found Mom, and that her and Mom and Ty were hanging out and Mom asked us to go pick up Jacob because he didn’t want to get up, so we just found Jacob over here. He’s like in the, what
is this thing, a wagon? Old-fashioned wagon canopy thing. So, we’re all gonna wake Jacob up. You guys ready? Let’s tickle his nose. Tickle, tickle, tickle… Let’s tickle his ears. Tickle, tickle, tickle…
– Stop. – [Dad] Tickle, tickle, Jacob, Wake up! (Jacob groaning)
– Oh, it’s too early. – It’s morning time.
– It’s too early! – People are already shopping here and it’s like, early in the morning. – [Dad] I know, there’s
tons of people here. Dude, your hair’s like all messy. You gotta clean that up. (laughs) Did you sleep good? – Yeah, except I saw a lot of cleaning. – [Dad] There was tons of noise. I woke up constantly. All right, how about we go get something. – [Jordan] I’m hungry! – Should we go over to the food area? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it. Oh, look at this! All right, comment down below if you think that we should buy something like this and put in a future video. Let us know what you think. I’m thinking’ that would
make an awesome video if we got some of these things. – [Mom] Oh, look, who’s room’s that one? – [Ty] Audrey’s. – We didn’t find this room. This would’ve been nice. Look, it has a little bed. – Well, maybe it could be
your room for the day time. Okay, what do you have in the kitchen? – [Ty] We have nothing. – [Mom] I think it’s locked. No, that means we have to go to the restaurant and get the food. (Jordan groaning) We wanted to find food here, and just chill out and watch TV! Oh, man! – [Ty] Wait, there’s the controller – We can play, there’s a game station. We can just chill in our third house. Who’s that?
– Some random kid. (laughs) Oh, mom’s busy at work uploading a video. Hope you guys like this video. – It is called 3 a.m.
and it’s in the dark. It’s total nighttime, check
it out, this is way cool. – [Ty] I don’t see anything. – [Mom] Look at that! It’s filmed solely in the dark, it’s got a lot of creepy sound effects. I hope you guys like it. (gasps) That was a little scary part. Oh, Ty was really good at that part. – [Ty] I don’t think it was on. – It was on. Look, we can go get
stuff out of our garden. – [Kids] Whoa!
– Welcome to my garden! – [Mom] Hey, do you have
any fresh breakfast in here? – This is my garden. – [Mom] Oh, pour us some hot chocolate. (Audrey slurping) – [Mom] Yum, what a nice wonderful garden. – Peace out.
(mugs clinking) – Yummy!
– Very yummy. – [Mom] Okay, let’s keep moving. – That’s my room. – Here, cocoa puffs.
(Mom gasping) – [Mom] Did you find cocoa puffs? – Actually, no, they’re “Odla”. (Mom laughing) – [Mom] Oh, I had my hopes up. Are you guys getting hungry at all yet? – Kind of.
– Maybe we should start heading down there.
– Okay, we’ll start going towards there.
– All this kitchen talk is making us hungry.
– I wonder where Dad, Jacob, and Jo are. – [Dad] Okay, oh. Chocolate cake for breakfast. You want some chocolate
cake for breakfast? – The only other thing that
they really have is like… Well, they do have breakfast here, but… – [Dad] Yeah? We’re gonna try to get that? – It’s like… it’s kinda
almost lunch already. I mean, it’s still breakfast, but… – [Dad] I’m thinking
chocolate cake and some milk. Yummy
– (Laughs) “Yas”. – [Dad] Breakfast of champions, huh? – Yeah! – [Dad] Alright, let’s go see
if we can get some of that. Hopefully they’ve got some chocolate milk, some chocolate cake. Alright. – [Jake] Chocolate… do
they have ice cream here? – Maybe. So, because we’re not
home, we get to just eat whatever we want. Comment down below if you’ve ever had chocolate cake for breakfast. We’re gonna try it right now. So Jordan, what are you gonna get? – I don’t know if I
want the chocolate cake or the cheesecake crumble. – [Dad] Here, open this door
for me so I can get this. I am gonna get this
piece of chocolate cake. Don’t mind if I do.
– (Gasps) Okay, this is German. Marzipan is German. – [Dad] Alright, Jordan wants some German. – Should I get that? – [Dad] Yes. – I wanna get that. Cream cake with marzipan. If you don’t know, I took German
class for awhile in school, so I speak a little bit of Deutsche. – [Dad] (Speaking foreign language) – (Repeats foreign language phrase) – [Dad] Awesome. Okay, Jake, what did you
decide you wanna get? Were you gonna go for a meal? – Yeah, I’m gonna go for a meal. – [Dad] Okay. – [Jordan] What are you gonna get? – Chicken tenders. – [Dad And Jordan] Chicken tenders? – [Dad] For breakfast? What?
– Okay… – [Jake] You’re having sugar! – Alright.
– Nobody does that. – I guess Audrey eat old pizza sometimes, for breakfast, so… – [Dad] That’s true. Alright, well, I’m gonna
get me a chocolate milk to go with my chocolate cake. – Oh, look at this! – [Jake] Dad, it’s all
about the chocolate. – [Dad] You want your veggies? – [Jake] Dad, it’s all
about the chocolate. – [Dad] I am. Okay, you gonna get a milk or anything? Jordan?
– I’m just gonna get this, Strawberry, banana, apple. – [Dad] Okay. Alright, and Jake said
he’s gonna get us a meal. So he’s gonna get the chicken tenders. Alright, we’re gonna order that for him. – Okay, so I just found the cafeteria. It is breakfast time. – Yum, yum. I see signs everywhere around this mall talking about food, why? They do that on purpose. – It smells good.
– Yeah. Looks like we’re getting
chicken meatballs for breakfast. – Is this dinner?
– Yeah, Dad just texted. Let’s see what he said. He got food, full soda bar. – What? Let’s go find Dad. Alright, look who we found! – Yes, so we were eating, and
you decided to crash our party so we’ll let you hang out with us. – [Mom] Yeah, we all the sudden got hungry,
– What? You took– – [Mom] I like your breakfast, are you eating Jordan’s princess cake? – Yeah, it really is
called a princess cake. [Dad] Here, eat your princess cake. – Aww!
– It’s so cute! That is really good. It’s like ice cream. – Yum!
– They’re gonna sell out of them
– Oh! – by the end of the day
– Good breakfast, Jake! – Yeah! – I figured I’d get
chocolate cake for breakfast. – [Mom] Yeah. – It’s got eggs,
– You guys are double dipping! – It’s got sugar,
– No! – [Mom] (Laughs) It’s all healthy, right? – Alright, now we got our energy up. We got one or two things that we can play. We can either go play sardines, what do you guys think? – Yeah. – Sounds like everybody
wants to play sardines. – Okay, so Jake and I are
going to go find a spot. We are the first up, Jake. Where should we go? Okay, so Jake, there are doors right here that we could cut through. Because they might think– I think they saw us go over here, so let’s cut through here. Look, we’ll cut through this door, and now we’re way on the other side. They’ll never know. Back here, Jake. – [Jake] Curtain? – [Mom] No, right here. We’ll just be working right here. This is perfect, they’ll never see us! Okay Jake, so how likely do you think they’ll find us, at all? – Two minutes, no. – You think they’ll find us that fast? – It’s already been two minutes. – And who do you think will find first? Dad and Ty, or Audrey and Jordan. – Dad and Ty, because he
knows he shortcuts, actually – That’s true, Dad knows the shortcuts. But do they know that we know? And that we went this way?
– Yeah, he knows I know, because I went through it with him. – (Sighs) Okay, so we’ll see. I don’t know, I kind of think
the girls will find us first, but we’ll see. – I hear them, wait.
– This store is huge. I don’t think we set boundaries. – Yeah.
– You realize, they could be anywhere? – I think,
– Whoa. – Let’s try and look on
the top floors first, since we’re here. But, yeah. Literally don’t know where they would be. We should go through that door. That shortcut door. That looks like an employees’
door, but it’s not. – [Audrey] Wait, we go here? – [Jordan] Yeah, look! Whee!
– What? – Yeah! (Sneeze echoes across store) (Gasps) That’s Mom’s sneeze! (Laughs)
– She’s around here somewhere. – We heard Mom sneeze. – Okay, so I hear Jordan. I’m not sure where she’s
at, but I can hear her. So, we have to be quiet. – (Imitating musical tune) – I found you guys! – [Mom] Oh, Jake! You caught us!
– We got you. I though it was the workers. – You know how we found out? You went, (imitates loud sneeze). – You heard the loud sneeze?
– Yeah, all the way from the other side. We were just like, that’s Mom!
– Oh, my gosh. – [Mom] That’s funny, you
tracked me down by a sneeze. – [Girls together] We did. – I was like, “I heard Mom
sneeze, and she’s that way.” – [Mom] (Laughs) That’s funny. – Your sneeze is one of a kind. – [Mom] Oh, it is loud, – (imitates aggressive sneeze)
– and I can’t make it quiet. We’re just chilling,
hanging out in our room. (Gasps) They found us! – Oh, we searched this whole floor. – [Mom] Yeah! Yeah, we found a nice little cubby that was right here.
– We heard Mom’s sneeze. – [Mom] I sneezed really loud,
– Uh, yeah, that’s how… – And they tracked me from
clear across the building. – Yeah, because these ceilings are open, so we could just hear her.
– That’s true. (Laughs) – [Mom] And I have a powerful sneeze. – [Audrey] It’s our turn
to hide, downstairs. Okay, where’s downstairs? This way? Sure
– That’s a shortcut to kitchens – And check it out, an exit. We finally found the stairs, you guys. That took so long. – [Jordan] It literally
took half of our time. So I don’t even know where
we’re gonna hide anymore, because we haven’t even been down here. – Yeah, because we too the long– Whoa!
– Shopping carts! – [Audrey] Oh… Look how many shopping carts there are. Okay you guys, I found some
curtains we can hide behind. This is the classic hiding spot. – Yep, but this is a corner in the store, towards the back of the bottom floor. So hopefully they won’t
think of going here. – [Audrey] There’s these red ones, there’s also these curtains. Maybe behind these ones. – [Jordan] Wait… Audrey, where do I go?
– Goodbye. Okay, you guys. I’m hiding behind the curtain. Hopefully they won’t be able to see me. (Pop music plays throughout store) This is the spy cam. I have a feeling it’s going to be awhile before they find us, though. – Okay, so Mom ran off on her own, because she thinks she’s gonna
be able to find the girls. She left Jacob, so he’s with us now. So it’s the boys, to go
find Audrey and Jordan. And we don’t know where Mom went. She went AWOL. So, we have got to go
see if we can find them. Their job is to go downstairs this time, so we’ll meet you
downstairs in just a second. Alright, so we are downstairs. And we are trying to find them. We don’t know where they went, though. They are definitely not in the
pillows and sheets section. So we just ran through that whole area. We’re getting some crazy looks. We’re making it. Keep your eyes out, boys. – [Jake] Okay. – Just keep your eyes out. Here we go. – [Ty] We got more people to spy. – [Dad] Yeah, we got six eyes, right? – Yep. Can we find them? Okay, we’re in the drapes section. And I think I just saw
the top of Jordan’s head. Let’s go sneak around and see her. (Pop music plays throughout store) Where are they? Where did they go? I saw them. (Gasps) There they are! (Laughs) – [Audrey] Mom found us! – I found towels! – We’re not even by our
original hiding spot because– – We got so bored. – We got so bored,
– Because it took me that long – It took so long, and people were shopping over there, and they were moving the curtains, and ta-da, surprise,
hiding behind the curtains. – Ta-da, we’re here?
– Yeah. So, we’re just like “Okay,
we need to move around, outside of the curtains.” – Mom stopped and went shopping. – Yeah, I found bath mats. I got distracted by bath mats. – [Dad] I’ve been standing over there, behind curtains, for the last ten minutes, by myself.
– I know. – Because I wanted new bath mats. – (Gasps)
– I didn’t know, everybody left me. – Buy the Polarvide, because it will “Polarvide”
you with warmth and comfort. – [Mom] Oh, bad puns, let’s go. – Who wants it?
– Wow, good job. – [Dad] I think the times up, guys. I think we’ve made it
our twenty-four hours. – [Mom] Have we gone crazy enough here? – Yeah,
– Pretty much crazy. – Yeah, you took forever to find us. – [Mom] I did take forever, because I got distracted.
– Yeah, but three hours, of “missing-ness”?
– And it’s been a while– – Yes, well,
– Hiding behind drapes? – joke’s on you guys!
– Mom, mom! Come here, come here. – [Jordan] What happens when
I get sunburned? (laughs) – You’re my “Girli”. – Oh, yeah? What happens when I get sunburned? I’m “Jo-fried”. (Laughs) Just fried. What do you do every night? – [Mom] Go to bed? – “Skogsk-Lock-a” all the doors! (laughs) – “Skogsk-Lock-a” the doors! – [Mom] Okay, Jordan is way too hyper, – She’s gotten crazy.
– And crazy. – [Mom] She needs to get some real sleep. – We hope that you’ve
enjoyed watching this video. – Make sure you like, – Subscribe, – And share, and… – Hit the bell! – Make today an adventure! – We’ll see you all next time! – Bye! (cheery acoustic music)