alright guys what’s going on right now I
just drew on the blogging camera because something is happening something is
going down right now we just got an emergency alert on our phone that
something is going down and as this happen a strange package showed up to
the door look it’s already down there looking
into it it’s addressed to us but there’s no person that sent it to us it doesn’t
say who sent it what is this call the duct tape on see what’s beat up who’s
got dirt on it you know something’s not right there something’s not right guys
after we got the emergency alert we had a knock at the door we didn’t even know
who dropped this office she’s a strange package and now inside well there’s this
all right maybe we should bring this downstairs and open it up and find out
what’s inside dude this is freaking me out who could
have left this and what is this look there’s duct tape stuck on it I mean we
use a lot of duct tape so maybe it’s it’s for us right Bevell with it really
dropped it somewhere all right let’s see what’s inside you be careful I don’t
know what’s in there I don’t either but dude look we got to
figure out what this is what’s going on first the emergency alert then this
package something’s not right you don’t think the Baron could be up to
something do you we haven’t heard from the Baron in a really long time
you’re right looks like clothing these pants no it’s a jacket dude this
is freaking me out dude if this was someone’s jacket oh we got more stuff in
here man looks like this might be some sort of
survival kit like a survival bag look there’s dried pineapple there’s a
there’s a Nalgene bottle G a beat-up camera what is this dude this definitely
was some sort of survival pack someone was using this and whatever happened to
them wasn’t good things beat up sunflower seeds it’s a water bottle oh
dude look at that who could have done that so scratched up like crazy guys
this is really freaking me out right now this is really freaking me out
it’s a survival booklet on what to eat and what you can’t eat I’m more curious
about what’s in this camera box yeah me too but look it’s a notebook maybe
there’s lots of information on it it’s covered in dirt there’s a bunch of notes
here look at this day one weird stuff is happening on the news what else is in
here it’s more writing back here day 53 if
you think this just happened you’re fooling yourself someone knows what
caused this someone is behind this don’t believe me then riddle me this why does
the army start ferrying people in two days before the first confirmed attacks
attacks Logan what is this talking about wait wait wait there’s something here
there’s something here too papa Jake if you’re receiving this it might already
be too late Logan Jake what does it say the zombie virus has spread and the
zombies are moving quickly by the time you’re reading this it already may be
too late the zombies will be approaching your position if I can give you one word
of advice it’s to stock up now build a base and survive as long as you can
hopefully what’s in this pack can help you check the video camera there’s
something here it’s a medkit and looks like inside here
there’s some sort of medicine alright look dude whoever sent us this is trying
to warn us we need to start building up now if zombies are truly coming this way
we’ve dealt with them before and we can deal with them again we need to build a
survival base we have to grab our cardboard grab our resources and build
up Jake what about what’s on this camera we’ll have to watch it later watch it
once we’re inside the base safe and secure but right now our first priority
is getting this base built looks like the zombies are coming which
means we need to build our zombie base fast now the thing is we’ve dealt with
zombies before so we have a bunch of equipment that we can use to make this
base zombie survivable we need food we need water we need supplies and most
importantly we need our nerf guns so if we can defend this fort now what I’m
thinking guys is rebuild a front fortress here that allows us to get in
and out of the base here we’ll have different windows that we can shoot out
of to defend ourselves from the zombies as we move back here well this place
open so we can expand the base if we need to I’m thinking we can out like a
med bay over there we could even have an Arsenal where we keep all of our awesome
nerf guns after we go out on missions so with zombies coming I think the most
important thing we can do right now is start building up this base and getting
settled in for the night it’s gonna be a long night alright Gaston check it out we’ve been
working on the zombie bass for a little while now and it’s coming along great we’re we’re gonna be living sleeping
eating all that kind of stuff over here we have a storage room where we can
store all of our supplies like our nerf guns as well as our food and water and
then over here is the front entrance this is actually where we’re gonna be
able to defend against any zombies coming to fight us we even have a bunch
of room back here that we can expand on through in future episodes if we need to
expand this base but right now like I said guys our main priority is getting
this set up and then once we have it all set up we can watch what’s on that tape
but guys check this out while I was moving the bag over here I found
something else inside and I need your guy’s help with it guys check this out
inside the journal I found this code look at this I don’t know what it means
or what it could be for which is why I need your help guys I need you to try
and figure out what this could be for and let me know down below in the
comments have you guys seen a code that looks like this and do you have any idea
where we could use it it’s gotta have something to do with the zombie outbreak
but I need your help so the zombie face is finished guys check it out this is
our zombie bases we’re gonna be holding up against all the zombies and while
surviving the zombie apocalypse as long as we can in terms of supplies and
ammunition we’re a little bit low I’ve got a few cartridges for our weapon here
and swell food and ammunition there is none but coming inside guys I’ll show
you guys the base so once you get inside here you close the exterior door like so
and then we have this lock hatch it’s gonna prevent anyone and zombies from
getting in that means other survivors trying to steal our supplies or well
zombies of course trying to break down the door from the window oh yeah guys
check this out so we have this window here so if the zombies do come up
obviously if a bunch of them bunch up outside it could break down the fort so
we have this window here that we open up like this and then we can fire out of
with our nerf guns and then if it gets too hot to close it like this and we’re
safe inside let’s head back here though guys to check out the rest of the base
all right guys this is our second survival area this actually we’re gonna
be sleeping making our food as well as storing all of our equipment and
supplies behind me here this is the supply locker as you guys
can see we have the backpack in there and well it’s completely empty right now
cuz our first priority was building the space and then we’re gonna move our
stuff in like sleeping bags food ammunition nerf guns and more but there
is also a lot to do on this base like like I want to add reinforcements I want
to add defenses against zombies and back here guys check this out
we have an entire open space back here with surrounding walls that we can
expand the base into so we have lots of room for expansion but right now we’re
gonna be surviving here and while before we watch whatever’s on that tape we need
to get supplies like food and water but guys if we’re gonna be surviving here
and well watching whatever’s on that tape before we do that we need the
essentials food and water there’s a storage unit in our house where we keep
all this stuff just around the corner we’re gonna head out now I’ve been
hearing a lot of zombie activity listen ok closer to the house alright we gotta
head out now and grab as much as we can a little doesn’t even have a weapon yet
let’s go alright guys we’re gonna head out now and head towards the storage
locker don’t know what the situations like out there so we got to stay close
and stay quiet releasing the latch alright let’s do
this we’ll get it on the base get the store get the latch lock the door
they’re already broke into the house Jake what’s going on they’re already
here alright she’s latched off oh no I don’t have a lot of ammo all the stuff
is in the storage locker we should have grabbed it first all right let’s take a
look outside and see what’s going on we got another one could ruin the bass
hold on dr. mouth Logan we’re really low on ammo
chief we only have one cartridge left I know we gotta make it towards that
storage locker got him all right look emotive ammo maybe there’s something in
that camcorder that can help us with this so I mean we haven’t checked we’re
all out we’re gonna get out of here we need to
make that storage locker but first let’s secure the door then check the bag come
on there could be some extra supplies in here here this camcorder have something
on you it’s gotta be a reason they sent us a camcorder it’s pretty old tech but
I should be able to get to work there’s a battery
please got some juice left in it it’s working let’s see what’s on here should we play it yeah they’re getting
closer alright let’s watch this supposed to be
the doctor the doctor who this bag belong to listen up Papa Jake if you’re
hearing this the serum that I provided in this bag might be the only cure for
the zombie apocalypse I’m giving it to you because you need to end this fight
okay well it looks like the scientists who
own this before it’s no longer with us but the medicine that’s in this bag
supposedly could be the serum to stop the zombie virus how are we gonna know
well whoever sent us this thinks that it might be the cure which means we need to
trap a zombie and try it on one it’s the only way we can know for sure if this
will stop it we need to create some sort of zombie cage to trap a live zombie and
administer in medicine it sounds crazy but if this works we could stop the
entire infection we won’t have to survive here but in order to do that
we’re gonna need supplies we’re gonna have to fashion some sort of makeshift
zombie weapons and head to that supply locker gather supplies and then create a
zombie trap stay here for the night and tomorrow we
catch ourselves a zombie ready for this yeah let’s do this
all right let’s get a good night’s sleep we’ll head out in the morning we’re
gonna do this and we’re gonna stop the zombie virus once and for all
it was created by the Baron and it’s gonna be handed by Papaji