where am I Oh No toughen up oh my feet
are too not so good sucking it off oh wow where am I
what happened there’s a guy masked man and lava water lots of water
we decompression chamber you system a better decompression chamber how many
where I am you get out of here now okay I can do this once before I can do this
again metal bars here come on cops this must be the decompression chamber okay I
gotta get out of here not gonna get out of here fast
I don’t know who this guy is or what he wants but I can tell you he’s bad news
hi guys my memories are still a little faded here but if I can remember I was
being carried into a chamber weight kidnapping she said something about
kidnapping if you kidnapped why am I in a decompression chamber where am I Who
am I being taken hello is anyone there I gotta get out of here I gotta show
these people they can’t mess – Papa Jake I don’t care whose guy is he’s not gonna
mess with me all right I’m gonna be able to this tree off my feet perfect okay I
just gotta get these cuffs off you get out of this box it’s gotta be something
in here I can use something I’m not seeing
what’s this like some sort of ventilation pipe wait
a second I feel air blowing out of it wait no but the air is not blowing into
here it’s blowing out of here this is sucking air if I could get this
string in here I might be able to get it caught into the whatever fans pulling it
there’s a fan inside here and I get this string caught around it I could use it
as a wedge to pull out these bars it’s a bit of stretch but it’s my only option
has it right now there’s no way to get these cuffs off
let’s try setting it up okay here goes nothing I’ve gotta feed the Rope through
here and get it wrapped around all these bars and then if I can feed the other
end into this exhaust valve the fan inside should get tangled up with the
rope and pull it considering this is a decompression chamber the force should
be strong enough to blow these bars off there we go tie a knot that should be
good now I’m just gonna stick this other end
through this exhaust valve could hope the fan catches it on the other side
hopefully this thing doesn’t blow right in my face okay here goes nothing should
be able to catch on to the fan and pull these off a little bit further come on
hopefully it works it’s the only shot I got okay
alright this one way to read bars off man that’s one powerful fan they caught
that rope and pull the whole thing out of here alright I should be able to get
through these bars the rip completely off I should be able to slide through
here I don’t know what kind of security this is oh really where we are at all
but that might have drawn some guards so I gotta be careful
oh okay cool ah it’s fresh air yeah we’re out of the decompression chamber it’s got a push up a little bit more
that seems like that weak in the structure of it huh and we’re out of the
chamber the question is where are we now what is this place
Wow where are they keeping me all right let’s get the facts straight
a masked man showed up my house and kidnapped me I heard of them bringing me
to a decompression chamber I saw water and I heard him say he kidnapped me for
a fee put that all together knows there’s no way we’re underwater yeah
yeah no no no no there’s no way we can’t be underwater my fur underwater just how
am I good how am I gonna get out of here wait decompression chamber that’s heavy
the only reason you put me in here we must be miles under the ocean there’s no
need for a decompression chamber unless unless this is some sort of sky fortress
think we might be under the sea this might be an underwater prison or
underwater fortress of some sort right I gotta figure this out most importantly
we gotta get out of here I’ve gotten out of every other situation I can get out
of this one all right time to go this decompression chamber doesn’t look like
there’s any guards any signs of life as we know it but if we can piece together
the puzzles and we are in fact underwater I mean there’s got to be a
way out of here how elevator a ladder or something all right looks like there’s a
wall here seems like they’re just building this place this place looks
like it’s not even built yet they must have thought the decompression chamber
would be enough to hold me but they don’t know Papa Jake now I gotta figure
out a way out of here and I think I mean it’s going through that wall some sort
of emergency life raft emergency life raft services what is it it is it’s the emergency life
raft okay well definitely helps to confirm
that we’re underwater well so were they breathin emergency life raft alright
maybe I can use this thing somehow give me something else in here wait look
there’s a gap in the wall where they’re building I can almost see through here
it looks like there’s another room maybe an airlock
alright well looks like this is the only way out I gotta get in here somehow how
could you break down this wall maybe I can use this life raft Oh perfect this
is emergency inflator but supposed to be what they’re using to inflate it if I
can stick the emergency light craft into this wall and inflate it it should be
powerful enough to break the wall these things are built extremely tough and
looks like this walls just being built yeah if I could break it down maybe I
could find a way out of here and by the looks of it there’s no guards or cameras
this thing must be brand new let’s figure out where i inflate it from right
here perfect speed it through like so there
we are okay that should do now what you plug in my inflator and well here goes
nothing please don’t pop on me please I’m enough power to blow this thing up working insufflating perfect is working we’re wall down perfect oh let’s get
this roll out of here oh all right hello min how is kind of 5050 that would
work but well looks like we just broke a wall down using an inflatable raft first
things first I want to figure out a way to get these cuffs off barely moving
them there’s some info here something we can use some sort of information as to
where we are exactly well there’s definitely more emergency
underwater gear tells us that we’re definitely underwater looks like some
sort of postcard welcome home your new life starts under the sea it’s can’t be
where we are this is this is a city this is completely underwater I’ve never even
heard of this before this is a city I thought maybe a maybe a small prison or
fortress or secret laboratory but a massive city under the water if we are
in fact in the city under the water then we could be hundreds of miles under the
water yeah I can’t swim 100 miles well keep this for later looks like this
was some sort of briefing room got information on different subjects looks
like it’s some sort of doctor file or maybe some of the people that work here
oh wait there’s a computer terminal here use this if I can hacking the computer
terminal might be able to gather some information as to where we are in order
to do that I’m gonna need my fancy brief study something in here I can use to
break open these cuffs wait it’s a medical box I’m available use some of
the ingredients in here you ripped open yeah this looks like
sodium venturi then that must be hydrogen peroxide no med kit would you
complete without it Oh perfect hydrogen peroxide if you guys
don’t know what these two chemicals are both of which on their own act is
antiseptic I mean you put them on a wound and it doesn’t get infected but
combine the two together and they’re extremely acidic if I can pour that
inside the lock of these cuffs I should be able to burn the tumbler and get them
open carefully put them on the ground here once the reaction starts it’ll be
quick I’ve got to shove my cuffs into him and hope it’s enough to burn them
off there goes a little bit of it on my hands it’s good to be free of those
cuffs okay now to find a way out of here all right like I said there’s a terminal
here I’m gonna hack into it and put the feed through to the camera you’ll be
seeing the exact same footage I’m seeing maybe will give us a better idea as to
where we are a little bit of route packing get us online perfect now to
access protocols to be database and wait security cameras hold on we might be
able to access the security cameras should give us some pretty good ideas to
our location and patching us through now it looks like a surveillance feed of
workers there they’re building the city we’re underwater
hundreds of miles underwater in a underwater city that’s why there was a
decompression chamber that’s that must be where the guy came from you must have
come out of the water he must have kidnapped me and brought me
back down to his city how can I escape in this place there is no way this place
is holding me you hear me there is no way you’re holding me I’m
getting home I’m gonna get out of this underwater prison and you guys are
coming along for the ride