(upbeat jingle) – Chef Duffy. – Hey, how you doing? – Good, let’s dive in. – Let’s go. – If you could be cast
in a movie, what movie? What character? – It’s gotta be Space Jam two, Bugs Bunny. – If you could only choose
one place to go on vacation for the rest of your life,
where would it be and why? – I’m going the Maldives,
beautiful sun, beaches, sand, its got everything. – Favorite bread in the morning – Super seed sourdough,
already healthy, gets me going every time. – Favorite bread with dinner? – Something a little easier. A simple country loaf. – What do most people not
understand about bread? – So, most people don’t
understand that good bread takes about 40-60 hours to make. – What was your favorite class in school? – I was never a very good
student, next question. – Whoa, what’s that? – This large flower mill, so
inside there’s two stones. We mill all our own whole
grains in this for our breads. – Where’s the last place
you went for the first time? – Last place, I’m not sure
but I’m going to San Francisco this weekend for the first time. – Cool. What are you currently reading? – The New Bread Basket, Amy Haloran. – What super power would you totally own. – Too tough a question, move on. – What is your favorite
part of a farmers market? – All the produce piled high. Spring, Summer, Fall, I love it. – Who was your favorite
teacher when you were young? – Favorite teacher? It’s gotta be my mom. She was a high school teacher. – Title of your autobiography? – Loafin around. – Do you collect anything? – Yeah, I collect Stance socks. – Awesome. What’s a skill you learned
when you were young that you still use today? – I don’t think I can
tell you that on camera. – What city had the best
bread you’ve ever tasted? – Best bread? Scarborough Ontario,
this bread right here. – Okay, I have to admit,
I crept your Instagram, what is the story behind this picture? – Ooh, this picture right
here, with my name on it, this dough was supposed to go
in the fridge overnight but somebody whose name’s written
right there forgot and it exploded, let’s move on from this. – Okay, dying to know, what is this tool? – So, this tool here is called
a lame, it’s used to score the bread. We shape the bread with tension
and use the blade to cut the bread so it can open up
and make a beautiful loaf in the oven. – What’s your proudest accomplishment? – Proudest accomplishment? Well, it’s gotta be my
daughter, Juniper, she turns one this weekend. – What’s the most valuable
piece of career advice you’ve ever been given? – Somebody told me once just
to keep pushing, follow your passion, and don’t worry
about what anyone else thinks. – Grossest food you’ve ever
had to eat to be polite? – Ooh, come on, you’re
bringing back a bad memory, Seder dinner at my wife’s uncles house. Never again. – Okay, chef Duffy, here’s
the burning question. Whole wheat or white. – Come on, it’s gotta be whole grains. We mill all our own flour here, of course. – Chef Duffy. (upbeat jingle)