Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We are very excited! If you’re looking for a small motor home, two living areas, four seat
belts, can sleep up to four. Not only do we have a
brand new, baby floor plan, the Unity RL, but we have a brand new
Mercedes-Benz 2019 Chassis with a ton of new features. Look how they’ve redesigned
the entire front end. We’ve also got the three
liter V6 Turbo diesel engine, 188 horsepower, 325 foot pounds of torque. It has a brand new,
seven-speed transmission. The GCWR is 15,250 pounds. The GVWR is 11,030 pounds. Look how all the lines match up. Look how our front mask lines up. ‘Course, our mirrors drop in here. We’re seven feet 10 inches wide. We’re 25 one long, and we’re 10 feet seven inches high. Nice little courtesy
light here that comes on. We’ve got our steps
here, fiberglass steps. Easy to get in and out, and wind-censored awning. Just touch the button, and the awning comes out. How great is this? You can see we’ve got built-in
LED lights in the awning, which you can control, and look how much room we have. We’re seven feet wide, and just over 12 feet in length. So, nice big awning. No more legs to put down. Let me demonstrate the
wind-censor part here. Look at that! Big gust of wind, automatically closes. We have multiplexing, and you can run an app off of your phone, and you can turn the lights on and off, and you can also dim them. So, if you’ve loved the
exterior on the brand new 2020 Unity RL, you’re gonna be
crazy about the inside. Come on in! Let’s have a look! So, we’re inside the
brand new 2020 Unity RL. As you can see, we’re sitting
up front in the galley area, beautiful, little area up front. How many 25 foot motor
homes has two living areas? Of course, the Unity FX
does, Unity IB, Unity TB, and now, of course,
the brand new Unity RL. Look at this. Come on back into the second living area. Look how spectacular this is! So, if you like to lounge,
kick back, and relax, this is hard to believe. Look at this. Duel recliners in the back area. Nice, big TV. I have beautiful windows. What a beautiful view we have. Two recliners, sit back,
kick back and relax. Read, watch TV. Just nice to have two separate areas. You can block off the
door, living area up front, and a second living area in the back. Wow. This is absolutely spectacular. We have lots of glass back here, so you can see we have beautiful views. We have awning style
windows, cross ventilation. Well, look how the beautiful
second window down low gives you lots of natural light in. Obviously, look at this, scenic
views beyond belief as we’re just outside of Phoenix. You can also have the
day-time shades down, or the privacy shades as well. So, you can block it all off if you want. Some other great features that we have… We’ve got a secondary table. If you want to work on your laptop, I’m gonna set that up for you in a second. Little place here for some wine bottles. We have our 32 inch TV
with a sound bar back in this area here. If you look up here, look at
the storage space that we have. Up there, and over here, more storage space. And I like this, USB plugs. 110 electrical plugs. Over on the other side, more USB plugs, and another inverted plug, and of course, for 2020, Pure
Sine Wave 2000 Watt Inverter. Our little table right
here comes out of here, and as you can see, now I’ve
got a little computer desk for working on my laptop. So, now you’ve got two living areas. Living area up front, second living area, or a work area back here. Also, with the multiplexing system, I have a monitor back here. So, I can control the
entire motor home right from here as well, or you can also download an app, and run it off of your iPhone, as well. So, when I wanna go to bed at night, I’ve a got a beautiful, hidden Murphy bed. Our design team did a great job with this. So, we’re just gonna move a
couple cushions out of the way, and look how simple this is. This is the foot and the lock of the bed. Pull this down. Look at this. 75 inch long, 57 inch wide bed. This is very, very cool. And I am not small, I got my shoes on, so I’m well over 6’1″, probably 6’2″, with the shoes on, but look how much room I have. Can’t even touch the
other side of the bed, and you’re absolutely gonna love this. If somebody else was
sleeping here, watch this. I can slide out of the bed
without disturbing my partner when they’re sleeping, and look, I can go to the bathroom, get a drink, come back to bed, and I’ll never disturb anybody. Whoa-ho-ho! Now, that’s a smart use of space! Nice little built-in feature, they got a little cubbyhole
for putting your phone. Have a USB connection here, we
have an inverted plug there, and of course, the awning-style windows. And with the new multiplexing system, I can dim all of the
lights that are built in to the cabinet. Hanging closet, how great is this? Beautiful hanging closet, and you need some drawers, which we have. Full drawer extension
glides, look at this. Open all the way up. And our stand up shower! So, nice, big stand up shower. Once again, I’m well over
6’1″ with my shoes on. We’re probably about 6’5″ to the top here. Little handle for getting in and out. We have a little switch on
the shower head to control the water flow. You can put all your soaps and shampoos, it’s all built in, integrated. And little place here
for drip drying clothes. Got an LED light, as well. And, ‘course, we have
our separate shower door, and if we walk over to
the other side we’ve got a beautiful, dry bathroom area. So, separate toilet, separate sink. Look at this medicine cabinet here. How spectacular is that? This is a macerator toilet, so what it’s gonna do is it’s
gonna grind up all the solids, and it’s gonna shoot
’em into the black tank. Once again, we’ve got our
multiplexing control panel. I can actually sit on the toilet, and control the motor home. Hey, have ’em give you
a little hobby to do, I like that. Beautiful, stainless steel sink. Have a little sink cover, so
you’ve got lots of room here. Got an Accessory Channel Bar here. We’ve got our built-in drink, and I like this. There’s the bathroom, now here
you can block off the window, so I like that little window. And, if you look here, we’ve
got our “Leisure Travel Van” clothes on, and you can go to our
“Leisure Travel Van” store on our website. If you look up above here, when you order the
optional rain sensor fans, you get the 12 inch fan
with the rain sensors built right in here, and also in the galley area, as well. For 2020, all Unity Models
are gonna have the brand new Dometic Fridge. So, it runs on propane, it runs
110 power and 12 volt power. It swings open both ways, so if I’m in the den area,
or the rear living room area, I can grab a drink, whatever I want. I really love that. This is the new, two-way
opening refrigerator. We’ve got a beautiful pull-out pantry. All Unity models have pull-out pantries, and that is absolutely spectacular. Over on this side, convection microwave, so this will be a normal microwave, and it will also bake. We’re actually gonna invert the microwave, so you’ll be able to warm
something up in your microwave when your dry camping without
turning on the generator. Little tip, if you’re gonna use the convection part, you wanna make sure that you
warm it up between five and 10 minutes before you use it. Let’s have a look at the galley area. I really like this. Nice, little, built-in
garbage can here on the door. We have easy access to our water pump, and we have easy access to
our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater. Beautiful, deep stainless steel sink. Chrome faucet. I also love the brand new,
built-in TV with a sound bar, and a smart Blu-ray player
on all of our 2020 models. As we keep talking about the galley area, we’ve got our brand new, stone countertop, and I absolutely love
this counter extension. How smart is this? Look at the size of my galley
countertops when I have the counter extension down. Absolutely fantastic. I love the two hooks here for
hanging your dish clothes, and silverware goes right
in here, built right in. Look at that soft close on that. And we have full water
filtration on all of our Unity models, so we filter all the water. More storage down here for pot and pans. Very nice. That’s a great, little galley area. Up above, we’ve got some
great storage areas up here. Places here for your spices, anything you want to
put in these cabinets. I love the design of it. It just looks fantastic. This has got our glamor package, with our white, upper
cabinets, Fenix upper white. This is a great product. It’s heat resistant, mildew resistant, it easily wipes off clean. ‘Kay, let’s have a look
up in this cabinet. We’ve got our entertainment center, so have our smart, Blu-ray player, which is standard on all 2020s. We also have our TV
switcher box for both TVs, so I can watch a movie
here, watch a movie here, movie back there separately, which is always sometimes beneficial. Over here, we’ve got our
inverted plugs for running our switcher box and our Blu-ray player. We also have satellite
connections here for an optional T4 satellite dish, that
does Dish, Direct and Bell. Over here, we’ve got our
standard 2.0 Wi-Fi Booster, and TV antenna and radio antenna. So, you can see how the light comes on. It’s standard with the Wi-Fi booster, and then you can also pay for
the service through Winegard for 4G service, or you can get a second SIM
card off your phone plan, and you can plug that into the
Wi-Fi booster up on the roof, and then you’re your own personal hotspot. Nice, little feature. The Winegard 2.0 Wi-Fi
Booster, TV antenna, and radio antenna. Way up in the ceiling up here, some great changes on the Unity RL. We’ve got integrated
ceiling panels with diffused rope lighting. It looks fabulous. It goes from front all the way to back. Ducted air conditioning. Once again, 15,000 BTU air
conditioner with a heat pump, and we’ve got, of course, our beautiful, opening skylight. Got that beautiful, Arizona
sun beating down on us, so it looks spectacular. It’s starting to get a little hot in here, so we can always maybe
turn off that Arizona sun a little bit. Another feature, when
you order the optional rain sensor fans, you have the rain sensor
fan in the galley area, and, of course, what that means
is if it starts to pour rain it’ll automatically close. It’s a nice little feature to have, and I love in the galley,
we’ve got our beautiful, picture-frame window. Look at that beautiful view, and we have day-time shades, and look… All the windows have the
built-in shade holders. And then we also have
night-time shades, as well. And look at that, you
can put ’em both in there at the same time. I love this little feature. Above the sound bar, we’ve
got a spice rack built-in, so what a great use of
space in the galley. You can store a lot of canned
good, spices, pull-out pantry. I mean, it’s got a lot of great
little features to put all of your food when you’re goin’ RVin’. Just inside the door area, you
have nice Ultraleather area here for hanging your jackets. We have one of our
multiplexing panels here. We have our battery disconnect switch. We have our nice, interior
handle that’s all done in Ultraleather, and it also lights up. So and above the door, we’ve
got our control center here. So, we have our optional solar panels, so you can have 200 watts of solar, or 400 watts of solar, and those are flex panels
that sit on top of our vacuum-bonded roof with a
fiberglass, Flexroof up on top. Got a beautiful sunny day. You can see that we have
400 watts of solar on this motor home. We are drawing, right now, 25.1 amps, recharging our brand new AGM batteries. We also have our optional
equalizer leveling jack, that’s a hydraulic system,
one-touch auto-level. We also have our step
control for turning off our camping mode and on camping mode, and our Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater control right here for turning it. Nice, little control center right there. And I also like this. We’ve got a beautiful, little
shade here that comes down over the window at night. It’s very nice. And on the RL, we have another
window looking into our camp ground area, and of course, sun shades
and our privacy shades. It is hot outside. It’s almost 90 degrees. We don’t have our air conditioner on, we’re out dry camping right now, and I’m gonna tell you why. Five inches thick of our core of our roof, that’s vacuum-bonded roof,
aluminum frame, box aluminum, polystyrene insulation, two pounds. Up to five inches thick
in the center core. That’s keeping us nice and cool, and then our floor… Vacuum-bonded, box tubular-steel framed, and two pound density,
polystyrene insulation. So, walls, roof, and
floor fully insulated. Front mask and the rear mask,
hence 90 degrees outside, and we don’t have the air conditioning on. On the 2020 Unity RL Concept Vehicle, we have partnered with Dometic, and they have designed
us a multiplexing system for the RL unit. You can set anything that
you want right off of these different monitor panels
throughout the entire motor home. You can set your light,
turn lights on and off, you can dim lights on and off. You can set your generator, ’cause we have Auto Gen Start. You can see where your tanks are, where your battery levels are. You can also download an app, and run the exact same
thing right off of an app, which is very cool. So, if you wanted to run it
and set the air conditioning, or bring on the furnace, you
can do it right off the app on your iPhone. This is the multiplexing system. It’s very unique. Here’s some upper-cabinet storage. Once again, storage here. I love how we’ve designed this cabinet, so storage down below, if you need to get something all the time. Put your stuff that you
don’t need all the time, put it behind a door. And I love this! Look at this nice, big storage area. Now, this pillow here
is gonna make this into a beautiful bed area, which I’m gonna show you in a second, but here’s our Leisure Travel Van owners manuals right there. That all sits in there, and once again, nice, big storage in here. I just love this rope lighting, looks absolutely spectacular. Let’s have a look at how
we make this into a bed. We just flip this over, there’s a little ottoman
post that comes down. We bring our cushions all together, and look at this, I
have a super single bed. Very nice. Super comfortable. I’m well over 6’1″, but look how much room I have. If I move all the way back here , look at the size of this, with tons of room. Super single bed for sleeping, but we have four seat belts. One, two, three, four. So, if I need to sleep four people, we have a great little option
to put in another sleeping area up here, so you can sleep two here, and two in the back. It’s pretty simple to do. We have a secondary little
table that mounts up into here. It just locks in place right here, and we have a nice little
mattress cover that goes overtop, like this. Goes overtop of this two
seats, so we turn our seats, and we bring in the mattress. Now, I have a full-size
double bed for two people! Look at this! How great is that? So, nice, big bed area
for up to four people in a 25 foot motor home. That is just ingenious. To make it back into a dining room, you can see there is your seat belt there, seat belt there, and this just flips up. Cushions go in here. Look at this. It’s very nice. This is actually pretty cool, because you can actually leave
one of the cushions here, use it as ottoman when you’re watching TV. So, very versatile, the Unity RL. Four seat belts. One, two, three, four, and dinner for four. How spectacular is that? So, on the Unity RL only, we’re gonna use this marine-woven
material on the floor, and it looks absolutely fantastic. Another great feature on the Unity RL, we’ve gone to a one-level floor, from the cab area, all the way to the back. As we store these in the back,
look at this, pole goes in, and look at the mount on that. Nobody has a table mount like that. When we lock that in place,
it’s not goin’ anywhere. Look at this. And ‘member, we’re gonna
do some planking again. Let’s see ya’ plank on somebody else’s. I don’t think you can. Nobody builds it like Leisure Travel Vans. This is a super smart idea. We have a place to put your shoes, so that they’re not in the step well. You’re not gonna fall
out of the motor home. Put your shoes underneath here. You’ve got 110 plugs, you have some USB charges, as well. So, Ultraleather seating areas, of course. All Leisure Travel Vans use Ultraleather. That’s a synthetic, made-man leather, doesn’t get hot, doesn’t get cold. We have three different colors
of Ultraleather for 2020. We have Mountain, Earth, and Fog. This was one of our Concept colors. The driver, passenger seats, new from Mercedes-Benz for
2019 have actual airbags built into the seats. We have a leg extensor, and look how comfortable that is. Very nice. We can still swivel it. Mercedes-Benz has added airbags into the front window pillars here, and on the other side. So, now we’ve had to
redesign our curtain area, as you can see, as it comes across here, we have a little hole in the curtain. It locks onto the sun visor. It’s a blackout material, and it’s fire resistant. Looks and feels like an
S-Class vehicle here. Let’s talk about the new
MBUX navigation system. 10.25 inch monitor system. It feels like an iPad. It’s very easy to use. We can actually voice
command anything we want. Hey, Mercedes. How can I help you? Find me a McDonald’s. I should say find me a Jenny Craig. Please select an entry. Okay, so it was very simple
that you can do that, or… Hey, Mercedes. Turn on my
seat warmer, passenger side. I’m switching on the seat heating on the front passenger seat. That will never get old. So, you can hook up your phone. It does Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and has Sirius Radio. You can see all of your text messages, voice activate reply back to them. So, we can see what’s
going on with the vehicle. We also have assistance programs, where you can actually
download owner’s manuals. It can also tell you what’s
going on in the vehicle when your driving down the road. It can show you miles per hour. It actually can show you the torque, how much torque your using
while you’re driving. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s so far advanced. This MBUX is inline with
every single luxury car that’s made today. So, this is really cool. We no longer have to put
a key in an ignition. Fire it up, we can see what
our miles per gallon are, what our horsepower. It’ll also tell you the
torque when you’re driving. When you go to consumption, you can see what your
miles per gallon are. Another great feature,
you have profile setting, so you can set up for different profiles, different people that’ll be driving. When you put your name in there, you can set, you know, how
you want your seat set, and how for up or back. Go to the second profile,
it’ll automatically set it up for that person. Nice, big cubbyhole here for storage. Lots of drink holders, big drink holders. Think a Big Super Gulp would fit in there, that would be exciting. ‘Course, our heating
control system right here, you can set the temperature. Up above, look at all
this storage up here. More cup holders. So, we got three USB-C charging plugs, a 12 volt charging plugs, and certain iPhones and
Androids with wireless charging capabilities can charge up here, as well. And over here, more storage,
another drink holder. So, great storage up above here. So, let’s talk about this new
Mercedes-Benz steering wheel. All redesigned, leather-wrapped. It feels incredible. The shifter for the transmission, once again, seven-speed transmission. You also can shift it
manually here, up or down. On this side down, this side up, and all the controls are right here. I can scroll through all the
different settings on the Chassis to see exactly what it’s doing. Fuel economy. And then on this side, it
controls the right-hand side, look at this. Over here, controls everything
that’s going on on this side right through the steering wheel. I can turn the wheel with my baby finger. We have Traffic Sign Assist. This is really cool. I was driving down this desert road, I had no idea what the speed was, boom! Showed up on my screen
off that camera that it was 25 miles an hour. You have Active Break Assist. It also has Attention Assist, so if you’ve been driftin’
out of your lane a few times, it’s gonna say, “Hey, time
to pull over, get a coffee. “Maybe have a little nap.” We have Active Lane Keeping Assist*. If you go outside your
lane, it’s gonna alert you, and let you know. It’ll also apply the brakes. You’ll feel a little vibration
in the steering wheel. Also, we have Distronic
Plus Active Cruise Control. If you subscribe to Mercedes-Benz Pro, has a great safety feature. If you get into a car accident,
automatically dials 9-1-1, rolls down the windows,
turns off the fuel pump. That a great safety feature. So, you can subscribe to that service. With all Leisure Travel Vans, we have our Roadside Assistance Program, which gets you technical
support, roadside assistance, towing, tire assistance, emergency fluids, locksmith service, jump-starts,
RV mobile mechanic, concierge service. That’s all part of it. We give that free for the
first two years of owning the motor home. You can join MyLTV, they
have some great service. They have traveler’s clubs,
we have photo contests, product resources. You can check anything
that’s in the motor home, how to winterize the motor home. We have great videos on there, and that’s part of the MyLTV service. What a beautiful new
interior, the new wood color, but if you thought the interior was great, let’s have a look at the
exterior of the brand new 2020 Unity RL. Look how they’ve added
high-performance LED lights, with the High Beam Assist. The fog lights, when you are turning with
your turning signal light on, it will let the person
know that you’re turning, the light comes on. That is absolutely spectacular. They even made this step
bigger for me to clean the windshield. I really like that. If you can see the triangle up there, lots of brand new safety
features that they’ve added that are active now. Active Lane Keeping Assist,
it’ll use the brakes. It’ll also vibrate, it’ll
give you visual warnings that you are sliding outside of your lane. It also has Active
Collision Impact Assist, so, in other words, it’s gonna
try to stop you before you hit something. It’ll apply the brakes. It’s got High Beam Assist, so if you have your high beams on, and your approaching another vehicle, it will automatically turn them off. And another great feature the
Mercedes-Benz has added is Distronic Active Cruise Control. So, what that means is when
you’re driving down the road, you have your cruise control
on, 60 miles an hour, somebody is going 55 miles an hour, it will slow you, bring you back, keep you away from hitting
that vehicle in front of you while your driving. So, another great feature
on the 2019 Chassis. Also, have a new wet wiper system, and it also has a rain sensor on it. So it’ll automatically
come on when rain starts to hit the windshield. Storage is always important
in any motor home, and look at this, as it opens up. All fiberglass. You can see our structure built right in. Galvanized sheet-metal
compartments, all aligned. We spray foam ’em underneath, so that stones aren’t gonna make a lot of noise against them, or damage them. The cool thing about a built-in
strut like this is it’s never gonna fall and hit
you on the back of the head. Nothing worse than that. Curved, see how it ties in with the wall? The curve? Vacuum-bonded curve wall. Boxed, tubular, aluminum frame, and the reason we used boxed aluminum, it’s like an egg on it’s end. You’ll never crack it. It’s all welded together. Vetrolight exterior skin,
two pound density polystyrene interior wall board,
all pressed into a mold. That’s how we create the
beautiful curve of the body. Vacuum-bond is the strongest
way you can make a wall, roof, or floor. All Unity models have it. You can see the brand new color. So, each color is painted three times. Paint, dry, paint, dry, paint, dry. Paint, dry, paint, dry, paint, dry, and then two coats of clear. That’s why it looks
absolutely spectacular. We have eight different
exterior colors for 2020 on our Unity models. Another great option is keyless entry, so you can lock or unlock
the driver, passenger doors, and the main entrance door, right off the Mercedes-Benz key fob. We have a beautiful handle,
assist handle for getting in and out of the motor home. You can set the light on it. We also have another light up there. We have the awning lights. So, lots of exterior lights. You can see, we have our
step on camping mode, so I can open and close the door. If you automatically start the engine, it would automatically go up, or you can turn off the power step. It would go up and down as
you open and close the door. I really love the brand new screen. You’re gonna absolutely love this. Look at this. You can actually lock it. You no longer have to move
this to open up the door, just simply do that, lock it in place, and, of course, we’ve got the
pet guards so the pets can’t go through the screen door. Absolutely fantastic. And underneath here is where
we store the brand new two AGM batteries. Here’s our little storage area here. Brand new for 2020, 2,000 watt inverter. We’ve got a 110 electrical outlet plug. We’ve got our fiberglass
fender skirt here, and nice, little option, our Alcoa Aluminum rims. We go with six, so we have dual wheels, both sides. They dissipate heat when
your driving for braking, that’s why they use ’em in NASCAR. Also, you can check your
inner and outer tire pressure. This has the Durabright
coating on the outside rims, so it’s nice and pretty, and also, very easy to clean. We also spray foam underneath
here, all of our wheel wells so that no stone damage, it also makes the motor home quieter. Mercedes-Benz underneath there
as well has added a little wider leaf spring, so the ride of the motor home, way better on the 2019 Chassis, so that’s very exciting. We have a brand new option
for a removable outside collapsible table, fits in that storage area, and just locks in place. We have the struts built
right into the motor home, put it in, lock it down, done. So, if you’re a dry camper, you don’t have to carry
a camping table with you. You have one already in the motor home, and this table’s an option
on all Unity models for 2020. I love the big picture window in the back, awning-style window, of
course, frameless glass. So, awning-style means that
the window can be open, it can be rain outside. You’re gonna have cross
ventilation in the rear of the brand new RL. You can never have enough storage, the RL will not disappoint. Look at the size of this
exterior storage bin. Double struts on both
sides, insulated as well, galvanized sheet metal, it’s all aligned, we spray foam underneath, but lots of room. Look how deep that goes, so you can put lots of things. We also have a light in there. Our little camping table will collapse, gonna fit right in here. Table fits right in there. So, to go along with this
great, optional picnic table, we’ve got a barbecue quick-connect, so you can use the table
as your barbecue stand. Lots of exterior storage. Behind the motor home you can
see our full, fiberglass mask. Front and the rear mask are all gelcoat, opened-molded fiberglass. This is a two-piece fiberglass
mask, that’s very important. So, you have a separate
bummer from the main mask. Main mask is fully insulated, as well. So, the big advantage with this
is if somebody were to bump you here, you could
just replace the bumper. You don’t have to replace
the entire fiberglass mask. LED lights, and look at that. Beautiful, integrated back-up camera. Once again, LED marking
lights up at the top. And you can see, we’ve got our
5,000 pound receiver hitch, so you can put bicycles on here, you can also tow up to 5,000 pounds. We have our seven-pin connector, so the GCWR is 15,250 pounds, minus the wet weight of the motor home. Another option that you can have, a rear ladder. We always pre-back for a ladder, so you can add it later on if you want, and the ladder fits on right here. Another secret feature that
we do on a Unity rear mask, is we have backing for a
bicycle rack that would mount onto the rear mask. We have two options for
stabilizing on all Unity models. Stabilizer jacks. They stabilize the coach, stop it from rocking left to right, or you can have four-point
hydraulic leveling jacks, which will automatically level the coach. So, nice, little feature to have. Depends on how you RV, where you go RVing. Leveling jacks is a nice option to have. Four of them. Two in the back, two in the front, one-touch button automatically
levels the motor home. We have our 30 amp shore
power connection right here, and we have our service
center right down below that, and this is a beautiful service center. Look how clean this is. This is beautiful. So, dumping your tank, right here. Very simple to do. You always dump the black
first, then the gray. We have our propane fill right here. We also have another option
for dumping your tanks, we have a macerator pump
option that you can have on the motor home, which it’s all connected, as well. Runs on 12 volt power. You can pump uphill with it, or the traditional gravity
fill’s good, as well. Over here, we’ve got our
saniflush, our blackwater flush. I like this feature for turning
your propane on and off. If you go on ferries, or under tunnels, even some bridges, you have to have your propane off. You can turn it off right here. Water pump, so if you ever
had to turn the water pump inside the motor home, you can
turn the water pump on here. You’re probably wondering why. Well, what happens if you wanted to have a little exterior shower? Great, little exterior shower,
hot and cold running water. If you have pets or animals, you can actually turn the
water head on and off, so you can conserve water. You can even shower outside if you want. Here’s our water fill right here. I really like this. When you’re fillin’ up your fresh water, the water hose comes up through here, hooks into there, and then you can have this
closed when you’re hooked up to shore water. Over here, we’ve got our
satellite dish connection. If you have a portable satellite, you wanna plug it in here you can, and we also have our cable connection. We also have our valve for winterizing, and I really like this feature. This is a great feature
for all types of RVers. So, people that wanna
winterize their unit, you can put this jug of RV antifreeze, and suck it up through the pump system, and if your dry camping
here in the Arizona desert, and I needed more water, I can
actually get a big water jug, put it in here, turn on the pump, and suck the water into
my fresh water tank. I would challenge you to
find a better designed, and laid out exterior service center. So, I love the atrium-style
windows on the Unity RL. You’re gonna absolutely love it. We have an awning-style window up here, and then we have the
second window down below. I mean, the view that I have right now, sitting inside that motor home, you’re gonna love the
atrium-style windows. I also love the brand new
fender skirts for 2020. They tie into the brand
new Mercedes-Benz Chassis. Brand new bathroom window
on the RL, really love that, and of course, awning-style windows here. Standard on all Unity models is the Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater. So, this is instant hot water heater. You can see we’ve got the
little one liter of hot water. We have Comfort and Economy. When you leave it on Comfort, it’s gonna keep that hot
water tank nice and warm, hot, so when you turn on that faucet
you have instant hot water. Heat exchanges get hot. You have continuous, unlimited hot water. So, Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater. Our 16,000 BTU furnace
to keep you nice and warm on cold days. Look at this, more storage. Also, that’s where we
keep our sewer hose for dumping our tanks. And if you order the macerator pump, we still always include the sewer hose. So, this is our compartment
for our optional generator, so you can have a 3.6
Kilowatt Propane Generator, or a 3.2 Kilowatt Diesel Generator. Now, the RL has multiplexing, so it has built-in Auto Gen Start. Now, what that means is that
you can set that to come on for the temperature. So, if it’s hot in the motor home, generator will come on,
cool down the motor home. You can also set it for time, because certain campgrounds
have certain times when you can run your generator, and not run your generator. And you can set it for voltage, so if the voltage gets
too low on the batteries, it would automatically come
on and recharge the batteries. The multiplexing on the RL
gives you Auto Gen Start. Look how beautiful the lines
of Mercedes-Benz Chassis tie into our beautiful body design. Curved wall, all integrated, and you’re gonna like this little feature. It’s so that you have a locking gas cap. Hey, thank you very much for watching the 2020 Unity RL video. We do appreciate everybody
watching all of our videos, all the support we get, all of our customers
buying Leisure Travel Vans. This should be you guys in one of these enjoying all of this. If you’re looking for a small motor home, two living areas, four seat
belts, can sleep up to four, great interior storage, we got the multiplexing system in there. Unity RL I think is one
spectacular motor home. Once again, thank you very
much for watching all of our Leisure Travel Van videos. We have over 100,000 subscribers
on our YouTube channel, and we do want to thank all
the support from all of our great customers. Go and see your local
Leisure Travel Van dealer. Dean, from Leisure Travel Vans. You can configure your
Leisure Travel Van today. We have Build & Price; You can compare floor plans, you can pick colors of
exterior, leather colors, plus, you can pick all of the options, and you can price it out, and know exactly what
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