A city opulence style bathroom takes its inspiration
from some of the world’s leading hotels. Its high class style is popular with second
and third homebuilders. They’re a little more discerning about what
they want hence the quality finishes the deeper baths and the double showers are on their
list. Double basins on a long vanity unit are a
must for this style. They’re elegant symmetry not only look great
in pairs but save time in a busy family home. The Teo wall hung double basin is really cool
so if you want to create that more contemporary minimal hotel feel it’s the perfect product. You can add a large mirror that virtually
fills one wall, match the floor and the walls with large slabs of white or gray marble with
beautiful natural veining or large porcelain tiles in natural stone colours and you have
the perfect City opulence feel. The lighting’s subdued generally recessed
into the ceiling as down lights or rebated around the perimeter, just to wash down the
walls with a little soft glow of light. Because City opulence is that slightly decadent
feel the perfect bath tub I feel is the Noir particular in the black. The whites in the blanc ideal but to me that
little sexiness of black just offsets it.