(dramatic music) Deadlift is the grown man lift of all strongman sports. Everybody knows what a deadlift is. The one that separates the men from the boys. And there’s no cheating. There’s no way around that. You just have to be strong. (crowd cheers) This bar has got a lot of life in it. It’s nine feet long. Almost a foot longer than a normal bar. When it leaves the floor, you better be in control because you have that spring in it. That bar is different, way different than any normal bar. It comes alive. The new guy’s been doing his homework. That looked like a toy. That young guy. The old bulls are coming up later though. It’s hard to say man. You just have to go out there and do your best, you know. There’s a lot of jockeying for position. People want to know what the other person is going to lift. Sometimes it becomes a chess game. Due to my injury, deadlift is not my strongest event. (grunts and psychs him up) That bar not only shakes this way, but this way. Hafthor Bjornsson. The Mountain. On the day of, you can change. You have to be flexible. You have to, you know, look at the other guys. How much they’re pulling. (yells with effort) (yells with effort) Well Mark, if that doesn’t send a message to the big boys, I don’t know what does. Also Jerry Pritchett is very strong. Alright here comes the man, Jerry Pritchett. This guy right here may be one of the hardest working strongmen in the world. And as you can see, one of the best deadlifters on the planet. Brian is very strong in this. Brian is currently in first place with 20 points after two events. Obviously I’ve thought about this probably more than anybody and what I need to do strategically to win. I’m ready to do what I have to do.