At the end of 2017 I found myself in a pretty
sucky situation. My wife had been incarcerated in a federal
prison for some white collar crime she had committed a few years before we got married. She had about 4 more months left in her sentence
but I was having a pretty rough time of things out in the world without her. I got really behind on my bills. I almost lost our place several times and
I had a lot of cold nights with no electricity in the house and even more nights of going
to bed with my stomach burning from hunger. Eventually I ended up having my car repossessed
which was the worst possible thing that could have happened because of the nature of my
work. I was a traveling hotel manager and without
a vehicle I found myself out of a job as well. This was a really shitty thing as I could
no longer travel every weekend to see my wife and I definitely couldn’t put any money
on her books. I felt like God was really looking out for
me when I finally found a job in Mid November. The best part was that the job, which was
a Holiday Inn Express Hotel was only a 30 minute walk from my house. The pay was really low and I would have to
work overnight but I got to start instantly and I was thankful to be able to pay December’s
rent and to be able to send my wife a few odd dollars to help her out. I’m originally from Detroit but I now lived
in Dallas. Due to this I felt like a pretty tough guy. The neighborhood I lived and worked in wasn’t
the best area but it was nothing compared to where I was from so I always kinda felt
safe safe. My first couple months at the hotel were okay. But in hindsight there was so much crazy activity
I should’ve known to get out of there. I spent my nights chasing prostitutes, pimps,
crackheads, homeless and an assortment of weirdos. There had been a couple of robberies in the
area but I figured crap happens everywhere and that I would be fine. Other than that I checked in a few people
during the earlier half of my shift and watched netflix and youtube to get through the later
half. On my shift I was pretty much alone other
than a night security guard who I’ll refer to as Frank. Frank was in his 60s, was unarmed and only
worked about 3 nights out of the week. I always felt that if something crazy happened
it would be me having to provide security for him. I didnt mind though. Frank was one of those good natured people
that you couldnt help but to love. I had been at the hotel for about 4 months
when things got weird. My walk to the hotel included going through
my rather rough neighborhood, a quiet residential culdesac and finally a small space of woods
before I made it to the hotel. Because I worked 11pm to 7am. I usually left home around 10 so I wouldn’t
be late. On this particular night something weird happened. I was a bit early leaving the house which
was cool. It gave me time to stop at a small convenience
store along the way to grab a beer. Outside of the convenience store under the
dimly lit light stood a man staring off into the darkness. The area was full of all kinds of freaks so
this didn’t immediately startle me. The man was BIG though. At least 6’3 and built like a grizzly bear. He was a black man who looked to be in his
late 20s not too much different from myself. He was wearing a huge patchy coat that looked
as though it had been through a few decades. He had an empty hollow look in his eyes. I knew instantly that this man was not okay. I can’t explain the look in his bloodshot
eyes but I’ll never forget it. It sent literal shivers down my spine. After I made my purchases and exited the store
I noticed the man was still standing in the same place still staring blankly off into
the distance. I quickly jogged past him and continued on
my way. My heart jumped as I heard the man’s footsteps
behind me. Now I’m not a big guy by any means but I’m
pretty strong. I could definitely defend myself but this
guy was off. I wanted nothing to do with him. As I continued across the street and towards
the woods I took off. I knew this guy was too big to be able to
catch me running. I wasn’t even sure that he was after me
but I was not going to take any chances. I outsped the man and made it to work safely. As I began my shift I locked all the doors
of the hotel as was necessary and sparked up a conversation with Frank forgetting all
about the creepy guy from earlier. At our hotel we locked the doors at night
and anyone who didn’t have a room key had to be manually let in by myself or either
Frank. Frank left the front desk to do his rounds
and I ended up in the back office drinking my beer as I watched the hotel security monitors
and played a game on my phone. My stomach turned over on itself when I noticed
on the screen the big guy I had seen earlier standing at the front door of the hotel. He had followed me here. He was standing as still as a statue just
like outside the store staring into the hotel through the glass electric doors. I was pissed. I walked out to the front desk and told the
man to leave now or I was calling the cops. The man didn’t move. I knew this guy was trouble and I had to get
rid of him before a guest or Frank came from outside and ran into him at the door. I picked up the phone at the front desk to
call the police but when I looked back up the man was gone. This did not make me feel relieved. I knew he was still out there somewhere…just
waiting. The 911 operator assured me someone would
be there soon. I headed back into the office to wait for
the cops when I heard gunshots. 3 distinct gunshots. I instantly hit the floor in the office. I frantically scanned the security monitors
but I didn’t see anything. I crawled out of the office on my hands and
knees being sure to not be seen as I left the front desk and entered the hall. I nearly shit bricks as I ran into a man while
I was escaping the front desk. He was just a guest though. A guy in his late 20s that I had just checked
in earlier. The guy was visibly shaken and he was so pale
I thought he was dead. “Dude, I think there’s a dead body outside
my window.” He whispered. My gut wrenched and I thought I was going
to puke beer everywhere. Another shot rang out and me and the man both
jumped. “Come on!” I whispered to him shakily. The man and I went back down the hallway towards
his room. Both of us crouched down. I was terrified. I knew going outside wasn’t an option so
I decided we would hide in the bathroom of his room and call the cops. His room was a straight shot down the hall
but in order to get there we would have to pass the glass doors of the front entrance. As we did I saw something that still haunts
my dreams to this day. The same huge weird man was standing directly
at the door. His patchy tattered coat covered in blood
down the front of it. He had a sick twisted look on his face, his
eyes were still empty and dead and in his right hand was a gun. The guy and I hauled ass to his room. As we were at the door to the room another
gun shot rang out and I could hear the glass from the front door shatter. All I could think about was my mom and my
wife. They would never get over me being murdered
at a hotel, shot to death by this man. I knew this guy was going to kill us and whoever
else he could. The guest and I ran in his room and started
barricading ourselves in. I called the cops but I was freaking out so
bad I had to give the phone to the guy to talk to 911. It felt like hours went by but finally I saw
the flashing red and blue lights pull up outside. I have been unfairly harassed by police in
the past and so I’m not too big on cops but I was so grateful to see them that night. The guy and I peaked out the window and that’s
when my heart broke. Frank was the dead body outside the window. He lay still bleeding out. Eyes wide open. Ill never ever forget that. Never. I’ve done tons of jobs in my life and working
in a hospice I had seen plenty of dead bodies before but this was different. This was someone who was murdered. This was someone I had just talked to less
than an hour ago. The police arrested the man instantly. He didn’t even put up a fight. He truly was deranged. It turns out that the man had been hanging
around the area because he had been removed from the hotel earlier that day. He had had some kind of altercation with my
manager and vowed to come back for revenge. The manager had failed to warn me of any of
this. I thought this creep was after me and all
of this was happening due to a situation that neither myself nor Frank was involved in. The guy was never following me. He was going to kill someone at that hotel
whether I was there or not. I called my boss to come relieve me of my
shift or send someone as I obviously wouldn’t be finishing the night. The asshole had no compassion and said he
wouldn’t be coming to the hotel until his scheduled shift. I finished talking to the police and left
a rather nasty resignation letter as I left the hotel completely unattended but I didnt
care. While walking out of the property I saw Frank
in a solid black body bag being put on a stretcher. I cried the whole walk home at 4 in the morning. That was a few months ago. My wife is home now and we moved out of that
neighborhood. I never went back to that hotel and I refuse
to work at any hotel or even at night ever again. I still dream about that night and I have
developed a slight case of social anxiety since then but I still do shed a tear over
the fact that I couldn’t save Frank. I know he’s with God and resting in peace
now though. Be safe out there guys. This story was sent to me around 2 years ago,
so the ages and dates mentioned may be inaccurate now I want to share the most heartbreaking thing
I’ve ever experienced, in a way I find it therapeutic & I’m hoping it can save someone
else from ever making the same mistake. This is the story of how I lost my sister
at the hands of an evil so called human being. My name is Claire and I live in Ireland. My sister Sonia has always been my best friend,
3 years ago Sonia came over to my place excitedly telling me about a date she had with a new
guy at work named Eric, I was happy for her as she had broken up with her abusive ex boyfriend
a few months earlier & was finally starting to enjoy life, as well as being an amazing
mother to her little boy. So as the next few weeks past, Sonia & Eric
had gone on a few dates but it was nothing serious at all, all seemed to be going smoothly
until one night I got a call from Sonia. When I answered the phone she was very upset,
she told me she had been out with Eric, and that she went out to have a cigarette and
a few moments later he came out shouting at her telling her she was taking too long & that
she must have been flirting with other guys. He even insulted her and called her a slut. I was shocked, and understandably so was Sonia,
she said he just changed into a different person for no reason, she told me she was
finished with him because she had already had an abusive relationship & she wouldn’t
go down that road again, I agreed that was the right thing to do. The following day, Sonia was bombarded with
text messages from Eric begging for forgiveness & another chance, she told him no way, and
to leave her alone because she wouldn’t accept being spoken to that way, but he wouldn’t
stop texting her, this went on for days & Sonia repeatedly told him to leave her alone. One day while Sonia & Eric were at work, Eric
walked out of the job, a while later he text Sonia saying that he was in a hotel with a
rope & going to hang himself, My sister was a very kind person, so this
upset her & she text him back not to do it & to get help, that he shouldn’t put his family
through the pain of losing him, She also called the police because she was
worried that he was gonna do it. A few hours later, he text her back saying
he couldn’t do it, and he just needed to see her. She told him she didn’t want to meet up but
that he should get help. A few days later Eric came back to work, Sonia
told me that he kept staring over at her and that it was freaking her out. When she got home from work, Eric text her
that there was a rumor going around work that he was stalking her, she replied that she
hadn’t heard the rumor but told him that he was freaking her out always staring over at
her. Eric’s behavior had Sonia so stressed out
that she wasn’t able to eat or sleep. Sonia told me she was going to ask to change
shifts because of how uncomfortable he made her Over the next few days Eric’s text became
non stop, telling Sonia that he needed to be with her & that she was cold hearted for
not being with him, she told him to just leave her alone & move on, and that it wasn’t normal
that he was acting this way after only a few dates, and then she blocked him from Facebook
& from her phone. We both thought that would be the end of that,
but we were so so wrong. During the next 2 weeks, a guy called Shane
had added Sonia on Facebook, their conversations started off friendly but soon became flirty,
she seemed to like Shane & after a lot of messaging, he asked to meet up with her, Sonia
had doubts about meeting up but after a while she gave in & agreed to meet Shane in a hotel
– please don’t judge my sister, she was a good person & all adults do this stuff at
some point, I know meeting at a hotel was a bad decision for her to make, but this was
very out of character for her and nothing can ever change what happened now – On the 15th of February 2014, it was Sonia’s
sons 3rd birthday, we were all going to a play centre to have a little party for him
& Sonia was going to meet Shane later that night while her son was at a sleepover in
our mothers house. The day went great, we all had fun. So that night around 9pm, Sonia checked into
the hotel room where she was going to be meeting Shane, he said he would arrive a little later
as he had a few things to do, so Sonia just chilled in the hotel texting me, the last
text I received from her was at 11:40pm. The next morning at 11am, my mother called
me asking if I had heard from Sonia because she was supposed to collect her son but she
couldn’t get a reply when she called or texted her, I tried to call her but there was no
answer. This was very unusual for Sonia because she
was always in touch with us, especially if her son was over, she would call to see how
he was. Hours passed and I thought she was just asleep
because she may have had a late night or maybe even a few drinks, nothing could’ve prepared
me for what happened next. My mother & I were sitting drinking tea together
at around 4pm when there was a knock at the door, ” that must be Sonia” I said & we answered
the door, two police men greeted us at the door, and immediately my stomach sank. They asked if they could come in, and of course
we let them in, they told us that Sonia’s body had been found dead on the hotel room
floor, that she had been strangled to death. My mother & I sobbed uncontrollably, we just
couldn’t believe what we were hearing, my beautiful sister couldn’t be dead , there
was no way. We went to the hotel with the police, and
to our absolute horror, it was true, Sonia was dead. The next few hours for me were just a blur. Later that night a man handed himself into
the police & admitted he had killed Sonia, it was fucking Eric. There never was a Shane, it was Eric the whole
time. He had set up a fake Facebook page so he could
lure Sonia to the hotel and murder her. He gave my gorgeous sister a horrifically
brutal death, and we soon found out he had sexually assaulted her too. Eric sexually assaulted Sonia, and then he
beat her up, she tried to fight back so he strangled her, first he tried to do it with
her phone charger, but when that wasn’t working he used his hands to strangle her, and he
also shoved her top inside her mouth with such force that it broke her teeth & dislodged
her retainer, this was to silence her according to him. It took 3 years for the trial to begin, the
sick bastard pleaded not guilty and claimed he was suffering from a mental illness. This made me absolutely sick. He premeditated her murder, there’s no question
about that. For 2 weeks my family & I had to sit in court
listening to the details of the horrific death Sonia suffered. We were told now Sonia panicked & said ” Eric
what are you doing” when he began to strangle her, we were told about how there were broken
bones in Sonia’s neck from the force Eric used while strangling her & we got to see
photos of Eric’s face after he murdered her, he was covered in cuts & scratch marks from
Sonia desperately trying to fight for her life, we were also told that there was severe
injures to her private parts form when he sexually assaulted her. Hearing all of this completely broke me, but
thank god Eric was found guilty of Sonia’s murder. On Friday the 26th of May 2017,
Eric was sentenced to life in prison for murdering my sister. I am so glad he was convicted for making my
amazing sister suffer such a horrific death, and for leaving her son without a mother I am now raising Sonia’s son with my own children,
after Sonia was murdered he sobbed for her every night, he didn’t understand why his
mother was gone, even when we told him god needed her in heaven to be an angel, he still
cried constantly because he wanted her so badly We ended up hiring a child psychologist to
explain to him why he would never see his mother again, she told him that a bold man
has hurt his mommy & she was safe in heaven now, after that he was worried that the bold
man would hurt him too, but we told him he was in jail now & he could never hurt anyone
ever again. Sonia’s son is 6 now, and I always tell him
about his mother and how much she loved him. I would just like to warn everyone about the
dangers of social media, please be careful and don’t meet anyone in hotels, if you’re
going to meet someone from social media at least do it in a public place, this error
in judgment cost Sonia her life. She was an amazing woman, and she didn’t deserve
the horrific death she got. Here is a photo of Sonia, taken on the day
she was murdered, I just want everyone to see the beautiful woman that scumbag stole
from mine & my families lives, I’ve blocked out her sons face for obvious reasons. The grief I feel from losing my sister is
so overwhelming, even years later, I’m just hoping one day it gets easier to cope with
the pain. Hey everyone. Quick update. TLDR, it’s been a year, i’ve had some very
scary health problems that have hindered me from making content, and make things extremely
difficult for me. More info on the previous livestream that
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